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The State of Data-driven Marketing in 2018 [Infographic]

From the ways buying decisions are initiated to the processes through which purchases are made – everything has gone extremely digitalized. This has brought many complexities in the ways businesses are done and campaigns are rolled out. Customers have become more risk-averse and the need of delivering personalized experience has become more than ever. Data-driven marketing is the solution to the chaos! Many marketers have already started investing in it. Here are some eye-opening stats to take you through the future of data-driven marketing: data driven Infographic content: Why businesses need data-driven marketing? Marketing campaigns powered with data that is updated and credible gives you insights to know, understand, and target your potential and existing customers the right way
  • 74 percent get frustrated with websites when content, offers, ads, promotions, etc. appear that have nothing to do with their interests (THE Marketing Blog)
  • 67 percent would leave the site if asked for donations from a political party that they dislike the most (Janrain)
  • 57 percent would leave the site if they were married and shown ads for a dating service
  • 50 percent would leave the site if shown a recommendation to purchase underwear that is for the opposite gender
  • Data-driven marketing provides statistics that attribute successful outcomes to a marketing campaign
A look into the stats
  • 49% of marketers use data to enhance customer experience. (GlobalDMA)
  • 31% lack the in-house skills to analyze the data
  • Just 12% have data at an individual customer level (vs. segment or demographic group)
  • 65% of brand respondents’ organizations are using digital analytics software, with 30% only planning to adopt it (SiteCore)
  • People receive around 300 to 3000 marketing messages a day
  • More than 80% of marketers struggle with getting and applying the real time insights in their marketing strategies
“Over 40% of brands are planning to expand their data-driven marketing budget in the coming years”
Tips to do data-driven marketing right
  • Know your buyer personas
  • Optimize landing pages
  • Use social media
  • Leverage email marketing
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Display Ads
  • Offers or deals

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