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Corporate Identity Theft

Over time, career frauds have migrated to committing corporate identity frauds (impersonating businesses and defrauding institutions and individuals alike using a bona-fide business’ credentials) owing to the fact that corporate frauds are easier and more lucrative when it comes to payoffs.
The publically available information about a business is easily accessible by anyone and miscreants exploit this aspect to con unsuspecting victims by pretending to be the business or being associated to it in some way or the other.

Business ID theft FAQ:

Who is susceptible to becoming a victim of Corporate ID theft?

Businesses, financial institutions and consumers alike. Businesses end up incurring unjust expenses done on their behalf by frauds or paying for products and services that will never get delivered. Financial institutions get exploited when frauds use the Business’ credentials for credit fraud, and innocent unsuspected clients get duped by unauthorized solicitation and false invoices.

Someone is attempting to reach me claiming to be from Thomson Data. Is there a possibility of this being an attempt at fraud?

Yes, there have been instances where career-frauds and scammers would replicate business credentials to deceive unsuspecting victims. Always check if the person you’re interacting with is a bona-fide Thomson Data employee. If you have any doubts, you can call our helpline anytime to get connected to our client services team directly and validate the person’s employment status.

How can I protect myself from falling victim to such miscreants?

The key lies in the details; a con-man can fake the signatures at the end of an email and even use similar domains by making minor changes in the domain name which look similar to the genuine thing and can be easily misread. However, upon paying more attention, you’d see the email addresses will not match up with . Be vigilant and don’t ignore these signs.

What can I do to deter such attempts at Business ID theft?

Always report any incidents of people pretending to use a trusted enterprise’s name with malicious intent. All bona-fide businesses have legal divisions in place to address such contingencies. Do your part by coming forward with such incidents and help keep the corporate portals clean.

What if someone contacts me claiming to be from Thomson Data or their supplier and is trying to coerce me into conducting business with them?

We have very stringent policies for protecting the interests of our valued clients. To ensure compliance, all our solutions are provided by our in-house teams and divisions with no out-sourcing whatsoever. As for the correspondence, trust only the communication coming directly from our end. No Thomson Data employee will contact you or conduct business through personal or alternate email accounts.

How I do ensure all my transactions with Thomson Data are secure and legit?

The same way all our processes are executed and operated internally, all transactions are handled exclusively by our dedicated accounts management team. Always make sure the bank account and/or wire payment details on the Purchase Orders (or work orders) and/or Invoices are directed to Thomson Data accounts and no one else! We never involve third parties (except the bona-fide banks) for any business transactions.

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