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Companies That Use ERP

Enterprise Resource Planning or ERP is the type of software that lets organizations perform their daily business and supply-chain operations more efficiently. It helps streamline everything for the Companies that use ERP, from procurement to accounting. Hence, it is no surprise that the global ERP market is expanding at a 6.21% CAGR. The market had a value of $50.57 billion in 2021.
At this rate, the ERP market is expected to become a $60.47 billion industry by 2027 and $123.41 billion by 2030. This is good news for many prominent ERP companies. If you take a look at the recent data, Microsoft continues to hold a significant portion of the ERP market in 2022, with a 31.5% market share. SAP ERP comes close with an 11.8% market share.
Other prominent competitors in the market include Deltek, with 8.1% share, Sage, with 6.1%, and Oracle, with 5.1%. More popular options include Epicor (1.57%), Infor (0.85%), and SYSPRO (0.59%). As the technological landscape keeps expanding and business needs to evolve, the scope for new ERPs to enter the market increases.

With its help, Companies using ERP can integrate a plethora of applications for storing, collecting, and interpreting data. This is crucial for product planning, marketing and sales, shipping, manufacturing, managing inventory, and many other tasks.

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    List of top 20 US companies that use ERP

    Let’s have a quick look at some of the most prominent Companies that use Middleware Software enlisted below:
    Company Name Website Country Employee Size Revenue
    Confidential Records, Inc. United States 25 $0-1 Million
    Houlihan Lokey United States 1,574 $1000 Million
    J&J Snack Foods United States 4,300 $1000 Million
    JAS Forwarding (USA) Inc. United States 4,200 $1000 Million
    Brookings Institution United States 300 $100-200 Million
    DATA Inc. United States 334 $100-200 Million
    Zimmerman Advertising LLC United States 380 $100-200 Million
    Aberdeen Group United States 104 $10-50 Million
    Lorven Technologies United States 33 $10-50 Million
    MWW Group LLC United States 177 $10-50 Million
    Lewis, Inc. United States 450 $1-10 Million
    RampRate, Inc. United States 49 $1-10 Million
    Univera, Inc. United States 51 $1-10 Million
    Zendesk Inc United States 5,860 $200-1000 Million
    TerraCycle Inc. United States 380 $50-100 Million
    The Durst Organization Inc. United States 945 $50-100 Million
    Miami Valley Gaming United States 450 $83 Million
    Broadcom Inc. United States 20,000 >$1000 Million
    Enterprise Holdings United States 80,000 >$1000 Million
    FEMA United States 20,000 >$1000 Million

    If you think this is impressive, let us tell you the actual list of companies using ERP Thomson Data provides is much longer.

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      List of Companies Using ERP

      We have categorized the ERP customers list in our database according to the different ERP softwares.
      Products Companies using this product Total Contacts Available Market Share (%)
      SAP ERP 116,524 358,652 9%
      Oracle ERP 13,975 42,987 6%
      JD Edwards 428,357 1,243,671 < 5%
      SAP ERP Central Component (ECC) 15,887 41,775 < 5%
      Microsoft Dynamics AX 23,841 62,991 < 5%
      Microsoft Dynamics GP 21,847 47,662 < 5%
      Microsoft Dynamics NAV 32,821 87,689 < 5%
      Lawson ERP Software 12,883 79,534 < 5%
      Sage 200 3,578 12,789 < 5%
      SAP Business One 12,938 42,812 < 5%
      Epicor ERP 37,784 89,873 < 5%
      Oracle Financial Cloud 2,234 7,873 < 5%
      NetSuite ERP 6,921 43,785 < 5%
      JD Edwards EnterpriseOne 4,792 17,670 < 5%
      JD Edwards World 3,885 13,657 < 5%
      Infor LN ERP 17,589 69,857 < 5%
      PeopleSoft ERP 4,890 15,892 < 5%
      CinCom ERP 1,685 8,890 < 5%
      Microsoft Dynamics SL 6,027 21,638 < 5%
      Microsoft Dynamics ERP 892 15,373 < 5%
      Acumatica Customers List 1,110 6,391 < 5%
      Exact Customers List 899 5,176 < 5%
      Microsoft Dynamics AX Customers List 5,909 34,863 8%
      Microsoft Dynamics NAV Customers List 12,955 74,599 < 5%
      Sage 200 ERP Customers List 1,710 9,846 < 5%
      Sage X3 Customers List 2,127 9,189 < 5%
      SAP ERP Financials Customers List 2,586 14,879 < 5%
      SAP ERP HCM Customers List 5,463 31,458 < 5%
      SAP S/4HANA Customers List 8,246 47,483 < 5%
      Unit4 Customers List 1,044 6,011 < 5%

      “These numbers may vary because of the constant update. Please contact our team to learn the current count.”

      ERP customers data segmentation and customization

      Thomson Data has a diligent team of data experts who carefully put together the most thorough list of companies using ERP. In addition, we also make the ERP customers list extremely accessible to you by segmenting the data into numerous categories. After all, you need to make quick decisions when it comes to effective marketing strategies. Hence, wasting time on tedious research is better avoided. Instead, focus on your marketing pitch while we take care of the rest.
      Here is a glimpse at our extensive segmentation of list of ERP companies:
      • First name
      • Last name
      • Job Title
      • Official Email
      • Work Experience
      • Area of Specialization
      • Industry
      • NAICS Code
      • SIC Code
      • Entity Type
      • Ownership Type
      • Company Size
      • Company Revenue
      • Company Website
      • Assets Size
      • Postal Address
      • Geographical Location
      • Demographics
      • Technographics
      • Firmographics

      Who can use our ERP customers list?

      With Thomson Data by your side, you receive a highly verifiable and authentic ERP customers list worldwide. This is an excellent opportunity for you to expand your marketing horizon. If the current ERP market share impresses you, you can now take advantage of our ERP clients list to boost your business growth. For instance:
      • As a direct marketer, you can contact all the industry leaders and high-level officials who are customers of the various ERP companies in the USA.
      • Manufacturers of ERP products can cater their services to Companies that use ERP system.
      • If you happen to provide integrated services for ERP customers, this list is a doorway to a treasure trove for you.
      • Even suppliers of ERP products will easily be able to contact ERP users and receive higher responses.
      • Direct marketers and telemarketers can direct their marketing campaigns without having to worry about hard bounces, thanks to our list of ERP customers.

      How to use our ERP customers list?

      The ERP customers list we provide at Thomson Data is undoubtedly one of the most comprehensive lists of ERP customers you will find. Moreover, the list of companies using ERP is extremely well-segmented to ensure ease of use. While it provides you access to the vast information of companies that use ERP, you can use it for various purposes.
      For starters, you can use the contact list of companies using ERP for direct marketing, telemarketing, etc. This allows you to engage with a customer base using products from the list of ERP companies that are dominating the market today.
      Furthermore, in today’s times, when digitalization is changing the way of communication, accessing the user database via smartphone and the internet is a brilliant idea. If you do not want to lose out to your competitors, you must not ignore this opportunity. But before that, you need access to a relevant ERP customers list comprising their mailing address, email id, social media handle, and whatnot!

      Why choose us?

      Thomson Data is an industry leader on its own terms, providing quality data services to customers irrespective of border constraints. We have a history of catering to direct marketers and helping them with their various marketing endeavors. Therefore, we aid in your product promotion, service promotion, lead generation, and even your talent acquisition goals. The information you receive from us is 100% accurate and assures 95% deliverability rate.
      Moreover, our data team constantly works on refreshing the data with new updates. This means you will never find any repetitive, redundant, or obsolete contact information in our list of Companies that use ERP system.
      Accurate data is your most efficient tool when it comes to having the edge over the competition. When you choose Thomson Data as your partner, you gain access to:
      • An extensive and customized database that is designed to fit your marketing needs
      • A responsive clientele that relies heavily on the ERP products list comprising big names like SAP, Microsoft, Oracle, etc.
      • Up to 95% of deliverability with the assurance of zero redundancy and negligible to zero hard bounce
      • GDPR, CAN-SPAM, and other legal compliances ensure complete legitimacy of the data
      When choosing any data solutions and service provider, you must remember that outdated data can be the death of your marketing campaigns! So avoid that at all costs and let Thomson Data help you focus better on your core business and marketing functions.

      High Precision

      Our list consists of only error-free and non-redundant records.


      You can perform location-based marketing to personalize the experience.


      We offer verified and updated datasets of companies that use ERP for your marketing needs.


      Guaranteed deliverability on your multi-channel campaigns globally.

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      How we compile the List

      Our team of dedicated data experts uses the best scanning techniques and advanced data science to learn the market share of various companies using ERP.

      We gather the list of companies that use ERP from reliable sources such as annual reports, conferences, surveys, B2B directories, yellow pages, and more to provide you with authentic records.

      Every data in our ERP customer list is verified and validated regularly to maintain its precision. We can assure more than 95% accuracy and delivery rate in our list.

      Why Choose ERP Customers List

      Improved collaboration across the business

      Increases upselling and cross-selling

      Better efficiency for all the team

      Improved conversion rate and ROI

      Cost-effective and reasonable

      Innovative data analysis and recording


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        Frequently Asked Questions:

        Enterprise resource planning, in short ERP, is organizational software that allows for better management and streamlining of all daily business operations.

        An ERP customers list is a list of fully verified contact information of ERP users across the globe. This includes their email ids, physical mailing addresses, and other essential details.

        We at Thomson Data focus solely on the efficacy of your marketing campaigns when providing the list of ERP companies. You can rest assured that this list has undergone numerous quality checking and verification process to ensure the highest quality data.

        About 88% of global organizations use some type of ERP tool to help in their business operations on a day-to-day basis. Among these customers, 62.7% are users of cloud-based ERP systems. However, only 5% of businesses have successfully implemented ERP systems for more effective insights and analytics.

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