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Companies That Use Salesforce

Salesforce is a popular cloud computing and social enterprise software-as-a-service (SaaS) provider holding approximately around 20% of the global CRM market. Among its cloud platforms and apps, the company is known for a range of its Salesforce CRM or customer relationship management products.
Providing CRM software and applications that focus on sales automation, customer service, and analytics, Salesforce will soon be implemented everywhere. So, if you want to pitch your marketing idea to its existing clientele, you need access to reliable contact leads.
At Thomson Data, we promise you just that. With our extensive database, our team can help you reach businesses and individuals that employ Salesforce in their daily operations. Our data solutions are not only comprehensive but also consistently updated and verified.

List of Companies That Use Salesforce

Here are some of the most prominent companies that use Salesforce:
SpotifyToyotaT-MobileAmerican Express
Macy’sAdidasAccentureAmazon Web Services
CanonU.S. BankAmerican ExpressAnd many more
Salesforce is part of every major corporation or company. With how it’s being adopted so rapidly, there is no industry that won’t be using its technology shortly.
Thus, if you want to be a significant player in this industry, Thomson Data can help you extend your marketing reach.

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    Details of Few Companies That Use Salesforce

    Company Name Website Country Employee Size Revenue
    Cochlear Australia 4000 1 B
    Vicinity Centres Australia 1200 810 M
    Aritzia LP Canada 3480 1 B
    Nuveen United States 3000 103 M
    Viva Energy Group Australia 1419 11 B

    Technographic Data Of Companies That Use Salesforce

    Before we tell you about our services, you need to look at some relevant statistics about companies that use Salesforce. That will help you understand the industry’s scope and the clientele you want to market to.

    Listed below are technographic data related to the global usage of Salesforce. The categories are based on certain factors such as geographical location, company revenue, and size.

    Salesforce Customers by Industry

    Most industries related to Software and Internet, Manufacturing, and Computers and Electronics use Salesforce on a large scale with Software and Internet covering more than 19%, Manufacturing about 14%, and Computers and Electronics industry having 12% of market share.

    Software and Internet7,643
    Computers and Electronics4,859
    Financial Services3,617
    Real Estate and Construction2,431
    Media and Entertainment2,534
    Consumer Services2,152
    Non Profit991
    Energy and Utilities817
    Transportation and Storage683
    Wholesales and Distribution739

    Salesforce Customers by Country

    The United States takes up about 50% of the global Salesforce usage. That makes it the primary market for any related advertisement campaigns or sales pitches.

    United States617,271
    United Kingdom277,772

    Salesforce Customers by Revenue

    Over 40% of companies with net revenue of over $1 billion employ Salesforce in their daily operations. Thus, marketing to these companies could be immensely profitable.

    > $1 Billion16,101
    $501 Million to $1 Billion1,894
    $251 Million to $500 Million2,793
    $101 Million to $250 Million3,921
    $51 Million to $100 Million3,439
    $11 Million to $50 Million4,856
    $1 Million to $10 Million1,419
    $0 Million to $1 Million4,897

    Salesforce Customers by Job Title

    Out of all the Salesforce customers by job title, developers cover 27%, followed by the Architects, which is around 22%. The remaining 51% of job title includes Administrators, Consultants, Project Managers, and remaining others.
    Salesforce Developer345,254
    Salesforce Administrator276,065
    Salesforce Architect293,521
    Salesforce Consultant201,628
    Salesforce Project Manager173,447

    Salesforce Customers by Employee Size

    Looking at the company size it can be figured out that 69% of companies that use Salesforce are having employee count of less than 1,000 and the remaining 31% of the companies that use Salesforce have employee count more than 1,000.
    0-25 Employees10,991
    25-100 Employees1,412
    100-250 Employees6,518
    250-1,000 Employees7,545
    1,000-10,000 Employees6,624
    10,000-50,000 Employees1,825
    50,000-100,000 Employees1,892
    >100,000 Employees1,562

    “These numbers may vary because of the constant update. Please contact our team to learn the current count.”

    Finding companies that use Salesforce isn’t tricky. The only challenge is properly reaching them. The Salesforce customers list from Thomson Data can help you overcome that obstacle.

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      Salesforce Customers by State-wise in the USA

      Counts by US Region No of Customers
      California 9,018
      New York 3,913
      Texas 3891
      Massachusetts 2834
      Illinois 2194
      Florida 2523
      Pennsylvania 2293
      New Jersey 2198
      Georgia 1214
      Virginia 1198
      Ohio 1108
      North Carolina 899
      Washington 883
      Colorado 878
      Michigan 788
      Minnesota 790
      Maryland 789
      Connecticut 616
      Wisconsin 612
      Indiana 609
      Arizona 585
      Missouri 572
      Oregon 578
      Tennessee 488
      Columbia 418
      Utah 390
      Counts by US Region No of Customers
      Kansas 328
      Kentucky 278
      New Hampshire 268
      South Carolina 282
      Nevada 250
      Alabama 267
      Iowa 247
      Oklahoma 198
      Louisiana 199
      Nebraska 189
      Rhode Island 155
      Arkansas 167
      Mississippi 103
      Idaho 91
      Delaware 88
      Vermont 87
      New Mexico 97
      Hawaii 87
      Maine 79
      Montana 59
      West Virginia 60
      North Dakota 67
      Alaska 51
      South Dakota 45
      Wyoming 35
      Puerto Rico 18

      “These numbers may vary because of the constant update. Please contact our team to learn the current count.”

      Segmentation of Salesforce Customers

      At Thomson Data, we put careful thought into categorizing our Salesforce customers lists. This is done to enable a much better outcome for your marketing efforts. It is no secret that an effective campaign should be able to make quick decisions when it comes to direct marketing.
      For this reason, we have categorized our list of individuals and companies that use Salesforce on multiple criteria. Some of these aspects include:
      • Industry affiliations
      • Revenue size
      • Technographics
      • Demographics
      • Firmographics
      • SIC Code
      • NAICS Code
      • Technology tracking
      • Job title and job role
      • And More!

      This is not where it ends. To help make your search easier, we fine-tune our Salesforce customers list based on operational handling. This allows you to focus on other important areas. Tedious research is no longer your concern.

      Customers List of Other Salesforce Products We Provide Includes:

      Salesforce Service CloudSalesforce Commerce CloudSalesforce DMP
      Salesforce Sales CloudSalesforce Community CloudSalesforce
      Salesforce Work.comSalesforce Marketing CloudSalesforce Einstein
      Salesforce ChatterSalesforce HerokuSalesforce Collaboration
      Salesforce EngageSalesforce PardotAnd More!

      The categories listed above are but a glimpse of the extensive database we host. When you browse through our complete Salesforce clients list, you’ll truly understand the scope of opportunities at your disposal.

      Who Can Use Our Salesforce Customers List?

      Thomson Data ensures that its Salesforce customers list is authenticated extensively and poised to bolster your advertising efforts.
      In gathering any contact leads or information, our team understands the importance of relevance. Verified data is never enough. It must be responsive and have an extensive scope of use. Thus, the information we provide can be incorporated into your marketing strategies in multiple ways.
      For example, if your organization has a product that benefits existing Salesforce clients, our customers lists can help you immensely. By accessing the list of companies that use Salesforce, you could directly introduce your product to that targeted clientele.
      Often, reaching critical industry figures can be a challenging task. However, relying on our Salesforce clients list, you can entirely negate that concern. Pitch your idea directly to the decision makers and watch as your brand takes off.
      Additionally, if you’re manufacturing or supplying CRM services and tools, you can directly contact Salesforce customers and showcase your variant. What is even more exciting is that you will no longer be tied down to specific geographical locations.
      After all, don’t you think it’s time you go ‘global’ instead of staying ‘local’?

      How to Use Our Salesforce Clients List?

      The Salesforce clients list at Thomson Data goes beyond being comprehensive. In addition, it is incredibly simplified to be accessible to any marketing strategy.
      The first step is to notify our team of experts of your requirements. This will help them curate a targeted list of organizations and individuals. Rest assured that the information subsequently handed to you is entirely customized and structured to meet your needs.
      Moreover, we go a step further by organizing the list of companies that use Salesforce in multiple categories. Some of those categories are based on:
      • Job Titles
      • Company Size
      • Location
      • Revenue
      Using our extensive contact data, you can strategize streamlined marketing and research tactics. Avenues such as telemarketing are no longer based on random chance. Reach out directly to organizations or individuals who’ll be attracted to what you have to offer.
      Conversely, if you want to focus on multi-channel marketing, connecting with Thomson Data will help you do just that. With our genuine contact leads, run advertisement campaigns on social media, emails, mobile applications, and digital platforms.
      There is, quite literally, nothing holding you back any longer.

      Why Choose Us?

      At Thomson Data, we pride ourselves on being a step ahead of the data solutions industry. It is critical that our clientele is provided with accurate and extensively verified contact data.
      More importantly, we take significant measures to help build toward your brand growth and visibility. For us, merely providing a service cannot be the only goal. That service must, then, translate to perceivable results.

      So, here is what we promise:

      • Comprehensively structured and responsive data
      • Accurate and consistently updated contact leads
      • Cross-referenced and curated information to meet custom requirements
      • Immensely high deliverability rate of 95%
      • Compliance evaluation with standard regulatory policies such as CAN-SPAM and GDPR
      • An ethical and regulated data-collection process that includes opt-in data
      Incorporating irrelevant information into your advertisement strategies can never yield the desired outcome. Instead, your marketing success is dependent on having reliable access to a verified list of companies that use Salesforce.
      Only when you have that in your grasp can you expect a more significant ROI. At Thomson Data, we promise you just that. Scaling your business is just one step away when you partner with us.

      High Precision

      Our list consists of only error-free and non-redundant records.


      You can perform location-based marketing to personalize the experience.


      We offer verified and updated datasets of companies that use Salesforce for your marketing needs.


      Guaranteed deliverability on your multi-channel campaigns globally.

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        Frequently Asked Questions:

        List of Companies That Use Salesforce helps you reach targeted decision-makers and top-level executives using Salesforce from various parts of the world. It lets you boost the lead count, conversion rate, and revenue in a short span.

        Our Salesforce Customers List is 95% accurate. Our team performs verification and validation on every record using sophisticated technologies to provide you with an error-free and reliable Salesforce clients list.
        Our Salesforce customers list is updated for every 90 days. We invest our significant time and effort to ensure our clients get only cleanest records of companies that use Salesforce CRM.
        Yes. We provide customized Salesforce Customers List for your business benefits. It lets you segment the records based on various selects such as job title, industry vertical, Salesforce market share, product type, employee size, geographical location, etc.
        Yes. Our Salesforce Customers List follows all the guidelines of the GDPR and Anti-Spam law. All our records of companies that use Salesforce are pre-verified, opt-in, and extremely legitimate. It can be used as per the business requirement and lets you expand your venture across the globe easily.