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Oracle CRM Customers List

Oracle CRM is one among the leading players of the CRM market with revenue of about $1.5 billion and 7.1 percent market share. This solution makes customer relationship management simpler for businesses of all size and type. Designed with an intuitive interface, it offers a variety of product lines as well as deployment models. Firms can easily optimize the sales processes with this technology, and boost sales productivity in a short span.
Oracle CRM regulates and manages customer relationship right from lead criterion and classification to opportunity tracking or management. It is empowered with robust, lead nurturing, unified marketing campaign management features, and ROI measurement tools.
The growing popularity of Oracle CRM systems is inevitable, which is evident from the revenue growth of Oracle Corporation in FY 2022. The company has been able to generate revenue worth $8.4 billion with an operating cash flow of $9.5 billion. Oracle will likely enter a hyper-growth phase with a 5% increase in total revenue and a 7% increase in constant currency.

Thomson Data’s Oracle CRM customers list is a high-quality and pre-verified list that lets you reach customers from different parts of the world. Our dedicated data management team performs in-depth research on various Oracle technologies used by hundreds of thousands of organizations across multiple industries. We source the data for our customer list from only reliable and authentic sources. It includes B2B directories, annual reports, surveys, trade shows, yellow pages, conferences, and many more. Businesses can quickly establish a strong base on the technology market with the help of this technographic information.

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    List of companies using Oracle CRM

    You can take a look at some of the prominent players from the list of companies using Oracle CRM in the list below:
    Company NameWebsiteCountryRevenue
    G2 Crowdg2.comUnited States$120 Million
    Hitachihitachi.comUnited States$85 Billion
    Universaluniversalstudios.comUnited States$3 Billion
    Genesysgenesys.comUnited States$1 Billion
    Zendeskzendesk.comUnited States$1 Billion
    MongoDBmongodb.comUnited States$778 Million
    CONFIDENTIAL RECORDS, INC.confidentialrecordsinc.comUnited States<$5 Million
    RampRate, Inc.ramprate.comUnited States$1-10 Million
    Ahold USAaholddelhaize.comUnited States$85 Billion
    Zurichzurich.comUnited States$69.867 Billion
    Oracle Analytics Cloudoracle.comUnited States$40.5 Billion
    Oceanworks Inc.oceanworks.coUnited States<$5 Million
    Uber Freightuber.comUnited States$1.8 Billion
    Diebold Nixdorfdieboldnixdorf.comUnited States$3.79 Billion
    Novatech, Inc.novatech.netUnited States$7 Million
    Arconicarconic.comUnited States$10.1- 10.5 Billion
    Securitas ABsecuritasinc.comUnited States>$12 Billion
    Target Hospitality Corp.targethospitality.comUnited States$505 Million
    Corsair Gamingcorsair.comUnited States$381 Million
    This significant piece of information tells you a lot about the importance of Oracle CRM. So, you can clearly understand what the future ahead may look like. The CRM is used by thousands of customers worldwide in over 30 cloud regions. Hence, the company can become a significant player in the technology sector in the future. With Thomson Data by your side, you can expand your marketing outreach to the various companies using Oracle CRM.

    Technographic Data Of Companies That Use Oracle CRM

    Oracle CRM Customers by Industry

    Most industries related to software and IT solutions use Oracle CRM on a large scale with Computer Software covering more than 30.90%, Information Technology and Services about 27.81%, and Financial Services having 20.52% of market share.
    Computer Software7,229
    IT and Services6,506
    Financial Services4,801
    Hospitals and Health Care842
    Marketing and Advertising1,243
    Credit Unions367
    Real Estate311

    Oracle CRM Customers by Country

    The United States is the major contributor to global Oracle CRM usage. So, you can understand how significant a market it is for any relevant marketing campaigns.

    Oracle CRM Customers by Revenue

    About 70.67% of companies with more than $200 million in net revenue integrate Oracle CRM into their systems. Being able to market to these types of clientele will be highly profitable.

    Oracle CRM Customers by Job Title

    Out of all the Oracle CRM customers by job title, developers cover 60.23%, followed by the administrators, which is around 19.57%. The remaining 20.20% of job title includes Architects, Consultants, Project Managers, and remaining others.
    Project Manager592

    Oracle CRM Customers by Employee Size

    Looking at the company size it can be figured out that 14.62% of companies using Oracle CRM are having employee count of less than 200, 34.15% of companies are having employee count in between 200 to 5,000, and the remaining 51.23% of the companies that use Oracle CRM have employee count more than 5,000.
    1-10 Employees82
    10-50 Employees215
    50-200 Employees264
    200-500 Employees278
    500-1000 Employees314
    1000-5000 Employees718
    5000-10000 Employees1,148
    >10000 Employees817

    “These numbers may vary because of the constant update. Please contact our team to learn the current count.”

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      Oracle CRM Customers by State-wise in the USA

      Counts by US RegionNo of Customers
      District of Columbia23
      Counts by US RegionNo of Customers
      North Carolina52
      North Dakota2
      New Hampshire11
      New Jersey69
      New Mexico4
      New York235
      Rhode Island6
      South Carolina14
      South Dakota2
      West Virginia1

      “These numbers may vary because of the constant update. Please contact our team to learn the current count.”

      Oracle CRM customers data segmentation and customization

      At Thomson Data, our data team diligently and very carefully put together the list of companies using Oracle CRM. In addition, we also categorize the data to search for the right leads conveniently. We ensure that this highly classified database will provide much more accuracy in targeting and marketing to the right leads. Now, making quick decisions is vital when it comes to making any marketing campaign effective. Trying to get in touch with the industry leaders can be stressful if you are worried about your resources going to waste.
      This is why we have segmented our list of companies that use Oracle CRM as per the following selects:
      • First name
      • Last name
      • Job Title
      • Official Email
      • Work Experience
      • Area of Specialization
      • Industry
      • NAICS Code
      • SIC Code
      • Entity Type
      • Ownership Type
      • Company Size
      • Company Revenue
      • Company Website
      • Assets Size
      • Postal Address
      • Geographical Location
      • Demographics
      • Technographics
      • Firmographics
      Moreover, our Oracle CRM Customers list is further segregated to fine-tune your research. You can find the following categories in our list of Oracle userbase:
      Oracle Database Customers ListOracle Siebel CRM Customers ListOracle RightNow Customers List
      Oracle Hyperion Customers ListOracle Advanced Compression Customers ListOracle Autovue Customers List
      Oracle Developer Suite Customers ListOracle Retail Customers ListAnd more!

      Who can use the Oracle CRM customers list?

      Thomson Data provides a thoroughly verified Oracle CRM customers list. So, if you are impressed with the growing Oracle CRM Market Share, you can take advantage of this list to boost your outreach. For example:
      • Direct marketers planning to get in touch with the industry leaders or high-level officials can use our Oracle CRM Customers
      • Companies developing CRM products similar to Oracle can reach out to potential clients using our list of companies using Oracle CRM.
      • If your product or services benefit Oracle CRM customers, you can contact them directly using our list.
      • Suppliers of CRM services will also find it easy to reach out to Oracle CRM users as these customers are already using such tools and services.
      • Direct marketers who are keen on avoiding hard bounces and seeking better responses can contact users of Oracle CRM products.

      How to use the Oracle CRM customers list?

      The Oracle CRM customers list provided by Thomson Data is a thoroughly verified, well-segmented database that ensures easy application. With this list of companies using Oracle CRM, you gain access to the correct information that can boost your marketing endeavor. However, there are a few steps to ensure you reap the most benefits from our customers list. You first need to convey your requirements clearly to our data research team so they can customize the list accordingly.
      We include all the relevant List of targeted Companies using Oracle CRM products. Thanks to extensive data research, you can streamline marketing strategies easily. This, in turn, makes your direct marketing more data-driven and result-oriented. On the other hand, the organization heads and professionals you approach will be more responsive towards your products and services. In short, the data provided by Thomson Data can bridge the gap between supply and demand.

      Why choose us?

      Thomson Data’s Oracle CRM Customers list is aimed at helping marketers with their multi-channel marketing endeavors. You can use the information we provide in this list for various marketing campaigns, with assured results every time.
      Being an industry leader ourselves, Thomson Data ensures to include the most updated contact information of various industry leaders. Our goal is to help your business scale and help you spread brand awareness quicker and more efficiently. This database is guaranteed to put you ahead of your competitors. When you are competing in a fast-paced marketing environment, this is crucial. Moreover, our relentless testing ensures the data in our contacts list is constantly refreshed.
      With Thomson Data by your side, you can have access to:
      • A database that is comprehensive, authentic, and reliable
      • List of Oracle CRM products curated from verified sources only
      • A highly extensive and fully tailor-made database catered to your requirements
      • The assurance of 95% deliverability
      • Zero irrelevance or redundancy
      • GDPR, CAN-SPAM, and other legal compliances ensure complete legitimacy of the data
      Redundant or outdated data can sabotage your marketing campaigns. So, you must always ensure the accuracy of the information above all. Thomson Data does the work for you, so you can focus better on the core functions, like developing the right pitch for your products and services. So, contact us today and get your hands on the customized list to boost the ROI.

      High Precision

      Our list consists of only error-free and non-redundant records.


      You can perform location-based marketing to personalize the experience.


      We offer verified and updated datasets of companies that use Oracle CRM for your marketing needs.


      Guaranteed deliverability on your multi-channel campaigns globally.

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        Frequently Asked Questions:

        Oracle CRM is a software solution developed by Oracle Corporations to help businesses with customer relationship management. The software suite includes various cloud applications that you can use independently or as a whole. Oracle CRM helps organizations better connect with their customers and manage marketing and sales interactions.

        The Oracle CRM customers list by Thomson Data is a fully verified contacts list. It is a database with all the relevant contact details, including email ids, phone numbers, company websites, and addresses, to help your marketing campaign. You can contact various companies that use Oracle CRM using the information in this list.

        Thomson Data ensure optimum efficacy when providing the Oracle CRM customers list by ensuring to collect data from only verifiable sources. Moreover, the constant updating, human verification, and thorough analysis ensure the high accuracy of the data.

        Being an industry leader, Oracle CRM has a client base worldwide. With the growing Oracle CRM Market Share, it has extended its services to thousands of companies. Among these, 35.4% of companies belong to the computer software industry.