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Manufacturing Industry Email List

The manufacturing industry deals with transforming raw materials or parts into finished goods ready for distribution in the market. It is a vast industry that supports other sectors like retail, automotive, chemical, technology, food and beverage, construction, and other sectors. Besides large machinery, a large population is involved in this industry. In the United States alone, the manufacturing industry’s market size is $8.8tr in 2022, measured by revenue. New market research predicting the manufacturing industry to value $14.1 billion by 2030.
With the unified research conducted by authorities of the U.S. Census Bureau, Manufacturing industry contributes almost 12% to the GDP. Thomson Data would help you to reach the highly qualified professionals in this area with a comprehensive manufacturing industry email list. Businesses and service providers that deal with raw materials or machinery production often look for networks in the manufacturing industry. A manufacturing industry mailing list can help you to connect with professionals in this industry.
Thomson Data provides an up-to-date and validated databases of relevant decision-makers with minimal hassles that would surely meet all your demands. You can interact seamlessly with the manufacturing industry experts, buyers, recommenders, equipment controllers, plant operators, project managers, and more by availing our manufacturing industry email list. Besides, businesses can also easily acquire quality leads, save marketing efforts, and boost revenue exponentially. Do you wish to reach only the specific prospects from the manufacturing segment? You can specify the requirements of your business such as geographical location, company name, etc. We get you the most customized lists from our master database. Whether a small business or big business, you can witness its exponential growth with email lists.

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    List of top 20 US Manufacturing Companies

    list of manufacturing companies with the correct details to help your business is the ideal marketing resource. Marketers can rely on Thomson Data for such accurate lists. Here’s a sample list of the top 20 manufacturing companies in the United States.
    Company NameWebsiteCountryEmployee SizeRevenue
    THOR Industriesthorindustries.comUnited States10,001+$16 Billion
    Align Technologyaligntech.comUnited States9,212$4 Billion
    Pilgrim’s Pridepilgrims.comUnited States10,001+$15 Billion
    Patrick Industries, Inc.patrickind.comUnited States10,001+$4 Billion
    LCI Industrieslcindustries.comUnited States10,001+$5.20 Billion
    Sherwin-Williams Co.sherwin-williams.comUnited States50,001+$20 Billion
    Sanderson Farms Inc.sandersonfarms.comUnited States11,000+$2.68 billion
    Lear Corporationlear.comUnited States30,001+$19 Billion
    The Clorox Companythecloroxcompany.comUnited States5,001-10,000$7 Billion
    Lancaster Colony Corporationlancastercolony.comUnited States501-1,000$1 Billion
    Caterpillarcaterpillar.comUnited States107,700$52 Billion
    Johnson & Johnsonjnj.comUnited States141,700$93.77 Billion
    Ford Motorsford.comUnited States10,001+$134 Billion
    Analog Devicesanalog.comUnited States20,000+$9 Billion
    Boeingboeing.comUnited States140,000+$61 Billion
    Illinois Tool Worksitw.comUnited States25,000+$14 Billion
    Emersonemerson.comUnited States10,001+$18 Billion
    Chevron Corpchevron.comUnited States50,000+$176 Billion
    Nor-Cal Beverage Co.ncbev.comUnited States500-1,000$222 Million
    General Dynamicsgd.comUnited States10,001+$9.39 billion

    Target the Right Audience with a Well Segmented Manufacturing Industry Email List

    The chances of getting overnight success with marketing campaigns are zero. In the digital marketing era, your competitors are also launching the same marketing strategy. To stay ahead of your competitors, you have to reach your consumers where they are. You must adopt a strategy that works for your company to reach your targeted audience. For this reason, we offer well-segmented lists.
    These segments make it easy to sort through information and use the required data. Your sales or marketing team does not have to spend hours reviewing all the information. We provide segmentation of the essential elements so you get access to all the crucial information. Here are some of the top selects we provide in our manufacturing industry email lists:
    • First name
    • Last name
    • Job Title
    • Official Email
    • Work Experience
    • Area of Specialization
    • Industry
    • NAICS Code
    • SIC Code
    • Entity Type
    • Ownership Type
    • Company Size
    • Company Revenue
    • Company Website
    • Assets Size
    • Postal Address
    • Geographical Location
    • Demographics
    • Technographics
    • Firmographics
    Everybody wants personalized options. Our clients know they can rely on us as we provide them with customized manufacturers email database. Marketers can get the database with as many or as few data selects they want. Having a customized database can make all the difference in your marketing campaign. One can identify the best B2B decision makers, target them with hyper-personalized messages, and close deals with them.
    Since the manufacturing industry is vast, business requirements also vary. Marketers targeting retail manufacturers will have no business with automotive industry manufacturers. Keeping these differences in mind, our manufacturing industry email list contains different sectors across the industry. This increases your scope of reaching the right audience.
    Other segmentations in manufacturing industry email list include:
    Food Producers Manufacturers Printing Manufacturers Oil and Gas Industry
    Textile Manufacturers Email List Furniture Manufacturers Email List Vehicles Manufacturers
    Chemical Industry Wine Manufacturers Leather Manufacturers
    Semiconductor Manufacturers Email List Transportation Equipment Machinery and Computer
    Primary Metal Manufacturers Email List Paper Products Manufacturers Email List Rubber Manufacturers Email List
    Computer Equipment Manufacturers Email List Computer Manufacturers Email List Medical Device Manufacturers Email List
    Electrical Manufacturers Email List Electronic Manufacturers Email List Medical Equipment Manufacturers Email List
    Apparel Manufacturers Email List Plastic Manufacturers Email List And More!

    Data Sources Used to Collate the Manufacturing Companies Mailing List

    We do not want our clients to end up in the wrong inbox, get bounced emails and texts, or pursue the wrong leads. Hence, our manufacturing companies mailing list goes through different authentication stages. The first step toward creating an accurate email list is choosing legitimate sources for collecting information. Once this information is collected, our database goes through routine check-ups to ensure it is clean and free from outdated data. Upon receiving requests from our clients, we verify the data carefully to make sure they get only the most accurate list.
    Below are some of our most trusted sources of information to build our accurate email lists.
    • Yellow Pages 
    • Conferences and Exhibitions 
    • Publications, Journals, and Magazines 
    • Online Feedback Forms and Surveys 
    • Subscriptions and Newsletters 
    • Government Records
    • Business Listings
    • Public Directories
    • Panel Discussions
    • And Other Reliable Sources
    After collecting the data, we neatly secure them in different categories that cater to marketers’ requirements. With Thomson Data, marketers know they are in safe hands.

    Why choose Thomson Data's Manufacturing Database?

    Businesses often have second thoughts about purchasing a mailing list. How do I utilize the vast data from the mailing list? Will the mailing or email list bring any positive change in the marketing strategy? What if it’s a waste of money and time? It’s common to have these questions. Fret not, we are here to share the benefits of verified manufacturering database. You can launch direct, SMS, or email marketing campaigns to promote your service or products with the help of our email and mailing lists.
    Moreover, you can send a customized message across the preferred channel using the information from the database. Personalized messages always work because you are showing consumers what they want to see. There’s a high chance they will visit your website to check your services. You can send follow-up emails and land a potential client. When you partner with Thomson Data, you enjoy the following benefits:
    • 95% deliverability
    • Reach a targeted audience with a customized email list
    • Generate a new sales pipeline
    • 100% opt-in details of the most qualified contacts
    • Comprehensive marketing data
    • Email marketing for lead generation
    • CAN-SPAM Compliant contact information
    • USPS verified mailing addresses
    • Segmented database to launch targeted advertising
    • And much more!

    All Those Who Benefit from Thomson Data Manufacturing Industry Email List

    If your business deals with products or services related to the manufacturing industry, you can benefit from an accurate list of manufacturing companies that can help you extend your business. With the manufacturing database, you could reach more potential manufacturers.
    If you’re confused about whether you require an email database of manufacturers, this list can help you. Our manufacturing industry email list can benefit the following categories:
    • Employment agencies looking to outsource talents
    • Agencies offering engineering and electrical solutions
    • Computer hardware and software solutions companies looking for computer manufacturers
    • Businesses selling office furniture
    • Businesses selling software development tools
    • Businesses selling raw materials
    • Those selling machinery, equipment, and other related items for manufacturing
    • And more!

    Uncover Your Business’s Potential with Thomson Data

    If you still have second thoughts about manufacturing industry email lists, call us and get in touch with our experts. We can offer you email list segmentation in line with your marketing goals. You can choose the selects for which you need data. Our experts have helped change the track of hundreds of businesses with successful marketing strategies.
    You can customize your email list based on geographical preference, demographics, specialized industry, or the other options we provide. Our research team is constantly at work to keep track of the changes in the marketing industry. Since the digital marketing scenario is pretty dynamic, it’s crucial to stay updated on recent trends and algorithms. With years of experience, we have become a reliable source of the database for marketers across the world.
    Accurate manufacturing industry email list can boost your conversions and maximize returns. If you’re struggling to keep your business afloat in this highly competitive market, reach out to us over +1-800-385-8221 or email us at [email protected]. We would love to help you out!

    Our Manufacturing Industry Mailing List Includes:

    Manufacturers First NameManufacturers Last Name
    Manufacturers Company NameManufacturers Mailing Address
    Manufacturers Email AddressManufacturers Phone Number
    Manufacturers Fax NumberJob Title
    Company WebsiteIndustry
    SIC CodeNAICS Code
    Employee SizeRevenue Size
    LinkedIn ProfileAnd More.!

    Available Job Titles:

    CEO/President Sales & Marketing Executives
    Corporate Secretary CFO, CIO, CTO, COO
    Treasurer Chairman, Owner/Partner
    HR Executives Managers
    Vice Presidents Operations Finance Executives
    Purchasing / Procurement Directors
    R & D Executives IT Executives
    Controller/Comptroller And Others..,

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