Posted On: Apr 29, 2022
Posted By: John Duff
Best Way To Write Cold Emails That Generate More Leads

If you’re a freelancer or a budding entrepreneur, then you might have heard of cold emailing. It is one of the most effective strategies to gain leads and improve your brand’s visibility.

However, when sending out cold emails, you should also keep in mind that other businesses would be sending these as well to your target’s businesses.

So, the question arises- how do you make sure yours is unique?

You do so by making your email content engaging and taking a different approach to the same topics. You need to understand your target, write straightforward email content, and offer stellar CTAs and clever subject lines.

To help you with this, we will cover some additional strategies that will help your cold emails stand apart and jumpstart your lead generation. So, without further ado, let’s dive in!

How effective is cold emailing?

Cold emailing has been a tried and tested strategy for many brands across the world. By just sending an email, you can connect with a wider audience globally and generate more leads.

You must therefore reach out to your prospects and promote your products and services. Sometimes, the customers might not even know that they need your product. In such cases, the cold email will help provide them with the perfect solution.

Given its importance, you must therefore take out take the time to focus on your cold emailing strategies.

How to write cold emails that stand out?

Are you already impressed by the various benefits of sending cold emails? Then it’s time you learned the art of writing one yourself. Here are the best ways to write cold emails to gain your customer’s attention. Here are a few strategies to engage them:

Working on its visual appeal:

By ensuring that your emails are visually attractive, you will be able to reduce the chances of them ending up in your customers’ spam folders. This can be a particularly helpful and smart alternative for new businesses who might not have solid marketing or sales plan to fetch leads.

Additionally, the visual appeal also helps your customers to remember your brand and products, even if they do not need your services at present, but sometime in the future.

Customer tracking:

Don’t consider cold emails as simple emails to attract leads, as they’re more than that. When a customer clicks on your email, you can track their activity, similar to when they visit your website or buy your product.

Customer Tracking

By utilizing email analytics tools, you can understand your target’s preferences. Additionally, by checking the response and open rates, you will be able to understand whether your email marketing campaign is working or not. Subsequently, based on this data, you can refine or modify the email content.

Send valuable information:

Do get tired of picking up calls from telemarketers?

It’s not surprising that you do. They are not effective strategies to gather leads and are annoying. That’s why cold emailing aims to provide valuable information which is easy to read and engaging.

Send Valuable Information

You can send brief but straightforward content about your products or services through your cold emails. Further, you can hook the reader with catchy content, add graphics, videos, and more.


These emails offer the receiver more time to understand the details of your brand at their own time and pace. Understandably, it’s way better than a cold call!

Learn about your prospects:

Before jumping into cold email writing, you need to understand who your targets are. Remember that not everyone is your target, and you will receive better open rates only when you send emails to the right people.

That’s why you should start by conducting thorough research on your target business or customer base. Additionally, you also need to collect relevant email addresses within your industry or niche.

  • If you’re targeting a business, understand their products, market position, and asset size. See if your product can fill any of the gaps in their business.
  • If you’re aiming to attract a specific consumer segment, try understanding their lifestyle, buying behavior, technographics, demographics, and preferred products.

After gathering information on these aspects, you can craft more tailor-made emails that might offer better response rates.

Write with the right tone:

Using the right tone is extremely important while writing any email, especially cold emails. You can’t talk the same way to a business owner and a target customer. So, you have to develop your email content keeping your prospect in mind.

For instance, if you’re trying to attract a younger audience, a casual and fun approach will work wonders. On the other hand, if you’re writing to a CEO, you can keep the tone semi-formal.

You have to remember that the email has to be conversational in both cases. Remember, it’s not always necessary to talk like an experienced sales professional or company owner to market your products.

Include an attractive subject line:

Do you know that more than 35% of your email open rate depends upon an attractive subject line? Therefore, your subject line can make or break your email marketing objective. So, these have to be short, crisp, and intriguing to get the reader to open your mail.

Subject Line Stats

So, add a conversational message such as greetings to give it a personalized touch.

Keep the content body simple:

Just like your subject line, the email body needs to be straightforward and appealing. It must contain these three simple sections:

  • Introduction: It must address the reader directly and introduce yourself too.
  • Purpose: Don’t beat around the bush and talk about why you’re writing the email. Tell them how you’ll solve the problems or a particular problem.
  • Salutation: Thank them for reading your mail, provide your official designation and contact details.

Simple Content Body

You can also talk about your company’s mission and how your product is different by highlighting its features.

Tip: You can include testimonials, customer reviews, and social media posts to make your presence felt.

Add a powerful CTA:

If your reader is interested in your product or services, they must easily visit your website. That’s why it is vital to close the email with an actionable CTA to capture the lead.

It can be a button that leads to your product page or a chance to download a free resource. You can also hyperlink the CTA to your website’s landing page.

Along with improving your reputation, this strategy will provide more scope for engagement.

Personalization matters:

What’s better than a cold email with engaging content and a subject line?

An email that’s personalized for your reader. Personalized emails don’t seem generic and can instantly establish a connection with your audience. It can provide you with a response rate of 17%!

So, instead of addressing them with a “Hey Customer,” address them with their name- “Hey John! or “Good Morning John!” if you know their first name. Also, while designing the email, make sure you add a professional look or include quirky design elements.

Tip: Try to avoid sending emails from “[email protected],” as it won’t fetch you leads.

To sum up

Along with appealing content and an exciting tone, you also need to address the customer’s pain points. Talk about how these pain points and problems affect their lives and how your product can change them.

You can address why your product is the best solution and the impact it will have. This strategy will allow you to establish a deeper connection with your prospect and will also improve your chances of conversion.