Posted On: Sep 21, 2021
Posted By: John Duff

The current business scenario is swarmed by uncertain events, a cause of worry for many organizations across the world. The top-level executives, including senior managers, CEO, marketing director and others, are going back to the boardroom and re-planning every strategy, the process, they think would help them pull through gloomy times.

Now, the long and short of it is there is no quick fix.

So, how do you go from here?

It’s a complex question as every organization is scrambling to find their own way. The best strategy that many find useful is: to be on the top-of-the-minds of your customer which is possible through marketing.

And marketing only works if it strikes the right chord with the customer. Over the years, email marketing is found to be an efficient way to outreaching prospects and converting them at the right time. With the introduction of recent technologies, this channel gets the right boost to bring your brand into the right spotlight.

We have some of the best trends in email that would prove useful for your campaign:

Personalization via tech:

Personalization, when greater personalized, gives to hyper-personalization. In simple words, it means super targeting your potential customer and take your email campaign to the next level.

How do you collect data for personalization?

You can collect data from the website behavior, social media behavior, time spent on a specific page, etc. The deeper you dive; you find every small activity executed by the prospect could help you in super-personalizing an email campaign.


Here, you can see, how the data is collected. The brand tracked, which all pages the visitor viewed and the form submitted by him. It gives you the best information to build the initial content for email. A step-by-step approach to personalization makes your campaign result-oriented.

A statement by Brian Clark perfectly fits the context here:

On average 8 out of 10 people will read your headline copy, but only 2 out of 10 will read the rest.”

This is what personalization does.

Adding videos in the email:

Do you like plain content or emails that have videos in them?

Obviously, most would favor the second option. And why not?

With a busy work schedule, the majority of the audience just want instant of everything. It also means instant marketing message easy to understand and take action. The videos fulfil this need in the email campaign.

Videos are the moving content that conveys the message in an interesting way. It hooks the audience and motivates them to watch the entire content.

Isn’t that great for a marketer?

Find the below example:


In this email, you can see how a video is included in the email. The dynamic content shows the action-oriented message. Thus, it makes the email interesting and attractive to the audience.

Find another video that can be helpful for your brand:


Here in this email, you can see another video that has all the useful components to be a great tech trend for the campaign. The message, “increased sales by $2000/day” is a powerful one that can motivate any recipient to go through the email.

Automation at its best:

This technology is the knight in challenging scenarios. It takes over the mundane activities that otherwise slow down your performance.

When you integrate this technology, you can connect with customers by sending welcome emails, anniversary email, and other emails at the right time. The solution makes its way to work within the system and deliver the results- customer satisfaction, right nurturing, right connection and others.


In this email, you can see brands have designed the automated emails to gather product feedback. The solution helps small businesses to grow rapidly. This is an important message conveyed in the email.

Now, all this information is crafted to gather the experience of the customer. The brand does it by sending these emails to the consumers at the right time via automation.

You can find another example:


In this email, you can see the brand is reminding the customer that the miles will expire in 6 months. This is a good gesture and customers would feel connected to the brand.

Email marketing automation would be integrated in many different ways- a growing trend in the coming years.

Usage of dark mode in emails:

The dark mode is the visual layout for minimizing the degree of brightness so that the recipient can easily read it. Now there are instances where some email platforms are automatically turning on the dark mode, hugely affecting the email design.

But with high benefits, this trend is finding many takers. So, as a marketer, leverage this technology for your benefit.

Usage of dark mode in emails

In this email, you can see they both are the same email but with different background colors. The first is the light theme while the second one is the dark mode.

So, which one you think would be more readable?

Of-course the one with contrasting colors.

Artificial intelligence to the rescue:

Email marketing is one of the useful channels to connect with the right prospect. And artificial intelligence helps in the entire process; it executes different email marketing activities with ease and precision.

Now, what AI email marketing does?

It optimizes the subject lines, determines the optimal timings, automate the content, among others.

Every organization from different industry across the world, prefer varied time to communicate. As companies are spread across the world divided by time zone, AI finds out at what time customers would like to read the email and accordingly shoot out the email.

Certainly, one of the useful tech trends!!!


Email marketing is just like the safe abode, which most marketers like to come back to. They know this approach would never disappoint them. The only challenge they face is to integrate the tactics, trends that would garner them the best results.