Posted On: Sep 08, 2020
Posted By: John Duff
Email Marketing and Customer Retention

With increasing competition, retaining a customer has become challenging. Organizations are implementing new tactics and approaches to engage the customer in the best way.

As per a quote by Brian Balfour, former VP Growth at HubSpot:

If your retention is poor, nothing else matters.”

Just as it conveys, if you are not good at retaining customers, it would be challenging to survive in the market.

The right approach can help you have a useful relationship with customers and, in the process, retain them for a lifetime.

If you are facing the challenge of retaining the customer, do not lose hope. There is always light at the end of the tunnel. You should just find the right way!!!!

Remember, it’s just not you, but almost 32% of the executives surveyed, stated, retaining customers is one of the top priorities for them. ~appcues

We have some of the unique tactics that would surely help in the customer retention process.

1. Creative Wordsmith:

A high-valued content is always helpful to increase your credibility and win the trust of your customer.

You must know, “Rome was not built in a day,” so how could you expect to win the trust of your customer straightway?

Nurturing a customer is a long-term process. One has to toil hard to understand the mindset of the customer. You need to thoroughly analyze the needs of the customer. It is a complex task, but when you understand the psychology of your customer, crafting an engaging content becomes easy. Developing content with the right usage of words to evoke emotion in the customer is the most important aspect in nurturing a relationship with them.

Check the below example:

customer trust


You can check the subject lines in these e-mails such as ‘go after your goals,’ ‘we are here with your Friday Prep Talk,’ etc. are some of the provoking subject lines that aim to motivate the recipient to open the e-mail and take right CTA.

2. Be curious like a child, to know why customers disappeared:

Do you know how a child is curious about all new things?

Because, it excites them!!!!

So, whenever you face a challenge, take it as an opportunity to reach the new heights of success.

For example, when you lose touch with some of your loyal customers, then you should know they have lost interest in your service. Take it as a challenge and analyse in-depth to know what made them stop engaging with your brand.

brand engagement

After knowing, what made them stop engaging, you can develop the e-mail, as shown above. The catchy headline such as, ‘where you have been?’ shows that the brand wants to understand why they have been away for so long……

Acknowledge, mankind is an emotional being, so you have to hit the right sweet spot in their heart to create a unique place of your own.

Check another example:

lands end

Here you can see in the e-mail they mentioned, ’Hello friend,’

Don’t you think it would have much impact?

As a business, using the term like ‘friend,’ adds the human touch even to your promotional content. Keep yourself in the customer’s shoes; you would feel the connection with the brand where they mention ’friend’ in the e-mail.

3. Do not behave like a pariah and follow the rules:

While you can be creative as possible, but do not forget there are specific rules to follow. As an e-mail marketer never miss out to include the right CTA in your crafted e-mails. Recipients should know what action needs to be taken after reading the e-mail. Without that, your marketing effort would be futile.


Just as you can see in this example, the marketer has mentioned a provoking line,’ it looks like you are still on the fence……. Credit card balances,’; this would make the recipient stop and think of why he is not actively engaging with the brand and take CTA.

4. Use the previous data to craft e-mail content:

crafting email contentAs a marketer, you have to also sometimes work as an analyst. In the above example, you can see the e-mail marketer dig out the travel history of the customer, to pitch the right service for them. With the right data, you can also develop the e-mail content that would make the customer keep coming back to your service.

Never take any of your customers for granted, even if they are loyal customers. Craft the best e-mail as per the data to reap the desired business results. The previous example rightly shows how an e-mail can be developed precisely with the information of customers.

5. Personalization:

Personalization is the ever-green tactic to be used in e-mail marketing, whether it is to acquire new customer, or to retain the existing customer. Personalization helps you target the right customer.

Personalization here means including content aligned with the interests of the prospect.


In the above example, personalization is executed with questions such as ‘your wedding?’ ‘friend or relative’s wedding?’ By asking these questions, the brand aims to come closer to the customer.

How do you think they developed these questions?

It is simple they analyzed why visitors are going ahead in joining their site. Then they planned a strategy to segment these customers, and send e-mails to them.

Find another example:


The above webinar email campaign is sent to customers on a weekly basis. With proper segmentation and personalization, these emails are sent to recipients who would attend the webinar.

6. Offering Attractive Discounts:

Discounts or offers always attract customers. So, if you find any of your existing customers have gone in hibernation, pull them back by offering the best discounts or offers.

true citrus

As you can see here, the brand is offering some of the best discounts to customers. 25% off in the next purchase is really an irresistible offer.

7. Educating Customers:

Providing the right educational content helps retain customers.

educating customersYou must know most business customers go through the content before going for a service or product. In this scenario, send e-mails to customers that not only promotes your service but also provides educational content in the process. In the above example, Salesforce provides educational resources to the recipient of the ways to use the software.

8. Treat the customer like a part of the family:

thank you emailIn the above example, the brand is welcoming the customer as a part of a bigger family. When customers feel the vibes of familiarity, they are bound to stay back. Be in touch with them, and have a useful conversation with them via e-mail, so that your brand remains fresh on their minds.


In the VUCA world, which means the volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous world, customer retention has become a necessity. Marketers should look into the needs of the customer regularly so that they develop e-mails that help in the customer retention process.

The above blog helps you develop the right strategy to follow a streamlined approach and retain the customer.