Posted On: Jun 06, 2023
Posted By: John Duff
Top Fortune 500 Companies that Use AWS

Cloud computing is the backbone of today’s digital business milieu. Using cloud computing, users can store and access data from a remote server anywhere. Fortune 500 Companies recognize the need to facilitate operational efficiency and eliminate limitations of on-site systems.

Catering to the pressing demand for innovative cloud solutions, Amazon Web Service offers the world’s most comprehensive cloud platform. With a client base of 1 million active customers across 190 countries, AWS provides scalable and cost-effective cloud computing solutions to customers worldwide.

Curious to know how AWS assists Fortune 500 firms seeking an effective solution for data management or analytics in any field of operation?

Let’s find out!

Amazon Web Services – Grab a Closer Look

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is a branch of Amazon delivering on-demand cloud computing platforms and APIs to different companies and governments. AWS is the world’s most comprehensive and widespread cloud platform, offering a gamut of 175 services like:

  • Computing
  • Storage
  • Business Analytics
  • Database
  • Machine Learning (ML)

Companies benefit from its scalable solutions and helpful application programming interface (API) functionality. Additionally, AWS isn’t only available directly to end users but gets hosted on server farms, making it a market leader. According to Statista, AWS maintains a 34% market share in the global cloud infrastructure.

AWS showed remarkable steady growth in its revenue, from $4.6 billion in 2014 to above $18 billion in the first quarter of 2022. According to reports, if AWS continues to grow sales at the same rate in 2023 as it achieved in 2022, this global leader will exceed $100 billion.

One of the reasons for its dominance in the worldwide market is its services offered based on a ‘pay-as-you-go’ payment model. Top most popular products under cloud services include the Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) and the Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3).

Wanting to find out which prominent Fortune 500 companies use AWS, nudging this growth?

Over 90% of Fortune 100 and most Fortune 500 companies use AWS Partner solutions and services in their business. Almost every firm, from healthcare to leading streaming service providers, uses Amazon’s unique solutions to power its operations and establish its foundation.

Top 10 Fortune 500 Companies Using AWS

Merely listing the organizations that leverage AWS isn’t much help. Hence, let’s examine how prominent businesses utilize AWS to solve their existing challenges and streamline their business processes. Here is a glimpse of the top Fortune 500 companies that use AWS.

1. Apple

appleApple is one of the largest global brands exhibiting a market cap of over 2 trillion dollars. Though it is one of Amazon’s biggest competitors in Cloud Computing, Still it’s one of AWS’s biggest customer. According to the CNBC reports, Apple did not publicly admit to relying on AWS for more than iCloud. However, an expenditure of over $360 million yearly indicated that Apple heavily relies on AWS to handle core aspects of its overall business. Apple provides object storage services to customers. As a result, it uses Amazon S3 and other storage services for it.

Phone Number (408) 996-1010
Industry Computers, Office Equipment
Revenue $365,817 Million
CEO Timothy D. Cook
HQ Location Cupertino, California, U.S.

2. Ford Motor

ford motorsFord Mobility and Autonomic, partners with AWS for its global availability. Further, the breadth and depth of AWS’ service portfolio, including machine learning, analytics, Internet of Things (IoT), and computing services for its business. The partnership will allow both companies to focus on creating some of the best customer experiences using their connectivity systems.

Phone Number (313) 322-3000
Industry Motor, Vehicles, & Parts
Revenue $136,341 Million
CEO James D. Farley Jr.
HQ Location Dearborn, Michigan, U.S.

3. Comcast

ComCastComcast is among the most reputed cable companies worldwide. It is also the leading Internet service provider in the US. Comcast employs AWS in a hybrid setting to innovate and utilize features for its frontrunner video product, XFINITY X1. Products like Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (Amazon VPC) and Amazon Direct Connect deliver the scalability and security required for the company rapidly innovate and grow in a hybrid environment.

Phone Number (215) 286-1700
Industry Telecommunications
Revenue $121,427 Million
CEO Brian L. Roberts
HQ Location Philadelphia, U.S.

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4. Johnson & Johnson

johnson & johnsonAmong the big Fortune 500 companies that use AWS is Johnson & Johnson. The company deals in consumer health, pharmaceutical, and bioinformatics products in over 175 countries. The IT division of the global enterprise chose Amazon Web Services (AWS) when it decided to move to the cloud under an improved global IT strategy. At present, the company utilizes the AWS Cloud for its big data architecture, enabling it to complete highly intensive and complex data modeling. It also uses it to run around 120 applications.

Phone Number (732) 524-0400
Industry Pharmaceuticals
Revenue $398,352 Million
CEO Joaquin Duato
HQ Location New Brunswick, N.J., U.S.

5. Pfizer

pfizerAWS helps Pfizer with fast and prompt innovation, improved clinical manufacturing operations, and the development of future therapies. AWS is supporting Pfizer’s business to enhance its ongoing clinical manufacturing processes. It enables the healthcare market leader to incorporate predictive maintenance abilities created using AWS machine learning (ML) services.

Phone Number (212) 733-2323
Industry Pharmaceuticals
Revenue $100,330 Million
CEO Albert Bourla
HQ Location New York City, U.S.

6. General Electric

General ElectricGeneral Electric named AWS as its preferred cloud provider. The partnership was aimed at bringing GE Digital’s GridOS hybrid cloud software abilities together with AWS’ proficiency and framework support to help the utility industry rebuild its processes. With this focus, it will deliver innovative and advanced solutions the power industry needs to produce a clean energy grid. As a result, it will help them achieve reliable, affordable, and clean energy goals.

Phone Number (617) 443-3000
Industry Industrial Machinery
Revenue $74,196 Million
CEO H. Lawrence Culp Jr.
HQ Location Boston, U.S.

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7. Walt Disney

walt disneyTo incorporate more than 50 technologies, such as database, storage, machine learning, content delivery, serverless, and analytics services, Disney+ is expanding its use of AWS’s trailblazing services. Utilizing a flexible, safe cloud video infrastructure fueled by AWS, the company managed over 10 million new Disney+ sign-ups within 24 hours during its 2019 launch. It says a lot about the power of AWS services.

Phone Number (818) 560-1000
Industry Entertainment
Revenue $84,415 Million
CEO Robert A. Iger
HQ Location Burbank, California, U.S.

8. Capital One Financial

Capital OneCapital One Financial is one of the top Fortune 500 companies that use AWS. It’s among the largest banks in the US, offering checking and savings accounts, auto loans, rewards, credit cards, and online banking services to businesses and customers. The financial leader uses AWS services like Amazon S3 to fuel machine-learning innovation. Using AWS, Capital One converts data into insights with the help of machine learning. It enables the company to innovate quickly and offer state-of-the-art solutions to its customers.

Phone Number (703) 720-1000
Industry Commercial Banks
Revenue $38,373 Million
CEO Richard D. Fairbank
HQ Location McLean, Va., U.S.

9. Netflix

NetflixNetflix uses AWS to build flexible and remote workstations. It helps the streaming industry leader attract and work with creative talent, allowing them to collaborate virtually anywhere. The company employs the AWS cloud platform for its computing and storage needs, including databases, recommendation search engines, data analytics, video transcoding, and more. Netflix runs hundreds of functions leveraging more than 100,000 server instances on AWS. Amazon Web Services allow the company to scale fast, work securely, and fulfill its capacity needs worldwide.

Phone Number (408) 540-3700
Industry Entertainment
Revenue $31,616 Million
CEO Ted Sarandos/Greg Peters
HQ Location Los Gatos, California, U.S.

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10. McDonald’s

McDonaldsMcDonald’s Corporation, an American fast-food restaurant chain, is the world’s largest restaurant company operating at 37,000 locations and serving 69 million customers daily. With the help of Amazon Web Services (AWS), McDonald’s built a robust real-time platform, Home Delivery, which brings together local eateries and delivery partners such as Uber Eats.

Using a microservices architecture operating on Amazon Elastic Container Service, Application Load Balancer, Amazon ElastiCache, Amazon Elastic Container Registry, Amazon S3, and other services, the company built and launched the platform within four months.

Phone Number (630) 623-3000
Industry Food Services
Revenue $23,183 Million
CEO Christopher J. Kempczinski
HQ Location Chicago, U.S.

Reasons Why Top Businesses Prefer AWS Cloud Platform

The digital market has multiple cloud platforms like Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure, and Alibaba Cloud. Regardless, owing to various reasons, AWS is at the forefront of digital evolution. Check out why businesses prefer AWS as their cloud platform.

  • Scalability – Elastic Load Balancing and Auto Scaling tools from AWS make smooth scaling and high performance possible. The auto-scaling attribute assists companies in creating an independent infrastructure based on resource or traffic utilization.
  • Better and Improved Security – AWS has multiple layers of operational safety in its servers and data centers, allowing companies to perform infrastructure evaluations and observe security risks with enhanced transparency.
  • Cost-effectiveness – Many Cloud platforms ask for high up-front licensing costs. Whereas in AWS, businesses pay only for the space they use based on the ‘pay-as-you-go’ model.
  • Flexibility – AWS allows users to choose numerous services suiting their needs, including operating systems, databases, web application platforms, etc. AWS provides a virtual environment to benefit from all the services and software, and its migration process is also highly-flexible.
  • Cross-region Backup Feature – AWS Backup allows cross-region backup. This feature is highly-valuable if you need to store backups at the least possible distance from your display data with compliance or continuity requirements of your business.

AWS Helping Digital Growth – Wrapping Up

From Apple and Netflix to Comcast and Pfizer, the Fortune 500 companies that use AWS are leaders in the digital sector, and rightly so. It indicates multiple industries’ growing dependence on cloud computing and related services. All these expected trends in cloud computing are revolutionizing how modern organizations operate.

Leveraging this reliance, AWS has emerged as a broadly adopted cloud service provider that offers on-demand features to established businesses, like cloud computing, analytics, database storage, content delivery, etc.

For all these reasons, big businesses and companies rely on AWS as their ultimate Cloud service platform due to its security, flexibility, and backup features.