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The facts regarding Sales Leads and Mailing lists

100% accuracy and reliability is a myth:

If you are looking for 100% accuracy in the market, you’ll get only assurance for that not the data. Fact is that 100% accuracy is ideal condition in the market which is impossible to achieve in this world which brings a change every second. But we assure you to provide the best sales leads and most accurate in the industry.

Don’t expect every business name to be qualified:

As you must be aware that the databases are updated at regular intervals, but who knows at which point a qualified name turns out to be unqualified. The reason is people keep on changing their contacts and professions frequently. Therefore a slight mismatch may occur everywhere.

No one becomes rich overnight:

We just guide you to the right way for a profitable business; rest is your efforts and your products performance in the market. If you utilize our sales leads and mailing lists properly it will take your services to the right person, which will result in your business growth and popularity.

What we can assure You from Our Mailing List

  • Complete Business Database is updated by us at regular intervals. We can guaranty 85% to 90% accuracy- best in the industry!
  • You can expect 80 to 85 percent delivery guarantee in our mailing lists.
  • We acquire sales leads such as New Technologies, New Businesses, and Consumers from public sources that provide geographic coverage for every region in the world.

Handling Millions of Records

It is quite possible that there will be inaccuracies in data. Regrettably, this is merely the nature of this business. When any person tells you otherwise,they are not really informing the truth!

How can you make money from our Mailing lists?

Just think if you had to head out for finding qualified leads in your own; it would be really difficult and would take lot of time and effort in addition to thousands of dollars. Thomson Data offers unlimited sales leads with no limitations. Possibly you may have to meet the requirements for your unique business, although once you accomplish, you will end up with premium quality sales leads which will help you discover new clients and increase you sales revenue.
John Duff, Chief Marketing Manager started Thomson Data by utilizing his personal sales revenue to grow the company into a million dollar public firm. He founded Thomson Data to assist buyers to conquer the slow economy and to generate more revenue.

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