Posted On: Nov 07, 2023
Posted By: John Duff
10 Outbound Sales Software to Boost your Productivity


Being proactive is one of the best ways for a business to progress. Teams conducting outbound sales search for new leads to pitch their product or service. They are always on their toes and willing to try new avenues to bring in new clients.

What are outbound sales? And in this software era, what can be used to boost productivity? Let’s find out.

Outbound Sales

If inbound sales involves waiting for clients to find us, outbound sales means searching for potential clients. Many say that cold calling is intrusive and, therefore, they dismiss outbound sales, but several other discreet methods are harmless. Outbound sales also involve social selling and email marketing. With the social media boom, social selling can attract more and more clients. By using email lists, more people in a particular industry can be reached.

It’s self-explanatory how software is involved in outbound sales. Let’s look at ten outbound sales software to boost your productivity.

10 Outbound Sales Software to Boost Your Productivity

There are many software that can aid you in outbound sales. There are distinct outbound sales software for different functionalities, viz., to book meetings, coordinate with remote sales teams, automate sales outreach, build lists of prospects, and assist in prospect research.

1. Outbound Sales Tools to Book Meetings

No more manually scheduling meetings with clients or different teams. With outbound sales software, meeting bookings can be automated.

Conversation Intelligence Tools

Would you like software to guide your conversation? Do you want to know how your sales conversation is going on with your client? Do you want to make it the best way possible by successfully understanding their emotions and closing the deal? You will like this tool if you answer “yes” to all three questions.

i) Enthu.AI


Enthu.AI, according to G2, is the highest-ranked outbound sales conversation intelligence tool to book meetings, with a score of 4.9. It coaches SDRs by using AI and thus monitors the sales conversation. It optimizes caller behavioral patterns, thus enhancing the exchange along with customer satisfaction.


  • AI has the ability for high accuracy for a multitude of English accents.
  • It can keep track of all the calls in transcription or chat formats so that they can be referred to later. This feature is helpful for analysis and improvement purposes.


  • A few things could be improved in the current telephone integration.
  • AI does not have the provision for an inbuilt Learning Management System (LMS).

Sales Enablement Tools

Sales enablement involves several aspects of a sales representative’s career:

  • It empowers them with the right content for pitching and subsequent conversation, training, and coaching throughout their careers.
  • It takes care of operational components like tool evaluation.
  • It identifies revenue leakage.
  • It reviews strategies.

ii) MindTickle


MindTickle, rated at 4.7 by G2, personalizes programs to be built for the sales team. Its centralized platform helps onboarding and training new employees, tracks their progress, aids in targeting coaching, and analyzes their sales conversations


  • MindTickle has a user-friendly interface.
  • It is highly flexible, adaptable, and can be customized to scale.
  • It provides an interactive learning experience that can be understood easily.


  • Does not have the ability to save the training progress.
  • It does not have a chat box for Q&A.

2. Outbound Sales Tools to Coordinate with Remote Sales Teams

This era of upcoming permanent remote work has its shortcomings. Sales teams still need to work on prospect communication and collaborating with their team members. Some of these sales tools have better prospect engagement capabilities, thus aiding in more effortless closing of deals, while others are more comprehensive in managing the complete sales process.

iii) Dock


With a score of 4.9 on G2, Dock is the highest-ranked outbound sales software tool to coordinate with remote sales teams. It is the comprehensive type. It has digital sales rooms with content already embedded in them, along with significant analysis and collaboration capabilities. Genuine prospects can be easily picked up with the help of its analytical capabilities.


  • Exceptional understanding capabilities to identify active and inactive clients.
  • It has a simple user interface.


  • Rigid in terms of format and layout.
  • No API access.

iv) GetAccept


Scoring 4.6 on G2, GetAccept is preferred for integration with CRMs because of its digital sales room. It aids in automating the complete journey of the sales process, thereby helping everybody in the sales cycle. This tool has better prospect-engaging capabilities.


  • Improves sales processes with good efficiency
  • Documents and presentations can be customized.


  • Products need to be manually uploaded.
  • Slow search engine.

3. Outbound Sales Tools for Automating Sales Outreach:

These sales engagement tools create automated follow-ups for outreach in multiple channels. They make the process of contacting clients easier for the sales team.

v) Klenty


Rated at 4.6 by G2, Klenty personalizes outreach campaigns focusing on what the prospect wishes to purchase. Each touch point can be personalized, and it makes sure that the client receives each message. It also helps in nurturing potential future clients.


  • The support team is very active.
  • Multiple outreaches can be run at a time.


  • The reporting feature has the potential to be better.
  • Limited intervals between making emails.

vi) Myphoner


G2 rates Myphoner at 4.5. It automatically assigns customers to your outbound sales team, arranges follow-up reminders, and takes essential notes on their profiles.


  • The user interface is easy to understand.
  • Power dialing and messaging system integration are done well.


  • Slow technical support provider.
  • It doesn’t have a feature to integrate with previous phone systems.

4. Outbound Sales Tools for Building Client Lists:

These tools are responsible for building a massive list of clients to match your Ideal Customer Profile (ICP). They will also help you reach your ‘buyer persona’ for the sales funnel.

vii) RocketReach


With a score of 4.5 on G2, RocketReach is a sales intelligence tool providing precise information regarding phone numbers and email addresses. It includes browser extensions for the same. It is known to have a greater accuracy regarding the information it provides.


  • User-friendly interface.
  • In-built search options.


  • It doesn’t contain much material on small businesses.
  • It lacks filters.
  • It does not have an extensive database.

viii) LinkedIn Sales Navigator

LinkedIn Sales Navigator

Having information about more than 58 million companies, LinkedIn is known worldwide to have one of the most widespread databases containing B2B information. G2 gives its Sales Navigator a score of 4.3. It aids in classifying clients to fit your ICP and ‘buyer persona’ and searches according to the criteria you need for building connections.


  • Most exclusive database access.
  • Most accurate database access.
  • Latest customer information available.


  • Slightly complicated to learn initially.
  • Slightly expensive.
  • No flexible payment option.

5. Outbound Sales Tools Aiding In Researching Clients:

Before conversing with your clients, you must ensure you have all the information about them. What are their contact details? What is their location? What industry are they dealing with? What tools are they using? What’s their funding plan? And finally, what are their business goals? This type of tool can be used to answer these questions.

ix) Zoominfo SalesOS

Zoominfo SalesOS

This tool contains an all-encompassing B2B database with professional and social profiles. This tool helps you scope out your competition, track visitors to your website, and analyze what potential customers are interested in according to their demographic. Featuring how to discover your ICP, it is given a score of 4.4 on G2.


  • You will be notified whenever someone updates their personal or professional profile information on platforms like LinkedIn.
  • It contains more than 300 attributes (related to the company a prospect is associated with): job title, industry, software, and more. It helps SDRs know which clients are suitable for their ICP.


  • Navigation is slightly complicated.
  • No option to segregate users geographically.

x) BuiltWith


Personalization makes a potential client connect with you better. They feel like you are communicating with them directly. The SDR can get better results by building a story around a potential client. By highlighting the annual expenditure of companies, analyzing their ability for tech investment, and learning about how they spend on tech, BuiltWith got a score of 4.3 on G2. It is good with integrations and extensions as well.


  • You can offer them accordingly by knowing how much your client can pay.
  • With a Chrome plug-in extension, the list of software a company uses can be immediately found.


  • The free version gives limited information.
  • The paid version is expensive.

Summing Up

Use the software that suits you and your business needs. Keep up with the latest technology and sales trends by educating yourself about new tools.

It is good to know which tool is helpful for which requirement. Assess each outbound sales software before choosing one for your business. Some offer free trials for you to give a test run. Efficiently using such sales software is a surefire way to boost your productivity.