Posted On: Aug 29, 2022
Posted By: John Duff
marketing strategies to reach HR

Some marketers consider the human resource (HR) marketplace insanely crowded and hard to please. The professionals in this industry usually get overwhelmed with disturbing emails and other marketing to HR pitches. In fact, MarketingDive’s HR team received over 87 sales emails within seven days.

That is why you must understand how to enhance your sales or marketing tactic to eradicate that feeling.

Did you know that HR professionals influence many purchasing decisions?

Well, there will be over 840,120 HR associates by the end of 2025, so that could be your chance. It can be an excellent opportunity for marketers, or you could annoy the leads and prospects.

You must know how to reach HR professionals through strategic marketing techniques to avoid the latter. But how to market to HR professionals without overwhelming them?

Read on to know the answer!

Understanding the Department and Market Place before Marketing to HR

You can refer to the human resource department as the backbone of any company. The professionals are responsible for protecting the employees. Moreover, they determine the associate’s well-being through processes and practice analysis.

Objectives of HRSource: Houston Chronicle

Before implementing the sales pitch, you must first understand what they do.

Did you know that almost all HR technology companies find targeting human resources professionals challenging? Such an instance happens because of the lack of analyzing whom they are selling to and why.

Ideally, HR professionals have responsibilities like:

  • Recruiting compatible employees after proper screening
  • Providing compensation and benefits to the employees
  • Taking part in employee engagement
  • Training and development of new on-boarded associates
  • Overseeing the culture and leadership aspects

Other than these, the HR professionals help with labor relations, create benefit programs and ensure compliance with labor laws.

So, before you plan on reaching HR professionals, you must first realize who and why they are. Only then can you tap into the HR technology market predicted to be worth $35.68 billion in 2028.

But the internet has multiple automated tools, especially in the CRM software avenue. So, why should HR professionals choose you? A perfect marketing pitch about something that eases their mundane tasks and reduces their workload could go a long way.

Remember, these associates in the company are busy, so ensure to make your marketing techniques worth their time. For that, you need to properly segment them based on HR pillars like employee benefits, compensation, etc.

Once done, you can implement the following tips to market your products or services efficiently.

How to Market to HR Professionals? Top 3 strategical ways

Marketing to HR can become easy if you follow the strategies mentioned here. Since this department works closely with multiple levels, you can expect an influential purchasing process.


Moreover, targeting human resources professionals should be a well-thought-out and intricate process. Vendors also saturate the market for reaching HR professionals, so standing out and engaging with them should be your top priority.

Hence, you will need great messaging power, quality content, and aggressive but non-invasive marketing.

1. Identify the Negative Obstacles or Pain Points

Purpose: Understanding the problems and issues to build or market a solution.

Before you even start marketing to HR, you should ask questions about this department’s issues. For example, they come across obstacles like:

  • Retaining employees based on talent and requests
  • Enhancing the engagement rate between departments
  • Improving productivity and reducing turnover rates

All of these are serious pain points that you need to address. So, does the product or service you want to market solve these issues?

Perhaps, you want to sell improved automated tools. So, how to market to HR professionals who already have such tools? For that, you will need to master your B2B sales techniques. It will help you understand that addressing switching platforms or vendor issues can be addressed by performing real-time interviews.

You can also invest more in market research to deliver correct and compelling data. All you have to do is define your HR research goals, develop the questions, and gather research from authentic sources.

Then, you can move on to the interpretation phase, where you can draw your conclusions.

2. Staying Active on their Platforms

Purpose: Engaging and connecting strongly with your prospects gives you recognition.

After you have understood the issues and how they can implement your products, it is time for you to promote them. For example, you must stay active on an HR professional’s social media platform.

Doing so shows that you care and shines a positive light which intrigues them. However, try to refrain from showing up everywhere and over-emphasize the engagement.

Instead, you have to utilize the mere-exposure effect. With this, you could compel and affect the preference and familiarity aspect of the HR professionals. Moreover, it will help you in reaching HR professionals through platforms like LinkedIn for recruitment.

In a way, you should focus on networking which could help enhance your marketing techniques. So, you can create your brand image and a powerful presence by:

  • Answering HR-related questions
  • Starting discussions on their threads
  • Posting relatable content
  • Attending industry-specific meetings

Along with these, you should also share opinions and research reports to solidify your authority. This way, marketers or brands would become thought leaders and leave a mark.

3. Develop Relatable Content and Case Studies

Purpose: Creating something relatable will make your brand attractive.

HR professionals love to feed on emotional stories and content. That is why you should create a relatable brand image. Or, perhaps you can produce case studies with common HR-related issues and paint your product or service as the resolution.

Yet, how to reach HR professionals? Well, they spend a lot of time on Google searches looking through content, which is an excellent opportunity for you.

You can use proper SEO tactics to call prospects to your page. Moreover, compel them to download or sign up for your content if they find it intriguing. This way, you can nurture them by sending more cold email campaigns that they will find helpful.

At the same time, you can utilize inbound marketing techniques that sell. You get to attract HR professionals by being helpful. All you have to do is:

  • Create a content type that provides solutions like an ROI calculator
  • Start an eBook that talks about tips and tricks to improve usual HR tasks
  • Write about checklists or buying guides to help them choose automation tools

Along with these, you can also add quizzes if you are targeting human resources professionals. Every tactic could be interactive, helpful, and engaging, which is a great way to capture or attract leads.

Bonus: Few Tips for Marketing to HR in 2022 and Beyond

Even though the strategies mentioned above could help with reaching HR professionals, there are other things to keep in mind. For example, interacting with this sector and engaging with them could go beyond social media.


You can keep a check on the conferences of the target market and attend them. At the same time, you could also look into the media outlets they utilize daily.

All of these would help you determine the eligibility of your brand. So, how to reach HR professionals easily? For that, you need to follow these tips:

  • Ensure that your emails, subject, or taglines stand out from the crowd and develop it from the buyer’s perspective
  • Utilize optimum personalization in your marketing techniques and keep it brand-centric
  • Try to be helpful to the professionals and not overly promotional about the product or service
  • Focus on an account-based marketing technique to leverage a compiled target

Apart from these tips, focus on creating quality content using blogs, press releases, and direct email marketing. However, ensure to put that HR-only touch on everything.

According to MarketingSherpa, marketing to HR is easy if you follow the right strategical approach. They want you to ensure to send emails, attend webinars and conferences, and perform telemarketing.

The Bottom line

Marketing to HR can be challenging if you fail to employ the proper strategical tactics.

You have to do proper market research to determine the overall pain points. But how does that help in reaching HR professionals? Doing that will allow you to build a marketing technique based on the solutions required.

At the same time, you should keep engaging with these professionals on social media platforms like LinkedIn. You could also attend conferences. So, these will enhance your brand’s engagement and give you proper recognition when targeting human resources professionals.

The next thing to focus on would be creating valuable content and relatable case studies. With these, you can paint a picture of how your brand helps with the issues.

So, now you know how to market to HR professionals without hassle. All these would keep the executive ethics intact while giving the HR professionals the solution they deserve.