Posted On: Jul 25, 2023
Posted By: John Duff
What is Email Conversion Rate

Email marketing is one of the most efficient ways of marketing that has survived the test of time. Success rates for email marketing have always been the highest compared to other channels. As simple as it sounds, getting reasonable email conversion rates can be a tedious task. Email marketing has always been a sure-shot method of reaching out to prospects, but if not executed properly, it won’t provide the desired results. Let us understand the email conversion rate and how you can double them in no time.

What is Email Conversion Rate?

An email conversion rate refers to the percentage of email recipients who responded positively to the campaign by the total number of people to whom the email was sent. And the number of recipients who respond positively to the email campaign are called conversions.

You can easily calculate the email conversion rate by following the formula given below:

Conversion Rate = (number of recipients who performed the action / number of emails successfully delivered) * 100

Factors Affecting Email Conversion Rate

While running an email campaign, you need to keep a strategic approach. A lot of times the email campaign does not give us the desired results and that can result in reduced ROI. To resolve this, you need to first understand the cause. If you are not getting the expected conversion rate then there are several factors that can be responsible for affecting the same. Some of them are listed below:

1. Irrelevant Email Content

Clients respond to personalized, informative, and crisp emails. If the email content is lengthy or irrelevant, then there is a high chance that it will be ignored. You require to be more cautious while sending emails. To provide relevancy, you must send relevant and engaging content that will help the client better understand what you are offering them.

2. Visual Appearance

When a recipient opens an email, the template and the design is the first thing that catches their eye. If the creation of the email campaign is shabby, then the client is most likely to drop out or unsubscribe from that email. This is an essential key point and can make or break your email marketing game. A simple template with pleasing colors and minimalist design will surely catch your client’s attention.

3. Timing of the Email

One of the most common factors that affect email conversion rate is the wrong timing or the frequency at which the email is sent. If sent at the wrong hour, the recipient will certainly ignore the email. It can get overwhelming for the recipient if the email is sent frequently which can lead to lower conversion rate and higher unsubscribe rate.

4. Irrelevant Subject Line

The importance of a good subject line is immeasurable. The subject line of the email is the first thing that will catch the recipient’s eye on receiving the email. You must make the subject line crisp and relevant.

If the subject line is irrelevant, the recipient won’t open the email, leading to a lower conversion rate. If the email’s subject line is relevant and dynamic, 50% of the target is achieved.

5. Using a Free Domain Email ID

One of the most common mistakes that many email campaigns make is using a free domain email ID. Building trust among email recipients is essential for a good email conversion rate. You should always use your company email ID that shows you are legit. Using a company domain for running the email campaign will give a legitimate impression to the receiver.

How to Double Your Email Conversion Rates

We have learned about email conversion rates and the factors that affect that. But our end goal is to succeed in email marketing and get our desired conversions. Along with several email marketing tools, there are certain things that you need to keep in mind which will help you double your email conversion rates in no time. Let us have a look.

1. Segregating the Email List

Before sending out the emails, you must segregate the email lists based on the demography, location, and interests of the client. People who have subscribed or responded earlier should be mentioned under a separate list. This helps in differentiating between potential prospects and cold leads.

This is a great way to provide clients with what they want. You can modify your email based on their history and interests, making it more client-friendly.

2. Dynamic Content

The best way to increase your email conversion rate is by providing relevant and dynamic content. Content plays an essential role when reaching out to potential clients. You must always provide clients with content that adds value to their knowledge. Try and make your content relatable and cater to the client’s needs.

You must have a personalized approach when reaching out to clients. It has been found that customized content can generate up to 50% higher open rates.

Dynamic Content

3. Include Your Brand’s Voice

Remember that it is the brand you must represent; therefore, it is essential to reflect that in your emails. If your brand uses a corporate, formal tone, keep that in mind and make the message personalized, catering to the client.

The brand’s name and voice make a lot of difference when reaching out to clients. Your email campaign reflects your brand, so use it to the fullest.

4. Check Performance Metrics

When aiming to increase email conversion rates, it is essential to keep a performance metric so that you know which type of emails are performing better. You can use metrics like click-through rate, conversion rate, open rate, etc.

These metrics are useful in keeping track of the campaign performance and where you need to make the changes. Using these metrics can be extremely helpful mainly when catering to different businesses.

5. Optimize the View

According to research, 66% of the recipients access their email on their phones. Keeping that in mind, optimize your content according to the mobile view. For better optimization, ensure the content is short, crisp, and informative.

For a better email conversion rate, try using CTA’s instead of links and keep the text catchy. Keep the images and banner accordingly for a mobile view and modify them when using them in a desktop view.

Optimize the View

6. Include a Strong CTA

CTA or call to action is integral to an email. An email can have different CTA’s depending on the type of content. The CTA should be short, relevant and reflect what you want from that email.

Your CTA can be formal or casual as you like. For a better email conversion rate, you must ensure that the CTA follows the character limit and is relatable to the content.

7. Trial and Error

To know which type of email campaign work best for you, keep trying with different kinds of content, template, and offer displays. This will help you in identifying which campaigns have the maximum conversion rate over time. Doing so will give you a hang of which type of email campaign works best for your business.

Depending upon the metrics, you can make changes in the CTA, email copy, subject line, and display. This will help you find a suitable niche that would works best for you and will give you a maximum conversion rate.


Email marketing might seem complicated, but the right approach can give you the best results. 89% of marketers swear by email marketing and use it for their lead generation campaigns as it provides the highest conversion rates. Following the above-mentioned points, you can ace email marketing and double your conversion rates like a pro.