Posted On: Sep 03, 2021
Posted By: John Duff

How do you know if your email campaign is performing well?

It’s possible if you have precise metrics to measure

A right measurement can help you understand, where exactly you need to improvise your campaign. It is for every email type, such as abandoned cart emails, win-back emails, follow-up emails and many others.

A step-by-step approach would further make your process streamlined and effective.


So, what are those metrics?

Open rate:

  • It is % of recipients who opened email
  • They were impressed by subject line
  • Further motivating them to check emails

Click-through rate:

  • The % of recipients who clicked on links in email
  • They were guided to the intended content
  • Brands can showcase relevant content

Conversion rate:

  • The % of recipients who took action you want them to
  • It is the ultimate result marketers look into
  • It improves business results

Unsubscribe rate:

  • The % of subscribers who want to stop subscription
  • They are no longer interested in your emails
  • Unsubscribe rate depends on many factors

Bounce rate:

  • The % of recipients whose emails bounced back
  • It could be due to an invalid email address or overloaded inbox
  • Higher bounce rate is bad for campaign performance

Complaint rate:

  • The % of recipients who marked email as spam
  • These can be tracked weekly
  • Complaints could be due to irrelevant content, too frequent emails, etc

Email ROI:

  • It is the return on investment that marketer gets on their email campaign
  • It helps understand how much one needs to invest in their email marketing
  • It facilitates planning an effective strategy

Is customer engagement necessary to understand performance?

  • Customers responding to your emails are interested in your brand
  • The number of times they replied to your emails (good indicator)
  • The reply they include in email (good indicator)

Email marketing metrics observed in winning back inactive customers:

  • Open rate for inactive customer emails is 38.9%
  • Click-through rate is 19.5%
  • Conversion rate for inactive customer emails is 2.6%

Email marketing metrics observed in abandoned cart emails:

  • Open rate for abandoned cart email is 46.6%
  • Click-through rate for abandoned cart email is 28.7%
  • Conversion rate for abandoned cart email is 5%

Email marketing metrics observed in member follow-up emails:

  • Open rate for these emails is 39.2%
  • Click-through rate of these emails is 22.4%
  • Conversion rate is 2.7%

How to increase conversion rate of emails?

A/B test:

With this, you can decide, which emails could lead to increased conversion rate

A consistent messaging:

It should have consistent messaging across the email. This increases trust in your brand.


You can’t just send innumerable emails to recipients and not check their performance. Every marketer needs to regularly see that their efforts are giving results for which they planned for. When you understand which metric holds more value for each email type and industry, you can implement right tactics to improve that metric.