Posted On: Jun 28, 2024
Posted By: John Duff

An attorney, a counselor-at-law in the US, possesses the necessary legal expertise to advocate for clients in court. This esteemed group holds significant influence in shaping the nation’s legal framework, guaranteeing the safeguarding of rights and the execution of fair trials. Their influence extends beyond their numerical representation, impacting various aspects of American society. Understanding the current statistics of attorneys in the USA can offer helpful insights into the field of law.


A Bird’s Eye View of Attorney Numbers

  • There are currently 33 million active attorneys in the USA.
  • New York State leads the nation with the greatest number of practicing attorneys, totaling 187,246.
  • The increase in actively participating attorneys is due to:
  • Demand
  • Aging population
  • Law school graduates
  • Expansion of the legal profession

Types of Attorneys

  1. Family attorney
  2. Criminal attorney
  3. Medical malpractice attorney
  4. Civil litigation attorney
  5. Intellectual property attorney
  6. Environmental attorney
  7. Social security disability insurance attorney
  8. Employment attorney
  9. Tax attorney
  10. Civil and political rights attorney
  11. Real estate attorney
  12. Bankruptcy attorney
  13. Contract attorney
  14. Constitutional attorney
  15. Immigration attorney
  16. Mergers and acquisitions attorney
  17. Animal attorney
  18. Entertainment attorney
  19. International attorney
  20. Workers’ compensation attorney
  21. Estate planning attorney
  22. Personal injury attorney

Representation of Various Attorneys

  • The gender gap is gradually decreasing.
  • More females are known to be enrolling in law school than males.
  • Of all attorneys, women make up 1%, while men represent 49.9%.
  • Attorneys according to race are as follows:
    • Whites 5%
    • Hispanic or Latino 7.8%
    • Asian 6.4%
    • Black or African American 5.6%
    • 10% of all attorneys in law identify as LGBTQ.

Technology and Law

  • 69% of law firms are yet to use AI.
  • Law firms are paid twice as quickly with online transactions.
  • Web-based software solutions are the favorites of 59% of attorneys.
  • 64% of law firms have a proper tech budget.
  • Attorneys incorporating LPM software are 62% more happy with client relationships.
  • Electronic billing is the most popular law firm tech.

The Legal Sector

  • Attorneys are known to be among the top 20 highest-paid jobs in the USA.
  • Top and mid-sized firms employ 16% of all US attorneys.
  • The number of excess attorneys (judges, politicians, business people, unemployed) licensed but not practicing is the highest in Puerto Rico, at 8%.
  • As of 2023, the USA had 50,693 businesses in the personal injury attorneys sector, marking a 0.1% rise from 2022.
  • 46 is the average age of attorneys at law in the USA.


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