Posted On: Aug 27, 2019
Posted By: John Duff
Event Marketing Tips

Selling the very last ticket to their buyers is a dream come true for any B2B event organizer!!!!

As a marketer, you must be aware that organizing a B2B event can be time-consuming and expedite huge-scale expenditure at the initial stages. So, before throwing an event, you should be specific about:

  • Why are you throwing an event?
  • Is the event really necessary?
  • How much is your budget?
  • The audience to whom you want to connect with?
  • What are your business goals to achieve via this event?

Your measurable objectives have to be:

  • Number of attendees who has to purchase the new or additional services after attending the event.
  • The ratings by the attendees where they rate the event staff as per their services; whether the event staff were able to understand the business challenges of the attendees or not.

As an organization, you should always have one thing in the back of your mind, “To measure the success of your event marketing.” It can help you to prepare a better event marketing strategy in the future.

Creative ways in which you can make face-to-face Contact with the B2B buyers:

1. Gearing Content Marketing Towards Leadership:

Blog posts, website content, and social media posts have all become predictable forms of content marketing strategies. If you want to establish yourself as a thought leader in your industry, then you have to develop insightful content which can provoke the mind of your readers. This will eventually make them trust your brand and increase the number of attendees at your event.

Content marketing has the power to develop a long-lasting professional relationship with industry leaders, a vital factor for good business results in the future. As per a study by Forbes, most of the successful marketing strategies are built around the content, and almost all marketing is content marketing.

2. Launching your Own Video Channel:

YouTube has become one of the popular search engines of the world. The best B2B events get broadcasted to the live audience through this channel. You can have the promotion videos, sponsors, introduction to speakers, tips for making most of the event, insight into what participants might gain, sneak peeks, etc.

The video should be consistent with the values of your brand. While making the videos, you should have some of the things on top- of- your-mind such as the channel has to be branded with the event logo, colors, name, etc.

An article by MarTech Advisor discussed whether a B2B organization should have its own YouTube channel or not, where it was deduced that:

  • YouTube puts the spotlight on the core personality of the brand
  • Helps create an online community for your services

So, in this scenario, don’t you think having a separate video channel for your event can be a show-stopper?

3. Ad-retargeting:

This can be a useful strategy for gaining the attention of your potential attendees. Ad-retargeting, which is posting the same ads of your brand on different websites, can act as a motivator for the potential attendees.

Most of the people who would not be interested in purchasing the ticket in the first place could be motivated the second time, as subconsciously repeated visual can make them attracted towards your brand. The familiarity of the brand boosts the brand worth compelling them to think that it’s worthwhile attending the event.

4. Including Popular Social Media in the Plans:

One has to be active in the popular social media channels such as Twitter, Facebook, and others to engage with the audience. Twitter has proved to be a powerful medium not only for promoting the events but connecting with the audience in real-time. You have to schedule the series of tweets, set up the hashtag, and build the twitter lists. Facebook is known for its visual posts and is also the perfect place to promote the events with some eye-catching images and graphics.

social media

Via Tseentertainment

The above example shows how one can get the attention of their potential attendees. It has a complete snapshot of the details of the event with an attractive image of the summit. The message is also compelling “You are attending,” leaving a powerful psychological impact on the minds of the potential attendees.

5. Professional Photography:


Many times first impressions matter. If people like what they see in your promotions they are most likely to attend your event. Hiring a professional photographer can increase the visual appeal for your event promotions. Images can set the perfect vibe when captured with the right ambiance and exemplify what the potential attendees can expect from the event.

6. Setting up the e-mail Game:

E-mail marketing is everywhere. Whatever techniques or trends you use, as a marketer, you should never miss executing the email-marketing game.

 E-mail marketing is a professional way to connect with top industry leaders. Segmenting the e-mail lists into categories like people who bought the tickets for the past event versus who didn’t, demographics within the same targeted audience, etc. can help in creating e-mail campaigns for the specific potential attendee. This tactic can significantly increase the chances of conversion.

7. Creating sub-events:

It’s all about attention, and when you create a mini-event within a larger event, then the majority of the attendees will be attracted towards your booth. It also allows an easy conversation with the customer, pushing them towards conversion. Fun games, live social media posters, among others, can help in pulling more audience.

While conducting such events, you should be careful about the expenses as the event is just to attract the attention of the audience; your main goal is connecting with them. A minimal expenditure with creative ideas can make the attendees to give a second look at your booth.


Via Amazonaws

Make the arrangements as per the requirements with some of the things into consideration, such as:

  • Substituting the materials with something cheaper
  • Scheduling the time and space
  • Planning the worst-case scenarios


Creative Event marketing is to create a buzz among the potential attendees and make real-time human connections. You have to develop realistic and specific business objectives as per the needs of each of the attendees. A holistic environment incredibly raises the chances of making an event memorable.

As events are the platform where industry leaders, buyers, sellers, audience connect for future endeavors; you have to be sure that your brand captures the right attention and creates a positive image among the attendees.