Posted On: Apr 22, 2016
Posted By: John Duff
Most marketing sites are choked repeating slogan “Content is King”. Its revolutionary. The way its changing the way we conduct business, in how we engage customers and position our brands in digital space. Whether generating leads, supporting sales leads, or improving search engine visibility, content strategy plays an increasingly important role in successful programs.

So how can we build a Stronger Base?

It is easy said than done, so let’s discuss five easy tips that would help you develop a stringer content marketing strategy is:

  • Before Tactics its Strategy

Your content marketing strategy should leverage your go to market strategy, orchestrating scenerios that drive awareness and move quality prospects through the sales funnel. You can start by understanding the audience first and knowing what motivates them.

Next is message development, which informs what tactics and channels would best engage your audience. And never fail to include measurement.

  • Internal opportunities should be emphasized

Once you are done building with a solid content marketing strategy, the time comes to fill the pipeline. Communicate with the internal sources of your sales team and customer service representatives as they are engaged in dialogues with your target audience everyday and share insights of meaningful customers.

Also analyze your company’s internal education sessions to bring in outside vendors to educate your staff, find great content and use it.

  • Be Opportunistic

Strong content strategy can empower organizations to be more agile and strategically opportunistic in identifying great content, this simply means preparing and understanding the difference between on strategy content and just making stuff.

  • Devising the right investments

A single factor responsible for effective content marketing is with the right resources in place. Designate a team to share responsibilities of creating content while partnering with outside agencies to gather depth of resources. You can also implement quality assurance and messaging consistency reviewing process to gather new sources.

  • Transform it to be Actionable

Its extremely crucial to generate content that motivated audience to take action while educating and assisting. By reproducing “aha” moments for customers by opening doors, building relationships that boosts sales opportunities.

So share content, but not before making them strong to survive the last of the race. Found this content interesting, why not share?? And come back for more interesting B2B topics here.