Posted On: Aug 09, 2018
Posted By: John Duff
Email Marketing Campaign

The motive of every company is to have a profitable business. So, they try to integrate new technologies into their business operations to stay ahead in the fast-revolving marketing sphere. Although they embrace the various new strategies, there are a few traditional methods that work better when executed in a right manner. Email marketing is one among them which is still being practiced in most of the organizations successfully. You cannot take the email communication for granted as it is commonly used everywhere.

Be it an educational institution, the law firms or any corporate business; you can find the emails making noises in the computers. Hence the proper utilization of this old-style communication is said to reap maximum benefit than expected. Few businesses rely entirely on this source and have seen an increase in their ROI tremendously. Hence if you wish to be one among them, go through the different strategies mentioned in this write-up and pick some of them which go well with your business activities.

1. Creativity and Catchy Phrases

Before you compose an email, you must be ready with the proper plan. Always come up with catchy lines in your email body or subject header to please the readers. Also, the subject line should brief your email intention in a few words and tempt the recipient to open the email with delight. You can include various tactics such as

– A phrase, “Grab the offer before its late.”

– A special discount for selected customers.

– Organize a limited-time promotion of any magazine or newsletter.

– Ask them to participate in the contests.

These statements or creative ideas will work better than just scribbling the information in the email body. This approach will not only increase the email open-rate but also creates interest in your brand in the customer’s mind. Besides, you can also explain your email message in a story format or series to make your readers curious about your next email. So, it all depends on how creative you can be while compiling the email.

2. Try to Make It Personalized

Every reader or the recipient loves to receive a personalized content on their email box. You can share the materials you have promised them earlier or offer them the products on the discounts based on the previous communication you had with them. Always come up with the contents that keep your readers engaging and makes them delighted for choosing your brand over others.

Also, make sure that the contents you mail them should genuinely help or guide your customers in the right way. For this, you may have to do some extra homework on your own. Besides, you can also make your customers smile by sending personalized messages or greetings on their birthdays or special occasions.

3. Build A Healthy Bond

Creating a genuine bond with the customers will help your business growth in a long run. Your organization might have a large number of the customer base, but the real success lies behind how happy and loyal your customers are to your brand. Therefore, building a healthy relationship with them will benefit your company in every possible way. Beginning with the opt-in emails, speaking about the offers and discounts, your customers must never find your email annoying.

Also, the way of communication through the emails should be personalized whenever possible. This method makes them feel appreciated and thereby strengthens your brand value. Hence the organizations must always try to engage their customers or the prospects with their business activities. It helps in building the trust as well as help you to stand out as a leader among other industries.

4. Take Suggestion from Customers

Since creativity is given more importance while constructing the email, you may run out of ideas many times. In such cases, you can ask for suggestions from your regular customers. This strategy brings out most of the undiscovered topics in your segment. To follow this approach, you need to sound polite and please the customers with your requirements.

Apart from that, the marketers can also borrow the ideas from the feedbacks, surveys or customer queries. You may have to invest some extra time in researching these forms, but the result will surely make you glad. Also, you must not forget to give the credits to the customers who have helped you with this approach. You can implement this by mentioning their name in your next email where you discuss the topic which they have suggested.

5. Proof Read Before You Hit Send Button

Proofreading is a must before sending your emails to the customers. Although it consumes extra time and effort, it will save you from embarrassing moments. You can also hire a separate team to perform the task of proofreading based on the number of emails you send per week. Apart from verifying the texts for any mistakes, you must also check the links and other components attached in the email.

Make sure your email does not include any grammatical errors or spelling mistakes in it. It not only makes the customers lose interest in your email but also your company. Hence this small negligence may harm your brand reputation in a worse manner. Therefore, proofread everything in your email as well as test the email layout before hitting the send button.

6. Decide the Timings

Timing matters a lot while sending an email. The customers do not like to receive the emails at inappropriate times. Since the customer satisfaction forms the foundation for the success of any business, you have to take this advice seriously. Therefore, you must decide a strategy before executing the email marketing campaigns. Otherwise, your essential emails may settle in the spam folder permanently.

For this strategy to work correctly, you may have to study the user’s behavior pattern such as the time or day of reply, email open-rates, and more. By considering all this, you can plan your email campaigns quickly and effectively.

7. Be Mobile- Friendly Always

The extensive use of mobile phones in the present era has made the experts in the marketing domain to adopt the same strategy in their business. Since people find mobile-friendly websites and contents more comfortable to use than a full-sized computer screen, you have to adjust your landing pages as well as email contents according to it.

Make all the contents of your email easily viewable on the mobile devices. You must also practice the same for the other contents of your websites such as landing pages and blogs. Adopting to these changes will increase your email open rates much more than ever expected.

8. Use Analytical Tools

After the execution of the campaign, it is necessary to track the results. For this, you may have to invest in some analytical tools or hire an expert in this field. The integration of this strategy in your business will let you know the number of email open-rates as well as unsubscriptions. Hence make use of such intelligent tools in your campaigns and see the effectiveness of your emails.

This tactic will not only help you to measure your progress but also identify the flaws in your campaign executions. So, you can make the required changes in your upcoming campaigns to see a better result.

Take Away

Now you might be knowing how pros in the marketing segment use email to the fullest and execute the campaigns successfully. The amount of effort, as well as the time you invest in running a campaign, effects your company’s ROI and success rate. Hence, it’s time for you to follow the advice mentioned in this article and manifest your email marketing goals smoothly. Work hard, try to utilize at least some of them in your email box and see the difference for yourself before it’s too late!