Posted On: Nov 18, 2016
Posted By: John Duff
6 Top Tips To Make A High Impact Email Subject line

The matter line or the headline of your email marketing is very same to the headline of any newspaper. Like a newspaper headline, the subject lines also perform the same function as a headline by attracting attention and getting your email content a chance to be read.

In recent years, email marketing has been overcome as one of the important elements of any online marketing campaign. Although, the characteristics of both headline and subject line are same, but the context is quite different. The email space is more into crispy, funky and little quirks that need to be accounted for.

Email subject lines are tricky devils. A good one can get your email opened in a flash, while a bad one could spell oblivion in the trash or junk file. Nine instances out of ten, we find that disappointing open scores are caused by a poor email campaign subject. The subject line of your email marketing campaign is as important as your electronic mail body itself.

If you are running through those basic fundamentals of headlines, then it’s time to change those orthodox ways of approach. Here I have few tips which are the things to specifically focus on with email subject lines so as to put maximum impact to the subscribers.

1. Identify Yourself:

Overtime, the most compelling thing about an email message should be that it’s from you. Even before then, your recipient needs to know at a glance that you are a trusted source.  Either make it crystal clear by smart use of your “From” field, or start every subject line with the same identifier.

2. Start With The Objective:

To write a good subject line, as with any other marketing campaign or sales communication – it’s essential to start with your objective in mind. It’s important to distinguish between the objective of your subject line and the objective of your email – these two are different things. Of course, you want your subject line to be relevant with your content of the email, but the subject line has its own job to do – and that is to make sure the email gets opened so it can be read.

3. List Your Audience Hot Topics:

Do you know what the chatter is in your area of business and how your audience may be affected by it? Are people worried about a decrease in sales or donations? Are they looking for ways to cut back on spending or to eat healthier? Find out what your customers and members are buzzing about, and keep a list of these topics handy. That way you’ll have fodder for ongoing newsletter content. Better yet, your subject line writing will become a lot easier because you’ll know what’s likely to get noticed in recipients’ inboxes.

4. Get Short:

Before we go into details on the content of email subject lines, let’s consider the parameters we have to work with. And those parameters are: you do not have a lot of space. You need to say what you need to say in one short line. The rule of thumb these days is no more than 50 characters or 10 words in your subject line. Five words are even better than 10 words – in fact, the shorter the better.

By, this it can use your subject line as tweet also. It’s known that the social media is a great tool for extending the reach of your email. For example, on twitter there you have the maximum limit 140 characters to communicate, so by writing short subject line you can exploit it on the social website like Twitter also.

5. Re-test Before Sending:

Retest is the major part of this process. You should check it for the final time before sending it to the subscribers.

A good way to test is to make a list of all the people who opened an email from you in the last 85 days and divide it in two groups. Use the same email content, and write two different subject lines for both the groups. Then compare open and click-through rates to see which subject line performed best. One subject line could be more generic and the second could be more engaging. See which approach works best for your audience and pattern your future subject lines after that one.

6. Target Customers In Different Regions:

Don’t assume that the same subject lines and themes will perform equally well in all places. You have to change or vary as per the demands of the subscribers. It’s generally better for the native speaker to draft new subject lines from the scratch.

We now have discovered some of the trending tips of subject line which will help you to generate more impact on the subscribers.  It is very important that your subject line should be properly planned and customized so as to give proper justification why?