Posted On: Nov 18, 2016
Posted By: John Duff
Tracking Customers

Lead generation program, an influencer program, an advertising program and a marketing automation program. Keeping a complete eye on every details of the program you find that all of your programs are doing great. But in the midst of all happy story there lies one problem area: you are reporting on a series of programs. Even though reporting shows you are becoming a better marketer, overall, is progressively improving your company’s position.

So lets discuss the five metrics that you should track while measuring outside of individual programs and reviewing most programs would show you how you are becoming a better marketer but it won’t show how it is progressively improving your company’s position.

So, does your audience know you?

Try to measure awareness with a traditional survey, ensure you are tracking brand awareness and consideration. If you are unable to measure it through traditional surveys, use brand searches and branded search traffic.

Is your traffic growing?

It’s a fact if today no one visits your site, you don’t matter, this results out of simple generalization, but all else equal increasing traffic is a very good sign for your business.

Do your visitors convert?

Start paying attention to how your conversion rates changes by analyzing the various traffic source and landing page to differentiate between improvements in your traffic mix and in the effectiveness in your site.

Are you reaching the right people?

As you do a better job of reaching the right people, the percentage of contacts that become qualified marketing leads will increase. You can always plan to increase this conversion rate by focusing on marketing later stage source of contacts having a robust marketing automation program in place.

Is your Sales Process Working?

As your process improve your conversion rate from marketing qualified lead to closed deal will improve as well. Its a inter dependable relation, so just start tracking these metrics and begin comparisons.

Any other metric that you can suggest? If liked this piece of content, feel free to share your comments and thoughts or any views. Till then, Cheers!!