B2B Brands Can Start Building an Email List

How B2B Brands Can Start Building an Email List – The Complete Guide

We have been listening all this while how email is capable of outperforming social media channels effectively. But have you ever tried this strategy to see the difference by yourself? Probably, your answer will be no since you are here to read this article.

A report by McKinsey & Company revealed that email is way more effective than social media when it comes to acquiring new customers. It says the efficiency of email is nearly 40 times than that of Facebook and Twitter combined. These figures preach us the value of email marketing and also motivates the newbies to embrace this tactic to see an upsurge in the sales count.

So, how to begin with email marketing? Firstly, you need to have a list of email addresses of your customers and potential clients. Once you own a reliable email list, you can execute promotional campaigns and gain brand recognition globally.

To help you in this area, I have compiled some of the most effective tactics to capture emails. It helps you in reaching the right audience and distributing the right resources to them.

1. Go for an Email Marketing Service Provider

If you are starting from level zero, I recommend you to try any of the email marketing service providers. They will ease your job by doing most of the list building activities by themselves, such as:

  • Creation of relevant forms to collect email addresses
  • Provides an organized and up-to-date email list
  • Collects email subscribers in the list
  • Handles the task associated with your email subscribers
  • Deletes email addresses if requested
  • Sends highly engaging and eye-catching email to your subscribers
  • Forms segmentation, structures a pipeline, and help you in funnel marketing
  • Tracks the performance of the email campaign

So, do not waste much of your time. Sign up for the best EMS provider around you. But, to spill the beans, choosing the right EMS partner is a most crucial path. If you aren’t careful, you may end up paying a lot more money than needed for fewer features and terrible email deliverability rates.

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2. Save Your Time with Autoresponders

When it comes to B2B marketing, the autoresponder is a commonly used but also at the same time, often under-appreciated tool. This simplest form of marketing automation saves your time from composing several emails. Especially when you gain new subscribers, the autoresponder tools will be your savior. It welcomes your subscriber as soon as they join your list and builds a personal rapport with them, which is vital for online business.

But, that doesn’t mean, auto responders are used only to welcome your potential clients. It does much more than you expect. Other than sending “thank you” notes, it can be quite robust too. It can efficiently deliver a series of onboarding emails that intensify your brand influence, sometimes cutting your time wasted on a sales pitch. This is typically true in digital industries, where your email forms the prime sales channel to launch your products and services.

This sequence of messages allows the reader to know more about your brand and your value. So, by the time you unveil your newly introduced product or service, your prospects will have a ton of information regarding it.

2. Save Your Time with Autoresponders

Source: GetResponse

GetResponse is one of the best examples of the autoresponder. It can quickly trigger emails based on criteria, such as behavioral triggers, time-based triggers, and contact property triggers. Their auto responders for travel agencies help the travel agency site in various activities. It increases engagement, promotes the offer, and boosts conversion with the right content that matches their subscriber’s interests.

3. Find a Better List Building Tool

Now you must try your hand at some of the powerful list building tools. These tools help you create opt-in forms, subscription forms and manage lead flows on your website. You may find hundreds of such tools online, but pick the one that best suits your business and its requirements. There are specific list building tools that are easy-to-use, and also one can integrate it flexibly to business modules. See if you can find such a tool with a clean user interface that makes creating campaigns, managing lists, and reviewing email performance simplistic.

List Building Tool

Source: OptinMonster

Consider an example of OptinMonster. It is a popular list building tool that helps you create popup forms, exit-intent popups, and analyze it for conversions. This tool also integrates with some of the email marketing providers and CRM services such as MailChimp, Infusionsoft, Campaign Monitor, and Active Campaign.

4. Place Opt-In Forms Without Miss

It’s always the best way to approach users through an opt-in form. You can ask them if they want to join your email list as a part of the contact form. It’s better to utilize this method instead of pre-checking the box by default and later seeing the decrease in the number of subscribers. At least, now you know who willingly signed up for your newsletter and can be of utmost value for your business.

So, the next question is, where to put opt-in forms? Not every area of your website is the best option. You must place opt-in forms in such a way that the website visitors can see it and subscribe to your newsletter without having to search for it. Therefore, making it accessible is essential to increase your lead count. Also, note that these static forms should be in contrast to your website theme color.

We have listed some of the suitable places to insert your static opt-in forms:

  • Homepage featured section
  • About page
  • Between posts
  • Blogs/resources page
  • Website footer
  • Website header
  • Splash page
  • Welcome gate
  • Floating bar
  • Exit-intent popup

Opt-In Forms

Source: Hello Bar

Various tools help you create opt-in within a few clicks. Hello Bar is one such example that lets you create a form in a bar format. This tool will automatically write the code for you so you can just embed the bar into your website. That’s pretty easy, right?

5. Constantly Grow Your Email List

Grabbing more leads and adding more subscribers to your email list doesn’t come with an overnight formula. It is a constant process. That is, you cannot be quiet after adding sign-up forms to your website. If you want to take your firm to the next level, you will still have plenty of work to do. It includes convincing the prospects to opt-in or register for your newsletter subscription with some rules in mind.

A generic statements like “Read weekly articles in your inbox,” or “subscribe for more updates” don’t work anymore. If you want to gain their faith, you must learn to give them something in return. You can do it, only if you know more about your audience, their interests, and expectations. Based on this knowledge, you can come up with a robust lead incentive ideas that are worthy enough to make people want to subscribe. It can be a free gift or resources that are capable of enticing the people towards your brand.

If possible, design a signup form with a visual representation of your incentive. It is an effective way to get more leads. Not to forget, sign up forms with enchanting images on it is said to receive 94 percent more views than any plain forms.

5. Constantly Grow Your Email List

Source: Wrike

Take an example of a signup form by Wrike. It comes with a clear call-to-action and provides plenty of details that tell why you must download their eBook. They have also injected a bit of curiosity with a question like what is marketing automation. We bet such forms provide a valuable lead magnet.

Final Thought

If you think building an email list needs a lot of work, pause for a while. Most of the times, marketers miss the opportunity to make it to the top because of this thought. If you do not want to be one among them, I advise you to invest some of your time and energy on list building activity that is capable of unlocking broader audience who will be with you longer than you anticipate.

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