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B2B Email Lists

Have you been looking for dedicated B2B email lists to scale your promotional strategies? At Thomson Data, we offer precisely that. Hosting information on the most prominent global industries, including larger corporations, SMEs and executive personnel, our data sets are the perfect tools to scale your lead generation pipelines.
As such, the hosted B2B email database is exclusively curated from pre-verified channels. And once the records are collected, the internal team conducts a multistep verification to eliminate any errors or redundancies.
Data-driven marketing strategies are fast becoming the most effective way to drive conversions. In fact, 41% of marketers state that accurate data helps them curate relevant sales pitches, while another 48% find verified information immensely beneficial for mapping the prospect journey.
Our list is configured toward each segment, be it manufacturing, oil & gas, healthcare, mining, construction, banking, real estate, or others. We also classify the records by location, market size, job roles, and other selects so that you can quickly maximize your gains. Our team creates a B2B mailing list that suits your requirement excellently by reviewing your marketing campaigns and also intended prospects. This list is competitive enough to improve conversions and revenue drastically. Our only motive is to offer the clients with precision and uniformity, with more than 95% accuracy and deliverability guarantee.
When you partner with Thomson Data, that’s what you gain access to!

Customize Your B2B Email List Based On:

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    Execute Targeted Sales Pitches With Segmented B2B Contact Lists

    Data accuracy is of paramount importance in B2B marketing. However, adopting a targeted strategy is equally essential. Without these two, businesses will find it immensely challenging to conceptualize relevant sales pitches. To help in this regard, the internal team segments the hosted B2B contact lists according to specific selects. This enables organizations to curate their promotional strategies based on the industry or niche they wish to pitch to.
    All the provided data sets consist of a range of selects or contact details. Some of the included ones are as follows:
    • First name
    • Last name
    • Job Title
    • Official Email
    • Work Experience
    • Area of Specialization
    • Industry
    • NAICS Code
    • SIC Code
    • Entity Type
    • Ownership Type
    • Company Size
    • Company Revenue
    • Company Website
    • Assets Size
    • Postal Address
    • Geographical Location
    • Demographics
    • Technographics
    • Firmographics
    In addition to the mentioned elements, marketers can customize their requested contact sets based on specific campaign objectives. Wish to target larger corporations in the Banking & Financial sector? Well, our experts can curate B2B mailing lists that offer you access to some of the most prominent global banking and financial institutions. Even better, the internal team can include or exclude certain elements from the provided contact lists based on your feedback. This ensures that all the provided information is highly relevant to your requirements.
    This focus on enabling a selective approach to lead generation allows marketers to target receptive prospects for their promotional strategies. As a result, the executed pitches have an enhanced conversion rate and bring in significantly improved ROI.

    Establish Marketing Credibility With An Accurate B2B Email List

    Campaign security is one of the most prominent concerns for B2B marketers. And at Thomson Data, we recognize the damage outdated information can do to a brand’s image. Thus, the internal team sources all the provided information from pre-verified channels to eliminate the possibility of irrelevant data jeopardizing your promotional efforts. As such, stringent internal guidelines are in place to ensure that each provided B2B email list complies with standard privacy regulations and policies.
    To provide a brief overview, here are some of the channels we use to curate our data sets:
    • Government Records
    • Organizational Directories
    • Public Databases
    • Panel Discussions & Conferences
    • Industry Events & Seminars
    • Trade Shows & Exhibitions Events
    • Reputed Journals & Publications
    • Magazines
    • Online Surveys
    • Feedback Forms
    • Opt-in Emails
    • And More!
    Moreover, after data collection, each gathered B2B marketing list undergoes extensive internal verification to eliminate redundancies or duplicate contacts.

    Why Opt For Thomson Data's B2B Email Lists?

    Most B2B promotional pitches do not fall short due to a lack of marketing creativity. Instead, the issue lies in the absence of data-driven strategies. With Thomson Data as a partner, that will never be an issue. The internal team ensures that all the hosted B2B email lists include vital information regarding the targeted industry. This comprises contact records of critical decision-makers in the related sector alongside pre-verified details that help marketers model their pitches based on audience pain points.
    A few of the additional benefits that our data sets offer include the following:
    • Assured compliance with standard data privacy policies, including CAN-SPAM, CCPA & GDPR
    • Exhaustive internal verification to ensure high-quality and sales-ready data sets
    • Dedicated marketing support for multiple channels
    • Industry- and business-specific contact lists to meet the relevant campaign objectives
    • Detailed market research to enable quicker campaign turnarounds and minimize downtime
    • Data collected from 100+ pre-verified channels and sources
    Moreover, all our B2B contact lists are available in pre-structured and easily accessible formats, including .csv, .xls and .txt. This eliminates the need to manually feed the provided information into your CRM systems, thereby facilitating operational speed.

    Build An Extended Industry Network Through Verified B2B Mailing Lists

    While accelerated lead generation is the primary focus in B2B marketing, it is also essential to establish a strong industry network in the related sector. That is what our B2B mailing lists offer. Besides giving businesses access to reliable contact details, the provided information enables marketers to set up industry events, send invitations for in-person conferences and even curate a dedicated subscription list.
    But that’s not all! Organizations merely have to incorporate the addresses provided in their requested B2B mailing list to send direct product samples or service brochures. As such, marketers in several industries rely on our data sets due to the wide range of potential marketing opportunities they offer. Some examples include:
    • Manufacturing
    • Cloud Computing
    • Education
    • Automotive
    • Retail
    • Healthcare
    • Hospitality
    • Real Estate
    • Banking & Financial
    • And More!
    In short, opting for Thomson Data’s marketing solutions enables enterprises to build beneficial industry connections while streamlining their promotional strategies.

    Leverage An Authentic B2B Email Database To Deploy Profitable Promotional Strategies

    To leverage the details in the hosted B2B email database, marketers merely need to contact our data experts. Once the internal team has been notified of their campaign goals, they will curate a data set that focuses on the intended target audience. Following that, organizations can use the provided B2B email list in multiple beneficial ways, including:
    • Develop highly accurate lead profiles based on the included details
    • Conceptualizing tailored content, including newsletters and audience-specific sales pitches
    • Automate strategic email follow-ups for sales-qualified leads through drip campaigns
    • Host in-person or virtual events to drive engagement and product visibility
    • Send direct product samples to executive personnel to eliminate prolonged lobbying
    • Deploy relevant sales tactics according to a prospect’s position in the conversion funnel
    All the mentioned advantages help organizations develop an optimized marketing strategy. That leads to enhanced product and service visibility, thereby boosting business revenue.

    Scale B2B Marketing With Thomson Data

    A data-driven marketing strategy is the primary determinant of a campaign’s success. And due to this, we take stringent measures to ensure that all our B2B mailing lists are of the highest quality. As such, the internal guidelines and policies that we follow have helped countless marketing enterprises execute relevant and successful promotional campaigns. And most of that is attributable to extensive research we conduct while curating a B2B marketing list.
    Rest assured that the provided details will be highly specific and geared toward the industry or niche you wish to target. We will even go a step further and include peripheral information, such as company size and location that will help you modify your pitch accordingly.
    Why delay your success any longer? Contact our team today! Dial +1-800-385-8221 or email us at [email protected] to know more about our solution and services.

    Let us help you reach your full potential

    B2B Email ListsFAQ:

    Our data sets are available in .xls, .csv, and .txt formats. This ensures that marketers can seamlessly integrate the provided contact information into their existing CRM systems without inhibiting operation flow.

    All the information that we provide is exclusively sourced from legitimate channels. In addition, the collected data undergoes extensive internal verification to eliminate redundancies. As such, the hosted contact details are 95% accurate.

    Since the provided information offers access to responsive prospects, incorporating our data sets into your marketing campaigns would allow you to execute email campaigns with minimal hard bounces and an enhanced click-through rate (CTR). Moreover, the requested contact lists are pre-structured and extensively researched. As such, the included details are all sales-ready.

    We update our databases every 90 days. During this process, the internal team removes redundancies and replaces outdated information with industry-consistent data.

    Yes, the provided marketing lists include various contact fields and details, such as email IDs, mailing addresses and tele-contacts. Businesses can use that information to launch promotional campaigns on multiple channels.

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