Account Profiling Services

Think beyond Generic Sales Pitches and Zero in On the Most Vital Needs of Your Best Clients

92% of companies recognize the value of ABM and see it as a “must have” for their B2B marketing strategies.
– SiriusDecisions, Global B2B Research and Advisory Firm

Know the Decision Making Grapevine

Driving Sales in the B2B space is an uphill battle for marketers as they really have to cut through the competition and make all possible efforts to acquire and retain potential customers. A marketer needs to remain a step ahead in knowing what their customers need and how best they can be served. This is where Thomson Data’s Account Based Market Intelligence could be a significant enabler. We provide you a 360° view of your target prospects covering multi-dimensional information that may help you run your multi-channel marketing campaigns with minimum risk, lesser cost, and maximum benefits.

Get a Bird’s Eye View of Your Target Accounts

In the age of personalized marketing, knowing the basic contact information of your target prospects is not enough. Getting to know your prospects’ needs, preferences, scope of operations, purchase behavior and limitations could help you gain a competitive advantage. Thomson Data has all the capabilities to become your best companion when it comes to delivering highly reliable and comprehensive account intelligence for your marketing campaigns.

A Comprehensive Approach to Leads, Conversions, and Revenue

Tech-driven contact databases that give you 360° view of your target prospects or company.

Design the best communication framework for your marketing campaigns backed by strong account intelligence.

Extensive organizational information – Top level executives, organizational structure, potential influencers and more.

Get all in one database – details of concerned executives, scope of decision making, online activities and more.

Financial information – asset size, revenue, budget, employers, mergers & acquisition history and more.

Power-up your marketing initiatives by knowing the Investments made and purchase history of prospects.

Authentic and updated contact details about technologies/software applications used by targeted organizations.

Bring marketing and sales teams on the same page and enhance sales alignment and transparency.

Information on different enterprise applications used by targeted businesses or business professionals.

Executive Level Intelligence

Organization Level Intelligence

Basic Contact Details
  • Name, Email, Phone (Direct Numbers wherever possible), Address
  • Social Media Profiles, Online activities
Online Profiles
  • Social Media Profiles, Online activities
  • Job title, career, roles and responsibilities
  • Reports to?
Role in Decision Making (Influencer / Decision Maker)
Key executives and their background
  • Former companies
  • University affiliations
  • Non-profit affiliations
Comprehensive Organizational Outline
  • Nature of organization- products/services
  • Scale of operations
  • Average Revenue
  • Size of the workforce
  • Total Assets
  • Average Budgets
  • Business structure
  • Mergers & acquisitions history
  • Purchase History
  • Technologies Using within the Company (ERP/SCM//CRM/Cloud..etc;)
Sales Trigger Events
Industry trends and drivers
Decision making hierarchy and organizational structure

Narrow Down Your Focus

Act smart. Avoid the hit and miss approach and focus on your most valuable clients.

Quick Turnaround Times

Design the perfect marketing matrix to get your prospects into the sales funnel quickly and smartly.

Be Proactive

Know your clients’ strengths and weaknesses. Be information equipped while dealing with them.

Single Information Source

Get access to comprehensive, dependable account intelligence on a single sheet.

Optimize Resource Allocation

Direct your resources on most profitable revenue centers. Avoid wastage and duplication of efforts.

Increase Your RoI

Do more with less. Increase your returns by more than 100%.

Explore Umpteen Business Opportunities

Win your clients’ trust. Let them know you are determined to address their challenges.

Identify Key Decision Makers/ Influencers

Identify decision makers to pitch your products too. Avoid lengthy communication cycles.

How We Do It?

Collecting complex, multifarious data and converting that into marketing intelligence is a tough job that we master in. Thomson Data has developed strong mechanisms to collect complex data and derive actionable intelligence from the same to power your sales teams in their endeavors.

Strong In-house Data Repository

Rich in-house data repository of over 47 million records.

Proficient Marketing Research Team

Our team of 100+ data scientists explore qualitative data day in and day out.


1.5 million tele-verification calls made every month to ensure data accuracy

Sales Trigger Events

We track business announcements, events, and reports to update our data with useful insights.

Let us help you reach your full potential

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