Posted On: Jun 12, 2019
Posted By: John Duff
Disney’s Success Formula

Over the years, the world has changed rapidly. With many technological and social developments, the needs of the customers have also evolved. In such a scenario, businesses have to adapt themselves with the shift in consumer’s demand for retaining the old customers and attracting new ones. Walt Disney company is one of the businesses which has been able to tap this successfully and deliver more than great customer experience.

Let’s Discover the Story Behind the Success of this Visionary Project

Walt Disney was a man of mission who dabbled with many creative ideas and made it work on realistic terms. The passion for bringing newness in his every project gave immense success to him.

He followed his heart unconditionally and believed in his idea even when everyone said it’s crazy. Not many people know that Mickey Mouse idea was rejected 300 times by the bankers as they considered it as a ridiculous one.


Most of the unconventional ideas get rejected at first, as people are not able to relate with a new and out-of-the-box thought. It takes time to get accustomed when it starts showing positive results.

Walt Disney’s famous quote, “it’s kind of fun to do the impossible,” is still reminisced by many struggling entrepreneurs.

How to Make the Mundane Enjoyment a Great One?

Entertainment is what a customer seeks for, while visiting Disneyland. The organizers at Disneyland have a well-out plan to make the same ride an exciting one. In a highly competitive world, where one has to change as per the taste of the customer, Disney has always looked into providing the high-quality and best experience for their customer. They look out to make each experience a unique and thrilled one.

Check out some of the different approaches which Disney follows to keep their customers entertained:

  • Immersive experience: Disney jostles its customers with the right adrenaline rush and, delights them of the otherworldly realm. Consumers can enjoy the Disney experience at their resort hotel from the moment they wake up till the time they go to sleep.

The latest addition to this immersive experience is Disney’s Star wars galaxy edge which was opened to the public on 31st May 2019. This revolutionary concept will virtually take the consumer to the galaxy with the right attire. One will see stories, adventures, and characters unfold around them.  The experience will be able to touch every single moment of the day, culminating into an enticing journey for the consumer.

Disney’s Star wars galaxy edge


The “Galaxy edge” is located at the Disneyland Resort in California and covers an area of 14 acres at each park. The story events for these parks are based on the films” The rise of Skywalker” and “The last Jedi.” The immersive experience instantly takes you into a new world, making your journey a unique experience of a lifetime. It provides two new attractions which are Millennium Falcon: Smugglers run allowing riders for controlling the Millennium Falcon on their secret mission and the Star Wars: Rise of the resistance which places the guests into the middle of the battle.

Rise of the resistance

If you thought that Disney is investing in the success of this venture only, then you are wrong!!!

It has already made a plan for its next venture, which is at the California Adventure Park based on the “superheroes of Marvel.”

The lesson which a growing or an established organization has to learn is that never stop experimenting and do not expect the customer to keep loving your brand after one success only.

  • Personalized moments: Every day, thousands of visitors come to Disney Park to have fun and enjoy the adventurous ambiance. Disney tries to create a personal connection with each of the customers. Technology plays a huge role in making a great connection with customers. MyMagic+ vacation system is one of the examples where visitors can access the perks and information such as restaurant reservation and advanced ride booking. MyMagic+ members can see the photo taken on the ride, which surprisingly appears on the app.

Every customer loves personal connection, and if a company gives importance to each of their customers, then they feel a sense of attachment towards the brand. Gradually, consumers become familiar to it, passing on the positive review to their friends and families.

  • Listen carefully to your customer: Every business has to understand their customer’s requirements by listening to them carefully. They have to hear what their customer has to say about their brand. If negative reviews are being said, then one need not get disheartened.

Working on the negative feedbacks for making the better version of the service is what the company should believe. It should provide the best customer experience by successfully addressing and understanding the gaps in customer service. Disney found out where their MAGIC lacked and worked on it with full dedication. They started providing other additional services like “special assistance passes,” especially for the disabled guests.

  • Reinventing the magic story: People believe that “Disneyland” is for the entertainment of children, but they have forgotten, there are also adults who grew up watching “Beauty and the Beast” and “Lion King.”


Disney never misses any angle in weaving the same magic out of these stories. It successfully reinvented these stories for the new and old audience. The blockbuster remake movie of “Beauty and the Beast” in 2017, was able to generate 1.264 billion USD across the world, helping Disney in recreating the same magic.

It shows that the same product can be re-launched in the market with additional features and up-gradation, holding importance for the new consumers and old consumers alike.

Bottom line:

The bottom line of the Disney example is to explain that after getting success in one project, businesses should not relax back, thinking that consumers will be interested in their brand until the end of their lives. There are high chances other competitors will try to replicate your success; you need to explore and experiment with new ideas for making your brand relevant among the consumers. It will not only increase the likeability but also improve the reputation of your brand.