Posted On: Sep 01, 2022
Posted By: John Duff
6 ways to promote real estate software

In the world of B2B, focusing on the key decision-makers is the smartest choice, especially in real estate. With the expected 4.8 percent growth of the sector by 2030, the intense competition requires sincere efforts to showcase value through your products and services. Real estate software promotions are no different.

The leading C-suite executives of a B2B venture emphasize the overall value as well as the affordability of the product or service they consider using. So, from providing a thorough narrative about the features of your application to affordable costs, your software marketing strategies must involve all.

If it isn’t clear yet, you need to plan for comprehensive guidance to help your prospect identify your software as the best solution for their problem. Here are the innovative real estate marketing ideas that help you present your software as the answer to all the technological woes (and beyond!).

1. Identify the Style and Build the Personas

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According to Miller-Williams Incorporated, every C-suite executive operates in a different manner while opting for a product. By identifying the style, you can devise a precise business strategy for software companies to connect with top-level authorities.

Essentially, there are five kinds of techniques observed in such decision-makers, including:

    • Charismatic Leaders/Innovators: These individuals are focused on the novelty in the features of the software for real estate management and require adequate facts and data to support the value offered.
    • Logical CXOs: These decision-makers emphasize the major loopholes and the way around in the presented proposal by analyzing the overall functioning of the software.
    • Skeptical Decision-Makers: The toughest nut to crack, these executives pay attention to the qualities and insights that are in contravention to their existing beliefs and demand a diplomatic approach in marketing.
    • Follower/Imitator Executives: These B2B C-suite executives require successful implementation of your software for real estate management. They look for studies and testimonials in sales pitches.
    • Controller Authorities: Being thorough and detail-oriented, they demand the proposal pitched by an expert to accept the veracity and gravity of real estate software.

    So, before you plan on reaching HR professionals, you must first realize who and why they are. Only then can you tap into the HR technology market predicted to be worth $35.68 billion in 2028.

    But the internet has multiple automated tools, especially in the CRM software avenue. So, why should HR professionals choose you? A perfect marketing pitch about something that eases their mundane tasks and reduces their workload could go a long way.

    Remember, these associates in the company are busy, so ensure to make your marketing techniques worth their time. For that, you need to properly segment them based on HR pillars like employee benefits, compensation, etc.

    Once done, you can implement the following tips to market your products or services efficiently.

    2. Enhance your Credibility and Targeting

    credibility targetingSource: Corporate Visions

    The C-suite executives demand reliability for the products they choose for their organizations. The more recognizable your brand will be in your niche network, the higher will be your trustworthiness in the real estate industry.

    Essentially, the proposed real estate software solution should justify itself as the value they need to add to its business strategies. This enables the decision-makers to feel safe when they give you the final decision of acceptance.

    You can validate yourself through:

    • Elaborating on the expenses of the regular application and the affordability of your real estate software
    • Emphasizing the future insights with the employment of your product
    • Focusing on the USPs of your software for a real estate development
    • Incorporation of robust case studies and testimonials from your clients with precise numbers

    3. Keep in Mind to Personalize your Strategies

    personalization significances statsSource: SuperOffice

    Compelling real estate software pitches have one thing in common – customization on the basis of the personal preferences of the CXOs. With the incorporation of account-based marketing, you can channel your resources better to garner the admiration of people from high echelons in an organization.

    On the basis of the personas you have created, figure out which stakeholders require one-to-one engagement or a one-to-many approach. Lay out an elaborate strategy and segregate investments on the basis of touchpoints.

    4. Partner With Other Ventures in Different Domains

    cross industry partnershipSource: Maxsum Consulting

    Seeking out other stakeholders from different industries helps get reliable references and ensures higher direct peer outreach. Doing this enables you to get the right perspective on what matters while procuring a product.

    By leveraging personal emails, in-person introductions at industry events, or social media channels, you can collaborate with different firms. Through such partnerships, you can generate more web traffic and social media attention towards your brand awareness and reach.

    5. Market With Out-of-the-Box Thinking

    real estate promotionSource: BuildFire

    Outreach through direct mail can generate proper attention for real estate software promotion. However, high-value gifts like baskets help your prospects keep you on the top of the leads’ minds.

    In addition, ensure that you curate your presentations with established high-level executives aligned with your respective interests. For instance, showcase the real estate software solution at those events, which incorporate both the professional inclinations and personal interests of the C-suite executive.

    6. Consider the Wholesome Experience with Post-Sales Service

    after sales serviceSource: SketchBubble

    C-suite executives are not merely concerned with the features of the software for real estate development but also the operational hassles’ resolution. Focusing on the user experience helps the software companies convert the leads and retain the customers for the long term as well. As per HubSpot, servicing the client after the point of the first sale develops the credibility of the company in the eyes of the user.

    Not only this provides overall customer satisfaction for the real estate software, but it also generates a more organized trail for good online reviews and recommendations.

    In a nutshell

    Targeting the decision makers is not a cakewalk, especially for software for real estate development. The usual challenge of data and integration with day-to-day business strategies prevents real estate firms from reaching high-end consumers like CXOs. Whether it’s about the assurance of robust security to CRM integration, technological advancements have ensured the development of the real estate industry as well.

    The utilization of real estate software enables users to streamline the overwhelming flow of property-related data. With an intelligent marketing strategy involving collaboration and holistic user experience, you can help real estate firms scale their ventures through your software. Creating an in-depth plan for the real estate software promotion enables you to align your sales and marketing team and allocate your resources efficiently. So, with the incorporation of these methods, devise a meticulous way to reach the real estate decision-makers with high deliverability and stand apart from the rest!