Posted On: Jan 16, 2023
Posted By: John Duff
best sales intelligence software tools in 2023

Ever felt like you’re working your fingers to the bone when it comes to generating leads? You’ve hired the best team and collected data while shelling out more than enough from your pocket. But still, turning a prospect into a lead is a frustrating challenge.

You’re not alone. Around 68% of B2B businesses face problems in lead generation.

What if there’s a secret weapon you can use to maintain a consistent and successful sales pipeline? Well, there’s good news. Sales intelligence software is exactly what you need to turn your business around.

This blog will explain what sales intelligence is, why it’s important, and the best sales intelligence software available for B2B lead generation. Let’s start!

What is Sales Intelligence, and Why is it So Important?

Sales intelligence refers to a set of practices, applications, and technologies that helps the sales team to gather, aggregate, and analyze data. This helps marketers better understand the buyer’s journey and make lead prospecting more effective.

This includes different categories of information on prospects, including contact information, company details, and firmographics. Some solutions also cover buying signals, market research, competitor details, etc., to assist salespeople in securing quality leads for the business in record time.

With sales intelligence, B2B venture understands what kind of leads are in front of them, their pain points and needs, and how to approach them.

Here’re some other good reasons for you to use sales intelligence:

Sales Intelligence

1. Reach Out to the Right Customer

It is an obvious fact that not everyone is going to be your customer. You need to find those prospects who would be ideal for your product or service instead of wasting time and money on every one.

Sales intelligence quickly helps to pin down the target audience segments and helps create an Ideal Customer Profile (ICP). This reveals information on demographics, firmographics, technographic, and other types of details, ensuring more time is spent on high-value prospects.

2. Recognize the Best Time to Connect

Have you ever wondered what the right time is to connect with potential clients? Or are you just rolling out campaigns and messages without giving it a thought?

A purchase may not go through if the timing is not right. This happens if a prospect has allocated their manufacturing budget somewhere else or they simply don’t need your offering. Instead, make use of sales intelligence to learn about buyers’ intent by sending messages at the right time to increase their chances of being clicked on.

3. Better, More Accurate Data

It’s important to acquire accurate and relevant information. To ensure sales pitches reach the right audience, data about leads need to be correct, complete, and up-to-date.

Sales intelligence software helps with precisely that! They collect quality data, provide real-time updates, and collate information from various reliable sources into one place. This ensures you’re talking to the right person with essential information.

4. Reduced Sales Cycle

Sales intelligence saves time by helping you avoid contacting prospects when they’re not ready to make a purchase. Moreover, B2B companies do not have to spend hours researching leads and their company. Sales intelligence does the heavy lifting and reduces the sales cycle.

You can also use sale intelligence to reach key decision-makers on their right account to help close deals faster.

5. Improve Lead Enrichment & Lead Qualification

The better you know your customer, the more you can customize your outreach. The insights from sales intelligence help you target ideal prospects with more than just first name and company details. Instead, you are informed about their needs and concerns so your messages can address those.

To that end, with sales intelligence, you deliver value to B2B leads, winning their attention and ensuring conversion.

Top 10 Sales Intelligence Software Tools to Use in 2023

Picking the best sales intelligence software to add to your B2B company can be time-consuming. You must assess the tool based on several factors to determine which will be right for your team.

To help you out, here’s a list of some of the most popular and best sales intelligence software:

1. ZoomInfo


ZoomInfo has been ranked as one of the top five global software sellers and the best product for sales and marketing by G2. Undoubtedly, it is the best software with a large contact database of B2B clients, including 129 million verified and validated email addresses.

The tools also help the sales team reach out to potential buyers on the first stage of the journey when they are seeking solutions. Adding to that, it gives you information on frequent website visitors.

On top of everything, ZoomInfo helps B2B businesses engage sales leads and monitor sales operations in one place.

2. is another one of the great sales intelligence tools in the market, with a database of over 220 million contacts and 30 million companies. The information included is comprehensive, accurate, and updated to give you an edge over the competition.

You can discover ideal market prospects and connect with contacts to personalize sales pitches. is an integrated platform that helps scale your business with a strong sales engine that brings together relevant contact information, engagement features, team hubs, and performance analytics.

3. LinkedIn Sales Navigator

linkedin sales navigator

LinkedIn is a trusted source for recruitment, finding careers, building connections, and networking with industry leaders. LinkedIn Sales Navigator is a resourceful version of LinkedIn for salespeople specifically.

This sales intelligence software makes it easy to build and enrich relationships with prospects and customers by helping you tap into the powerful features of LinkedIn. Using that, the sales team can also find highly targeted prospects. For instance, you can look for leads based on their role, industry, region, etc.

Sales Navigator further helps you reach contacts without a prior connection to foster communication and establish professional networking with them. More greatly, the software offers a month trial period for you to utilize its amazing features.

4. Seamless.AI

seamless ai

Seamless.AI is an ideal solution for business growth as it helps B2B companies to streamline the process involved in prospect search, market research, lead conversion, data management, and more on a single platform.

With exceptional research tools, team members can conduct searches and extract the contact details of professionals and businesses based on names, employee designation, seniority, and location. It also helps B2B companies find precise sales leads to reach the right prospects, close more deals, and generate more revenue.

Semaless.AI further facilitates integration with multiple third-party solutions, including LinkedIn, Microsoft Dynamics, Google Sheets, HubSpot, and more.

5. Outreach


Outreach is another one of the best tools for sales intelligence that helps B2B organizations consistently maintain an effective sales pipeline.

From prospecting to managing clients to forecasting, this sales intelligence software uses automation and artificial intelligence to increase efficiency in sales and marketing. Further, the application is pretty straightforward to use and makes it easy for salespeople to develop outbound email sequences.

6. UpLead


UpLead is a B2B sales lead prospecting platform with over 46 million verified B2B contacts and company records.

Choose from over 50 filters, such as company revenue, size, job titles, location, etc., to develop a highly-precise list of prospective clients.

The software also provides real-time email verification, which gives you updated and fresh details always. Moreover, with technology tracking, social media details, and account-based marketing, UpLead is one of the best tools for the sales team to secure better ROI and revenue.

7. HubSpot Sales Hub

hubspot sales hub

HubSpot Sales Hub comes packed with benefits that automate and skyrockets sales processes. It arms you with essential tools that make tracking, managing, and communicating with leads easier.

Moreover, sales reps need not waste time creating compelling and attractive emails. HubSpot’s email templates help you save significant hours on outreach and email marketing. All you have to do is select a template and personalize the message before you hit send. More interestingly, salespeople can also set up automated email and follow-up messages with the software.

Another major benefit of this sales intelligence software is smart notifications. Once the prospect re-opens your email, the sales team is informed about taking the necessary action.

You can also save and analyze sales data – which in the future, helps to coach new members and refine sales pitches.

8. Lusha


With over 800,000 sales representatives, marketers, and recruitment managers utilizing Lusha to transform their lead prospecting, it’s time for you to jump on the board with the software too.

It helps businesses establish a quicker and more genuine connection with quality contacts. Each profile is validated and verified for use by sales reps.

Moreover, the smart and intuitive software has practical and seamless applications.

9. Cognism


Cognism is also a popular sales intelligence software that offers a company’s intent data which has two-fold benefits for B2B companies.

First, you get background details of an organization for precision targeting and qualifying with more efficiency and speed. On that note, it ensures that you only connect with those that are currently searching for solutions similar to yours.

Once you’ve identified the right organizations for your B2B sales pitches, Cognism takes you to the buying committee. In simply a few clicks, your sales rep will speak to your desired organization’s decision-maker.

10. Leadfeeder


Leadfeeder is another sales intelligence software, specifically a website visitor tracking tool. It provides sales reps with information on companies visiting their website, the pages they’re spending time on, and where they’re coming from.

You can also filter and score leads following criteria such as demographics, geography, and browsing behavior. This makes it easier for the salespeople to come up with tactics that secure and convert leads as soon as they leave your website.

Which is one of the Best Sales Intelligence Software For you?

Despite the fact that we’ve already covered some of the best sales intelligence software (AI) technologies in the market, sales intelligence technology is yet to replace human-powered data gathering and validation. If you rely on third-party data to power your marketing campaigns, you need to keep in mind the constantly shifting privacy laws around the world. Moreover, the integrity of the data collection process and the software’s ability to be continuously updated to reflect new developments will always linger in the back of your mind.

To address the worries about automated sales intelligence software, Thomson Data offers a leading-edge human-powered marketing database that complies with data privacy standards such as GDPR, CCPA, CAN-SPAM, and others. To avoid consequences, Thomson Data professionals guarantee that the data acquired is from reputable public sources. What’s more, you can communicate directly and effectively with our data experts to curate a bespoke database that meets your unique marketing needs.

So, there is no reason for you to wait any longer! Choose the best solution that fits your need and start enriching your sales funnel with qualified leads.