Posted On: Jan 20, 2016
Posted By: John Duff

Every business wishes to have the best results for the money they invest in. Well! A business is said to be successful when there is an increase in sales and an eventual increase in the list of customers. But that’s not an easy task.

Organizations engage in making millions of dollars in establishing their business. They tend to spend an equal amount to market their business. In fact, they strive hard to make all the possible moves to stay ahead of the competition. In the process, some tend to succeed, whereas others stay back struggling hard.

To survive in the current environment of intense competition, you must keep expanding. To maintain this expansion, firms use a variety of methods and techniques. Among the most proven methods of expanding and promoting a business, marketing plays a vital role. While brochures, logos, and signatures help in promoting your products, email and mailing lists on the other hand help in developing and building customers. In fact, as per HubSpot 59% of customers believe that marketing emails have an impact on their choice to make a purchase. Business experts claim that email marketing increases client retention by 80%.

Well then, let’s learn more about email and mailing lists!

Are Mailing Lists Effective?

Email list building is the most effective and tested strategy for expanding small businesses because having a good email list has many benefits. Not only does it give you direct access to customers who wish to hear from your company, but a business mailing list also enables you to:

  • Explain to your viewers
  • Prospect conversion
  • Provide updates
  • Publish surveys
  • Send specialized messages
  • Drive income

Importance of Mailing List in Business

The importance of a mailing list in business has always been undervalued. Prospects on an email list may play a critical role in determining the success of your promotional campaigns, regardless of the size of your company. Marketing professionals may learn a lot from simple-to-track performance indicators like organic mail traffic, tap rate, and exchange rate about what they’re doing well and what needs improving.

How to use the mailing list effectively?

Building an email and mailing list is a simple yet successful way to expand your small business. The email list development strategies you can use include:

  • Creating material that is captivating and worth subscribing to.
  • Hold a competition or promotion
  • Using lead magnets
  • Utilizing pop-ups to encourage signups (email)
  • Try Facebook leads ads to develop your email list
  • Optimizing the landing pages you use to generate email lists
  • Utilizing social media to market to your email list
  • Including social media buttons in your emails

How do you Create an Effective Mailing List?

Just a list of random contact details does not help you in any manner. Firstly, you need to analyze whether you can build a mailing list on your own or is it more convenient for you to buy or rent it.

Always remember that mailing lists are available in two categories. One is industry-specific and the other is built randomly. A business list that is built randomly is mostly of no use. It’s always better to choose the ones that are industry-specific. These are lists where you are meeting your most probable prospective customers, who are interested in what you offer.

Comprehensive email lists aren’t a cakewalk, but there are quick and efficient alternatives to the standard email signup forms for growing email lists. Popular techniques include:

  • Attractive content updates
  • Exit-intent pop-ups
  • Squeeze pages with publicly or privately gated content
  • Referral and loyalty schemes
  • Deals & discounts
  • Specialized notices
  • Social media platforms

Most firms start establishing email lists on their websites: ranging from static integrated opt-in types to dynamic overlays and pop-ups or even specialized lead capture sites.

While building a mailing list could take lots of time and patience and is not suitable for startups, renting a list could be fraudulent and inaccurate. Before you rent, make sure that you take a close look at the list in terms of its accuracy and reliability. Because you definitely don’t want your efforts to go in vain. You have to be very sure of what you are marketing and who are your target customers.

So, how will you know who is interested in what you offer? Your customers with whom you have already done business dealings could be among the people who will be keen to know more about your company. And the best way, to keep in touch with these customers, is to have all their contact numbers, and email addresses written in your company’s record books.

The Takeaway

Email list development will still be the most often used and successful marketing tactic in the coming future as well. Once your subscriber base starts expanding, you need to have an email marketing plan that works to maintain their interest and turn them into paying clients. Your next task is to send segmented, tailored emails that are highly relevant. Lastly, don’t forget to include an email call-to-action.

So, what are you waiting for?

Go ahead and start to explore mailing lists and ramp up your business.