Posted On: Oct 06, 2020
Posted By: John Duff
learnings from email marketing mistakes

Marketers across the globe are prone to commit email marketing mistakes. This is a fact; as a marketer, when you juggle a lot of tasks, a small deviation in focus could result in a big blunder.

There are high chances, customers would lose trust in your brand, spam your email, and, worse bad mouth your brand. But, worry not, you can always avoid committing those mistakes.

Prepare a list of the mistakes and keep in front of you while sending emails. This would eliminate the chances of committing the same error, and find the common ones you could commit in the near future.

We have a list of some of the common mistakes below:

1. Copy pasting the Same Content:

We all love to do this at some point!!!

Well, this is not the best practice while sending emails to the recipient.

As a routine process, you would have sent bulk emails to the prospects around the world, while just changing the name to be addressed, business practices, and other changes as per the requirements.

We forget that it takes away the essence of the unique email being sent to the customer. Often copy-pasting the content results in lousy formatting. So, to avoid this, you need to craft the content personalized for each of the customers. Take some time to analyze and study the behavior of every customer.

Believe this, you would never feel like copy-pasting the same content after this!!!

As per Chris Baggott, Co-founder of Cluster Truck, “Not viewing your email marketing as content is a mistake.”

Your every customer is a source of revenue, so give equal importance to them and curate an individual email for each of them. This is called email personalization, which follows an approach of reaching out to the customer as per their interest, preference, hobbies, etc.

2. Too many or no Call-To-Action:

What is the purpose of sending email?

Obviously, to increase revenue and sales.

So, how could you ignore to include a CTA, driving the same?

Many times, marketers commit the grave mistake of not including CTA or having confusing CTAs all over the email content. Avoid this practice as it would nosedive your marketing campaign.

Here in the below image, you can see the brand has included many CTAs, which is a tempting thing as a marketer, but when you see it as a customer, it looks overwhelming. The customer finds it confusing and does not know which CTA to go for.

too many call to actions example

Another mistake is when you do not optimize the CTA for the mobile user. Most of the prospects check their emails on mobile, in such cases, if you do not optimize the CTA to be properly visible on the mobile display screen, then be prepared for the failed email campaign.

The next crucial thing which you can find is what works best for your business, such as a CTA link or the CTA button. For example, Campaign Monitor found out that the CTA button instead of a text link helps to increase their conversion rate by 127%.

perfect call to action3. A sales-pitch in Email:

The recipients dislike the emails with a heavy sales pitch tone.

A sales pitch always sounds, only about the brand, like “Our service is best,” “buy our service,” “test our service,” etc.  As a marketer, follow an approach to promote your service or product subtly. The email should include the content where you should promote the benefits of the product or service, and how it would make the customer’s life easier.

Aligning the requirements of the recipient with your service executes half of the purpose of the marketing.

4. Oops, it was not for you:

Ok, you developed the right email, set the right tone, everything was perfect, but you sent the email to the unintended recipients. This has been seen in a highly stressful working environment when marketers click the wrong set of recipients to send an email. Email is a highly useful tool to generate revenue, but any small mistake can prove vice-versa for the campaign.

The message not developed for those recipients might lead to confusion and sometimes to offending scenarios. As per a report, 32% of the people, have sent emails to the wrong person.

5. Spelling Errors:

We all make spelling errors, but spelling error in name can be a sort of embarrassing. People do not like their names spelled or written wrong.

So, how could you avoid this simple but disastrous mistake?

It is very easy, cross-check the content several times, and, if possible, proofread the content by the other person. Sometimes, we tend to overlook the errors which others might easily spot.

Finally, before hitting the send button, read the email for the last time to remove further small errors.


If you have committed the above mistakes, then fret not, it’s not the end of the world. You can still be the leader in your industry by revamping your marketing approach. When the phoenix can rise from its ashes, so can you.

Make the right strategy given the above mistakes and generate the best sales and revenue.