Posted On: Feb 19, 2019
Posted By: John Duff
Marketing database

Does your organization own big data? Do these data help your business to grow? If your answer is no, it’s time to switch to intelligent marketing database which provides highly accurate as well as targeted information of your potential customers.

The more you focus on good database, the more it helps you in growing sales figure. And, the company performance always begins with such a strong data foundation. That is,

Good Data –> Right Decision –>Better Analysis –> Best Overall Performance!!

What is Intelligent Marketing Database?

It isn’t your regular database with unnecessary or irrelevant data in it. It is the smart database which is capable of providing a 360° view of your target customers that covers the entire multi-dimensional information. This database is specifically designed to help you run multi-channel marketing campaigns with lesser risk, reduced cost, and excellent benefits.

No matter how extensive or complex is your database; you can target your right customers at the right time with no hurdles. Hence if you want to match up with the growing pace of customer’s expectations and market demands, this wise list will keep you going strong.

What is the Importance of Owning Intelligent Marketing Database?

  • It boosts the overall performance of an organization.
  • It gives a clear insight into the key decision makers of the company.
  • Organizations can quickly identify the external factors that impact their sales.
  • The processed accurate data helps the sales team to make a better strategic decision in areas like market opportunity and development.
  • You can achieve a competitive advantage by knowing customer’s needs preferences, purchase behavior, as well as limitation correctly.
  • Also, one can quickly optimize the resource allocation and avoid wastage of efforts.
  • With these data, you can design the perfect marketing ground to get your potential customers into the sales funnel smartly.
  • It increases sales revenues with significant qualified leads.
  • Besides, it will reduce the communication cycle remarkably.

How to Convert your Raw Data into Intelligent Ones?

Convert Raw Data into Intelligent OnesCollecting complex data and converting them into marketing intelligence is a tedious task. You can rely on account profiling or customer profiling services to derive actionable data from the same to power up your sales strategy. This service devises a perfect sales strategy by learning as well as collecting information about a particular group of important accounts (company).

Account profiling service helps you to derive the intelligent database in two different levels.

1. Executive Level Intelligence:

Here the organizations can target the customers based on their primary contact details, social media profiles, and their background in the company such as job title, roles, and responsibilities.

2. Organization Level Intelligence:

In this level of intelligence, one can target the prospects based on their organizational outlines such as the nature of the organization, business structure, employee size, revenue, total assets, mergers and acquisitions history, and many more.

How does Account Profiling Service Help you in Obtaining an Intelligent Database?

Effective targeting of the customers requires deep insights about their company, organizational structure, business goals, key decision makers, as well as the right way to reach them. Account profiling services will help you in this area. It analyzes the business needs of your target company and offers relevant value propositions by following the below-mentioned methods.

  • Understanding the current trends in the industry.
  • It explores all the qualitative data day in and day out.
  • It focuses the time and money on prospects that are more likely to buy from you.
  • This service identifies the right opportunities at various targeted accounts.
  • It verifies the data via email and telephones to remove erroneous data.
  • It builds strategic plans to expand business growth.
  • The facility designs personalized messages that will resonate with essential identities.
  • It intensifies the sales pipeline of the organization.
  • Also, it tracks business announcements, reports, and events to update the database regularly.

By doing so, this service brings marketing and sales teams on the same page and makes it easy to focus on conversion rate solely.

Key Take Away

The intelligent database allows both the sales and marketing teams to focus all their resources and time on the same goal. That is, this system helps the organizations to grow their revenue within a short period. And, if you want to be one among them, invest in the right account intelligence service now. With this service, you can build strategic account plans, penetrate the new accounts, discover opportunities in the current accounts as well as align your sales and marketing alongside.

Hence it’s time to act smart and do more with less. Let your customers know that you are keen to address their challenge.