Posted On: Sep 10, 2019
Posted By: John Duff
lead gentration

Being an email marketer is not an easy job; as you will be accountable for the success or failure of the campaign. For, this reason, most of the marketers are pushing their limits in making the right strategy for connecting with the potential high-end customer.

The high click rate and open rate only does not indicate that you will be getting the best leads. You have to ensure that the objective to motivate the recipient in taking action as per your strategy is achieved. This is where most of the strategies falter; you need to have a precise understanding of the needs, preferences of the customer, and their behavioral triggers which can push them for the Call-To-Action.

With the introduction of new technologies and process, lead generation has also undergone drastic changes in recent years. Below you can find out some of the best lead generation tactics, making each of your email campaigns a stellar one:

1. Learning the Art of Directing Attention:

“Directing attention” means pulling the right attention of your potential customers is the motive of any business. If you cannot do this appropriately, then you fail in marketing itself. Marketing has to be the right projection of your product or service to the prospect at the right channel so that you can hold their attention for a longer period and move them down the marketing funnel.

2. Leveraging Urgency and Limited-service:

As a human being, we always feel “what we don’t own is the better one.” Scarcity infuses a feeling that if the opportunity is not grabbed at the right time, then one might lose out a good offer.

Considering this factor, an email marketer has to craft the email motivating the customer to take the right action at the right time. Check the below example of email marketing wherein the beginning line itself; you can see the marketer trying to create urgency:

lead generationSource: Campaignmonitor

The words to be used for these urgency emails are:

  • Saving today
  • Limited offer
  • Do not miss this

All these lines make the recipient feel that you care for them, and therefore are reminding to avail the discounts and offer at the right time.

3. Testing Gmail Ads:

Gmail ads are helpful to grow your business to the next level. The immediate access to the mailboxes of the potential high-end customers can act as a game-changer for the organization.

These ads appear at the top of the Gmail folders. When they are clicked, it opens just like any organic email. Check the below example where you can see the Gmail ad:

Gmail Ad                     Source: Instapage

When you expand these emails, it looks like any regular email. There can be many options in the expanded Gmail ad, for example, a lead capture form, video, downloading an app, and others.

4. Getting to the Basics:

The basics of the email has to be understood before crafting any email. In the race to stand out from their competitors, most of the businesses often tend to lose the sight of the requirements for analyzing at the starting phase. The basics such as subject lines, defining each mail, easy readability, and keeping emails clean are a must for developing an email.

5. Directing the Subscribers to the Targeted Landing Page:

It’s a fact, for any business to survive in the market one has to maintain the relationship with the existing customer as well as win the trust of the potential ones. A “landing page” as the name suggests is the promotion page for your services or product. It should have the right elements motivating the customer to purchase your service. In such a scenario, when you land them on the wrong page, not designed for conversions, you ultimately lose them.

6. Using Specific Targeting:

Specific targeting is required in any email practice as, without that, you cannot reach the right customer. The targeting process can be used for creating different emails for varied demographic sections, which can be for a 19-year-old girl or a 60-year-old man. The strategy is beyond the basics used in developing an email, as targeting needs an accurate understanding of the customer and their requirements. The precise customer data helps to segment the customer base as per the needs, preference, and target accordingly.

7. Redefining the campaign:

The other procedures which have to be followed are writing engaging content, analyzing and redefining the email campaign.

Whether you like it or not, as an email marketer your work is never over!!!!!

After sending an email, you have to keep a vigil on the email open rate and click-through rate, to check the performance of the campaign. If it is not giving the desired results, then you have to redefine the existing lead generation tactic.

8. Testing the Emails:

A huge investment in email campaign does not guarantee good results. You have to check it regularly with A/B testing platforms. The testing process involves a stage where you will be running two same ideas with unique CTA, subject lines, CTA, etc. for checking which one is performing well in large groups. With the results, you can choose the best of both emails for combining and improving the performance.

9. Regular Blogging:

Every business should follow the regular blogging process, which can help in winning the trust of the customers. The blog should have high-quality content to keep the reader interested. There can be a good round of a special series blog, expert roundups to keep the reader engaged. It is when the reader start trusting your brand then gradually, they will be willing to provide their information.


Email lead generation process is no child’s play as even after shooting the emails with a planned strategy; a marketer has to keep a tab on its performance so that when required the strategy can be modified for meeting the requirements of the organization.

The introduction of new technologies and process has eased the difficulty of generating the good quality and number of leads, but as a marketer, you have to utilize the tactic at the right time for implementing the same and giving beneficial results