Posted On: Jul 10, 2018
Posted By: John Duff
Book More Sales Meetings With Prospects

To succeed in any business, you need to have a proper set of strategies. And, the approach picked by you should always speak about the revenue, target market, customers, cost, and resources. But most importantly, it should have the ability to drive the attention of prospects industry-wide. Prospects play an essential part in the success story of any business. So, one has to pick the well-structured strategy before proceeding with the plan.

The companies must be able to arrange the meetings with the clients. The more the number of sessions, the more the number of sales. In turn, this will increase the revenue of the organization. But, setting a meeting with the prospects need more effort and sensible approach. The salesperson should follow some practical tips to arrange a successful meeting and help in boosting the ROI.

This blog shares ten such tried-and-true tips one need to follow to fill the calendar with more number of meetings. Try to implement them in your business to see the desired result.

1. Conduct Research

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The salesperson has to conduct rigorous research on the prospects before knocking on the door. This tip will save them from wastage of time and energy on the wrong person.  Gathering more information about a client will help you in setting an appointment with them quickly. You can also take the help of social media platforms such as Facebook or LinkedIn to study more about the prospect’s behavior. You can even speak to your network of friends or family to collect some more information about the leads.

2. Sales Prospecting Campaigns

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Before you hit a call button, you should always have a proper plan in hand. Otherwise, you may end up losing the potential leads. So, organize sales prospecting campaigns instead of cold calling. This method will help them in knowing your company and its services better. You can include event invitations, direct mails or many more in this campaign. It acts as a foundation for your upcoming meeting requests. This strategy will make the prospect get prepared for your call, and the chances of doing business with them increase.

3. Speak Speak Speak

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You need to master the skill of public speaking to make use of this trick. With this strategy, you can communicate with hundreds of new prospects at a time. Instead of speaking only about your product or services, you can also share the current trends and the challenges faced in the industry.  This method will help you stand tall as a leader in your business. Also, the prospects think of you as an expert, and they will not hesitate to discuss any queries with you. By this way, you can get fill your schedule with more number of sales meetings with excellent prospects.

4. New Introductions


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Getting introduced to new audiences will help you in expanding your business sphere significantly. So, Introduction comes in handy when you wish to improve your business in less time. Invest some precious time with your customers, friends or family and ask them to introduce you to a group of people who are interested in your services or products. You can follow this simple trick daily or weekly to acquaint with new prospects and arrange meetings with them.

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5. Follow Multiple Strategies

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If you wish to see tons of meetings scheduled in your calendar, you need to follow multiple strategies in your business. It may include direct mail, emails, voicemails, telecommunications, event invitations, and many more. You can implement all these strategies at once to see a quick result. This approach will increase the effectiveness of your plan and hence helps in arranging more number of sales meetings.

6. Share Articles

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If your team does not involve an excellent public speaker, you can write articles to share it with the public. You can write about your services, the difficulties faced by the customers in recent years, and also about the solutions drafted by your organization to deal with it. You need not hire a professional writer to compile these types of articles. The article may consist of 500 to 700 words which can then be sent to editorial team to make some necessary changes. Later you can share it with the trade publication to reach a large number of prospects. This method will picture you as an expert in your industry, and the clients may come out to you to discuss or learn more about your product.

7. Create Reports

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If you wish to gain the trust of your prospects, your team should prepare a special report about their market. You must always focus on proving the valued services or products to them. You can show this in the form of small descriptions that concentrates mainly on the prospects satisfaction. Try to include useful information such as current marketing trends or more in them. When you clearly state the type of value offered to them, your prospects will agree to meet you.

8. Conduct Surveys

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You should be able to show your prospects that you have an interesting data about your industry. This method will increase the chance of prospects doing business with you. Your sales team have to conduct a study on your market to have this data. You do not have to complicate this task by collecting thousands of user’s opinions and taking years to study it. You can perform a small survey consisting of 10 to 20 clients and create a report on it. Also, you can spend some minutes with your customers asking few questions. Once you collect the data, you can compile them and share it with your prospects.

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9. Organize Private Events

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Your prospects will love it when you organize an exclusive event for them. You can rent a special place for this event in your town to offer something of value to them. Invite your prospects and also encourage them to bring their friends and family along to make the best use of this event. You can share exciting topics in this private event or ask other speakers to do the same. The organizations can conduct it once or twice in a year to introduce themselves to many prospects in the market. This trick will help you reach a large number of audiences and also the chances of clients coming to you increases.

10. Repeat

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Though the steps mentioned above are easy and cost-effective, some salesperson skip few of them to see quicker results. But, this will lead them nowhere if they do not follow it appropriately. So, instead of pushing yourself to see the immediate effect, it is wise to repeat the steps one after the other to improve your business value. In few cases, prospects may reject your invitation without giving it a second thought. Do not lose hope at such moments. Instead, speak to them after few days or weeks with a different approach. This method will increase the chances of getting sales meeting with them and hence reach your business goals.

Since every organization has different requirements, you can modify any of the strategy mentioned above. You can also follow them in conjunction to book a large number of appointments. But, try to practice them over the years to see a massive difference in your revenue and other performance metrics.

Get started with these tricks and see how your meeting requests will land up successfully. You will no longer have an empty calendar.

“The early bird gets the first worm, but the wisest bird gets the fastest one.” ~ Matshona Dhliwayo