Posted On: Jan 13, 2016
Posted By: John Duff
7 SMART Marketing Tips to Convert Leads into Sales

Here are 7 marketing tips for brilliantly converting your leads to conversions.

1. Set Goals and Pay Attention to Conversion Rates

If you are unversed in sales sphere and are exploring ways to knock doors of the prospective leads, then it’s time that you reinvent your strategy rather than using run of the mill approach. Marketer’s bible says successful conversion comes from painting a distinct picture of your business today and redefining its existence tomorrow. Setting goals are often a priority in any venture, and it makes sense not to make impromptu goals based on rash judgments.

But, when you have charted goals, make sure that you frequently keep tab on your strategies. Sometimes, plans need to be revamped to maintain fluidity in the process. Routines do not drive successful conversion, but routine reinvention of strategies will. It may even help you compete neck and neck with the big leagues in the industry.

Many may ask Does setting goals alone complete the winning formula? Here is the answer; it is rather nonconforming and premature to define goals alone and not implanting benchmarks. To meet the goals, you will need a database to work your way up the ladder and an unfaltering lead generation mechanism.

2. Response Time Is Critical

For flattering results you will have to make frequent follow up with your leads. When you make your clients feel their business growth is valuable to you, they would honor your interest by consenting to your services. Competition is stiff in the database industry; it is unlikely for you to lead if you aren’t hitting the right notes in the right timeline. So, work smart and act fast to pace ahead of the competitor.

When you stroke the user’s curiosity, there is a fair chance the prospect could also be checking your competitor’s service simultaneously. But, to prevent your leads from being distracted you will need to respond in the niche of time. There is no better way to impress your leads than to show you are obligated to value their time.

3. Do not disconnect with prospects

Campaigning is an unavoidable aspect of spooling targeted prospects. Whether it is crisp birthday wishes or holiday greetings, personalization goes a long way to help you unlock doors that you knock. So, if you have the contact details it’s time to renew the trust.

The objective of campaigning is not to sound persistent or intimidating towards your prospects, but to make them feel valuable. A trusting customer will continue to remain allegiant to your services. So, the magical ingredient is personalization.

4. Selling Won’t Suffice, Assist Them

Services get sold, but not desperation. If you are committed to sell your services, your presentation makes or breaks the deal. Even the slightest hint of desperation can make the prospects look elsewhere. So, pay keep attention to what your prospects really want. When you value their needs and show eagerness to assist them in a legit manner, you portray yourself as a reliable adviser who values time and business.

Prioritize goals, deliverables, and invest your efforts in helping your clients connect with the resource. It is the only critical ingredient that will echo the honesty in your services. Further, you stand a chance to earn more prospects via word-of-mouth referrals. So, adapting to a legit ethics can keep your prospects wanting for more.

5. Communication Is Everything

Communication is the critical stake of any business. Whether it is convincing the prospects why your services are unique from others, or coordinating with your marketing team. Not many are aware that the sales and marketing are two different perspectives and are greatly interrelated. When you have an itinerary for your prospects and are going by the book from the initial ad aimed at them till successful conversion, it qualifies as a well communicated strategy.

Simultaneously, it makes every sense to document the methods that lead the prospects to your services. Once the path is defined, it sets an example for similar operations on the tow.

6. Expect the Objection; Problem Solvers Are the Key Ingredient

A lot happens in the window of opportunity. When the customers raise objection (genuine and obvious) to why they are seemingly less interested, do not seem surprised. Every seasoned marketer knows how to overcome this obvious obstacle without intimidating the prospects. The strategy is to decipher the reason why the offer was declined. When the cause is clear, crafting a solution becomes easier. If you can channel a solution to help them overcome the obstacle you have won the trust and of course the business as well.

If the cited situation wasn’t challenging enough, there are situations where the customers may have misleading information about your services. When the trust factor is compromised they may hesitate and can even promptly decline your services. Sometimes, by offering a thoughtful solution you can overcome the obstacles. You may be surprised how right approach can convert leads to sales.

Example: If a prospective lead is shying from your service due to constricted budget, then have a standby alternative that is cost efficient and will help the customers. It is a better ethic rather than coercing him or her into your regular services. It is possible that some are hesitant due to temporary budget crunch. Maybe at a later stage they may return for a larger order. The priority here is to maintain the communication which may serve to benefit at a later instance.

7. Multi Channel Contact Strategy Is The Trend

Did you know fluidity in sales is achieved with multi-channel marketing? If you succeed winning the trust of your prospects, you can notch up by using telephonic and email communication to keep them connected with your service.

If your objective is to establish the services as the best in class, then it is time to up the ante and demonstrate a convincing degree of professionalism. Do not incessantly rely on musty emails, and throwing the typical sales pitch to all your prospective clients. But, when your campaigns are tendering information or have facts that make the customer feel valuable, then your ROI will yield positive statistics.


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