Posted On: Jan 15, 2019
Posted By: John Duff
Lead Generation Ideas

Lead generation strategies are essential for the success of any company. Without consistent customer growth, your business is almost dead. So, to keep your business out of danger, you need to practice a well-defined strategy in your day-to-day marketing and sales operation.

You will find tens of thousands of B2B lead generation tips online. But you have to invest time and money to execute each one of them. So, to help you with this aspect, we listed seven tested methods that prove to drive many leads to your company. Here the focus of the idea is on using content marketing to generate leads. Take a look at it.

1. Educational Videos

Create an educational or instructional video for your brand. Along with writing contents on your website, you can record a video describing your service or product.

Why are educational videos important for your website?

  • Blue Corona reveals that 80% of consumers consider demonstration videos helpful while purchasing a product.
  • According to a study by Unbounce, posting videos on any landing pages will increase the conversion rate by 80%.
  • The report by Single Grain says that people watch the video before reading any text on the website.

These results show the importance of videos in lead generation strategies.

How to integrate video into your marketing mix?

  • Let the video be small and simple to understand.
  • Keep the introduction shorter.
  • Upload instructional video in your website on a regular basis.
  • Combine video with your blogs to give more traction to other forms of content.

2. High-Quality Blogs

Blogs form the backbone of your lead generation strategy. Hence craft an eye-catchy as well as informative content for your blogs that can drive a significant number of leads to your company. If you are using content marketing as your primary lead generation tactic, then you have to invest some of your time in writing such contents.

But before sitting down to write an astounding content, you need to know how to create one!

How to create high-quality blogs for your business?

  • Determine your motivations for investing in content.
  • Identify the problems of your target audience.
  • Create in-depth content that can solve their problem.
  • Maintain uniformity in publishing your blog.

“Solving customer’s real problem should be your only motive and not increasing the number of subscribers or traffic to your page.”

3. Podcasts and Audio Books

Podcasts or any audio content can help you in creating a meaningful relationship with your audience. Since people can listen to it on their daily commute, at the gym, or during lunch with their friends, you can use this medium as an opportunity to engage your customers on a deeper level.

And, these podcast or audiobook listeners are more likely to follow your brand on social media. That is, it gives broader scope for your business to reach a wide range of audience. If you have limited resources, you can outsource the editing as well as uploading task. So, you can only focus on creating good content for the audio.

Tips to create podcasts and audiobooks for your brand:

  • Publish audiobooks at least once a week or month.
  • Keep the introduction short and to the point.
  • Explain the content in an understandable format.
  • Keep the size of your audiobook smaller.
  • Give the downloadable option for your audiobook.

If any of your audio content performs well online, you can create a blog on that topic and explain further for the interested readers. Also, you can follow this strategy the other way around. That is, pick the highest performing blog and create an audio version of it.

4. Downloadable Templates

In B2B universe, executives love to receive readymade templates at ease. This downloadable template saves most of their time during their busy schedule. For instance, you can offer any copy and paste email templates, call review checklist, content marketing calendar, or any other similar models for your customers free of cost.

If you do not know which template to create, follow the guidelines mentioned below.

  • Talk to your customers to determine their pain points.
  • Identify the biggest challenges of your target companies.
  • Know about the places they hang most while completing their task.

This knowledge about your customers and their organizations will help you in determining the right kind of template for them. And, these right kinds of models will help you in providing the real value to your customers as well as build a meaningful relationship with them.

5. Books or eBooks

A well-written book will help you in generating thousands of leads quickly. It gives you an opportunity to communicate or answer all the queries of your customers in a detailed manner. And, it can either be a hard copy or an eBook for that matter; most of the companies attain success by making it available in the right platform.

How to generate leads via eBooks and Books?

  • Understand the customer’s problem and write an in-depth solution for it in the form of a book or eBook.
  • Once you create it, launch it on your website or in any social media pages where your audience spends most of their time.
  • Later, you can promote it to your existing clients.
  • Also, you can ask them to share it with their friends, family, and others who could benefit from it.
  • Do not forget to include a call-to-action button that asks the user to download the book.

6. Virtual Summit

Organize virtual summit in your company if you wish to see significant leads coming towards you. Many companies crossed their desired number of customers through this plan. You can organize this summit for a week or more and stay live on those days. Also, if the first summit goes well, you can repurpose it to create the second version of it and attain an anticipated outcome.

Tips to create a successful virtual summit this year:

  • Identify the topic that would interest your customers.
  • You can also ask their help or suggestion before finalizing the subject.
  • Try to get many high-quality partner brands as well as speakers for the event.
  • Incentivize them to endorse your brand and activity to the audience.
  • Make your summit registration free of cost or provide considerable discounts to the audience.
  • Focus on delivering value to your customer via virtual summit.

7. Online Courses

The online course is often a combination of various content types. That is, it might include written content, video lectures, activities, or templates that ask the user to take action. Also, it offers links to supplementary materials relevant to the course such as podcast episodes, blog posts, audio books, or videos on the website. The online courses will consume much of your time and effort, but the result guarantees to make you smile.

How to come up with a right online course?

  • Identify the target audience and finalize the subject for your online course.
  • Pre-sell your course with “Coming Up” Page that helps you in determining the number of people interested in this topic.
  • If there is a positive response from the customers, you can proceed with the content creation.
  • Take the help of the experts to craft the course outline and its contents.
  • Set a price for your online course and launch it online.
  • Share it on social media platforms, your website, and with your existing customers.

For instance, if you are creating an online course for startups, you can consider the below-given ideas for the topic of discussion.

  • Finalizing the concept of startup before it’s too late.
  • Identifying partners and distribution channels.
  • Building a strategy that works well with your experience.
  • Allocating budget and resources rightly.
  • Reducing project or operational cost.
  • Step to deal with negative feedbacks and objections.

To Sum it up

Be creative with the ideas mentioned here and generate leads for your company. The only motive of all these strategies should be to help your target customers solve their most pressing problems at ease. So, in the end, you will find a large number of leads queuing up to know more about your brand. Beyond the obvious benefit of lead generation, these methods will also help you in fostering brand loyalty.