Posted On: Aug 14, 2019
Posted By: John Duff
B2B Telemarketing Tips

People keep saying telemarketing doesn’t work in 2019. But many successful businesses still rely on this strategy to drive conversions and revenue. Be it Fortune 500 companies or recently introduced startups, they all take in sales reps eagerly dialing numbers day in and day out to get more deals. But, here comes the real question. Does your old-school telemarketing method work even now? I bet it won’t! Because, too much has changed from the past ten years and if you’re still doing cold calling like it’s 2005, it’s better not to do it at all.

Worry not. To help you in this aspect, we’ve put together eight latest and fail-proof telemarketing strategies for startups and B2B sales pros who want to close more deals.

1. Keep Updating Your Leads List Always


Did you know that the results of the telemarketing campaign are not solely dependent on the sales team? Yes, that’s the fact. Most organizations think that one can reap quality results only with the help of a quality sales team. Well, it might be true in some cases. But to have a good number of sales-ready leads, there is much more to it. To truly achieve success with telemarketing, you must also procure new leads.

But, beware of falling into the trap of resellers while collecting new data. They will fool you most of the time by offering repeated leads or leads of poor-quality at less price. So, I recommend you to look for quality leads that are acquired from fresh data.

2. Record your Conversation over Call


We are breathing in an era of automation. Hence, recording a call is not a big deal anymore. But remember, we are not doing it as any security drive. We are doing it to collect the data. By recording the entire conversation, you will know how well you performed and how comfortable was your prospect speaking to you. This information will help your business in determining what works for your niche and what not.

You can pick the right tactics out of call recordings and share it with your co-workers. It will not only improve your telemarketing revenue but also aids in the growth of the sales rep’s performance. Besides, you can also use recordings to amend your calling script. Isn’t it worth trying?

3. Focus on Value and Not Features or Price


Everybody knows that telemarketing is a sales pitch. Your prospect knows it too. But that doesn’t mean you must dive directly into the price or features of your product or services while conversing with the potential clients. It may interest a lead or two, but not the majority of them. Because many people pull back at such information unless they understand the value they get. So, never lead with it.

In fact, the price or product feature is an important part of closing the deal. But, the problem is that your prospects always look for someone who can solve their issues or at least understand it. They want to feel that the value is worthwhile and the thought of buying from you should excite them. Only after you have developed this interest, you can begin with the other details.

4. Create a More Dynamic Script


People say scripts are outdated. Don’t be fooled by them. In my experience, I would say scripts are absolutely essential for the success of telemarketing strategies. In reality, it is the most crucial part of it. However, you must ensure that your script is up-to-date and matches with the present interest of the customers. So, learn more about your target audience and see how you can update your old telemarketing scripts.

It’s quite obvious that you can’t expect extra-ordinary results from the same old script. If you are worried about going through the entire page all at once, fret not. I suggest you create a more dynamic script which doesn’t have to undergo major changes over the years. Keep that script in an interactive form which responds to the interest as well as demand of the potential customer.

5. Grant Flexible Call Timings


Have you ever noticed that calling at a less traditional time gave you more opportunities to close the deals than busy working hours? Yes, it does. In fact, you will be surprised to see how people willingly answer the phone who have ignored your calls in the past. Also, you may catch up with the prospects in a better mood now than they were a few days ago off the clock. It’s because people get more time to discuss your product without having to waste their most productive times of the workday.

It may look silly, but try it out by yourself to see the difference. Most of the organizations take this tip for granted as they believe telemarketing efforts reap benefit only during business hours. The reason behind this thought is understandable. Firstly, it makes sense to keep your sales team at the office during business hours. Secondly, it is when most people expect calls, and also the time when telemarketing business is conducted. However, firms fail to realize that these facts are the innate limitations of this method.

Try undiscovered tactics to break new ground in the future.

6. Couple Telemarketing with Email


We know that email is the backbone of communication in today’s business world. So, integrating telemarketing with email will do wonder for your B2B company. But, the question is how to perform it? It’s pretty simple. You can utilize email to determine who opens your message and interacts with it. Based on this information, you can pursue the leads to buy from you. It’s a great way to target your audience, who has explicitly shown interest in your product. Since someone is interested in your brand, now you already have something to talk about in the upcoming call.

The only key here is to identify the right software that helps you in this process.

7. Rely on Text Messages Sometimes


Text messages can help you uplift the performance of your telemarketing strategies. So, making a call is not the only option to utilize the phone in this era of technology. You need to keep yourself updated with modern customers. Millennials share a pure hatred of making phone calls or receiving one for no specific reason. Instead, they rely heavily on text messaging apps such as Whatsapp. With this in mind, ensure that your telemarketing efforts reflect this change.

If you have never thought of embracing text messaging for your telemarketing strategy in 2019, then most of your efforts may go in vain. But make sure that you apply the above-said principles of telemarketing to your texting efforts as well. That is, always offer value at first, and nurture the bond with the prospects unfailingly.

8. Follow Up with the Leads Consistently


Telemarketing is not something you do at first and stop abruptly. To enlist your name among the top brands of 2019, you must also put in some efforts repeatedly to draw the attention of leads. There are times where you may close a sale in a single shot. But, that doesn’t happen at all times. In fact, in many cases, you have to make ‘n’ number of calls to the potential lead to move them further in the sales funnel.

As you follow up with these leads, make sure to build a rapport with the prospects if you do not want each call to look like a new venture every time you dial. This method will boost your confidence and enhances the customer’s trust in you. Hence building a relationship with the audience is extremely crucial for managing brand reputation. Also, you will improve your chances of closing the sale quickly.


So, now that you know along with the obvious stuff around training and motivation, sales representatives must make some simple changes in their telemarketing strategies to have a huge impact on the campaigns. Instead of using the age-old push technique to lure the customers, you must learn how to please the customers by providing the real value. In the end, you will surely witness a large number of qualified leads and recurring income. It’s my assurance!