Posted On: Oct 31, 2018
Posted By: John Duff
Holiday Marketing Ideas

We believe marketing is the primary way to promote your product as well as your business. Especially the upcoming holidays such as Halloween, Thanksgiving, Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and Christmas form the best season for B2B companies. During this holiday season, the marketers are found busy trying new tactics to grab the attention of their target audience. Also, people do not mind spending hundreds of dollars on these days to buy new products and accessories of their choices. So, act wisely and make the most out of the last quarter of this year. Anyhow, consumers are ready to spend more than usual.

Come up with fairy tale campaigns that excite your customers. We offer you such ideas which you can integrate into your holiday marketing strategies and make your customers smile. Here they are: –

1. Halloween – Surprise Your Customers with Frightening Deals

October 31


  • Host Halloween Party

Halloween is the best time to celebrate and have fun with your family, friends, colleagues, and also your customers. Organize a party on Halloween night and ask all your customers to join you. This tactic will strengthen the bond between your company and customers.

  • Publish Halloween Themed Contents

During this season, ask your team to write or publish the Halloween themed stories or content. Let the material have both promotional and educational aspects in it. This strategy helps in developing a public image of your company in the broad market space.

  • Dress Up Your Website

Halloween is not just about dressing yourself up in spooky costumes and styles. It is also about changing the face of your website till the Halloween fever fades away. If you do not want to change the design of your site entirely, you can at least add some Halloween related stuff such as spiders, pumpkins, or lanterns in the background to make it look scary.

  • Run a Contest

Follow this tip if you wish to keep your customers engaged in your company’s activity. You can run Halloween themed contest before this season so that you can gift the winners on this day. Always present an offer or gift for the winners that influences their buying decision.

2. Thanksgiving Day – Do Not Forget to Thank Your Customers

November 22


  • Be the First One to Thank

Bring the excitement of the holiday season even before it begins. Build enthusiasm in the minds of your customers and let them wait eagerly for your upcoming offers. Send a thank you message for all your subscribers and also include a small discount note in it.

  • Thank Your Loyal Customers

It is the right time to treat your loyal customers royally. Thank them and also offer a special customized offer based on their interest. Since they are doing business with you for many years, you can provide them with early access to your holiday season sales.

  • Be Thankful for Your Business Partners

Do not forget your business partners while you are busy bonding with your customers and subscribers. Send them a thank you note stating how much you appreciate their help and express how happy you are to work with them in the future.

  • Show Gratitude Towards Your Employees

Your employees are a crucial part of your business success. During Thanksgiving Day, let them know how much you appreciate their work. Leave a thank you note in their desk and also give them some free goodies along with it.

  • Recognize Your Social Media Followers

Your social media fans will be eagerly waiting for your sales. So, give them an early preview about the offers and also ask them to sign up for your newsletter to know more about it. This tip will not only build your list but also creates a sense of excitement in them.

3. Black Friday –Make it Sound Colorful

November 23


  • Start Reminding Your Customers About Christmas Presents

Start early and get ready for December. Yes, it is the right time to remind your customers about what they can do during the Christmas season. Give them some ideas on the celebration and also ask them to buy your product at a highly discounted price.

  • Make your Campaigns Mobile-Friendly

During this season, most of the B2B marketers will be busy drafting the offer plans. And, they forget to make their promotional campaigns mobile-friendly. You should not be one among them. Optimize your website design, blogs, promotional campaigns, offers page, and everything for mobile devices even before the holiday season begins.

  • Use Remailing Strategy

Email open rates will be higher on Black Friday than Cyber Monday or other holidays. Hence remailing is the wisest decision to make this season. Resend your offers or promotional messages to the audiences who have not opened your email before. Make sure that you include an attractive subject line that creates a sense of urgency in them.

  • Extend your Offers

It is one of the most ignored tips by B2B marketers. If you wish to improve your sales rate during this season, you must follow this strategy without giving it a second thought. Extend your Black Friday offer for a week or more to please your customers and upsurge sales.

4. Cyber Monday – Time to Celebrate Your Business

November 26


  • Only Offers, Offers, and Offers

Marketers wait for this day to provide a massive discount on their products and services. Also, people consider this as a shopping season and spend hundreds of dollars to buy their favorite accessories. Hence come up with the right offer on this day for your customers and make them stay loyal to you by providing excellent service.

  • Think Outside the Box

Every marketer will be welcoming their customers with offers on Cyber Monday. Hence you should think out of the box to grab the attention of a significant number of audiences. Find some unique as well as a compelling way to showcase your offer. Host an event, games, or contests for your customers and provide an exclusive offer or gifts for the participants.

  • Create Exclusive Newsletters

During Cyber Monday, your customer’s inboxes will have promotional messages from several companies. So, you need to create an exclusive newsletter that makes you stand apart from others. That is, include a catchy headline with contents that interest your target audience and make your email look personalized. Also, determine the appropriate time to send it.

5. Christmas – Santa Gives Free Goodies

December 25


  • Be Charitable

Most of the people consider this as the right time to give charities to various trusts. Every B2B marketers must realize its importance and donate some part of their hard-earned money to the charitable trust on this day. Also, you can post about it on your social media accounts and ask your customers as well as followers to join you in this movement.

  • Get Festive on Website and Social Media

Give a little cheer to your website, banners, and social media accounts during Christmas. You can also change your company logo or profile pictures to spread the spirit of festiveness throughout and also to show how your company is celebrating this day.

  • Begin New Year Offers

Since you can find your customers fully immersed in a festive mood, it is the right time to begin new year deals. Encourage your target audiences to buy from you and showcase how you stand apart from your competitors. Send them new year cards in advance and also some freebies along with it. As every company will be launching offers this day, try something innovative to grab the attention of your customers.

Now It’s Over to You

Nothing can stop B2B companies this holiday season. It is the right time to leverage the power of marketing strategies to the fullest and promote your brand. With the ideas specified in this article, you can quickly fuel your sales and also secure a long-lasting relationship with your customers. Apart from offers and discounts, you can think of unique ways to celebrate this time of year with your customers and team members.

Don’t let this holiday season pass without making some extra sales!