Posted On: Oct 24, 2018
Posted By: John Duff

Marketing isn’t a walk in a park. With a lot of challenges in and around every strategy, the B2B marketers struggle to come up with the desired result. Although marketing is one of the most famous concepts across the globe, it has many dark sides which most of us ignore.

Look below to understand how scary it can be when you implement marketing strategies improperly.

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Only 13% of the B2B companies achieved success through lead generation strategies. 1


Almost 61% of the marketer’s face difficulties to generate high-quality leads. 2


About 68% of the industries struggle with lead generation in B2B space. 3

It sounds scary!


25% of the marketers do not even have any clue about their conversion rate.2

So, what are they up to??


59% of B2B buyers make use of smartphones to learn about your product and services.4


40% of the purchases directly come from such devices. 5

But only

45% of the companies are performing mobile marketing.6

Seriously? It is really creepy!!!!


49% of B2B marketers say Social Media is the most challenging marketing channel to utilize.7

All while

We dreamt of outperforming our competitors through Facebook and Twitter!


More than 79% of leads fail to convert into sales.8

Leaving B2B marketers annoyed and frustrated!!!!!



Only 56% of the B2B industries verify the leads before sending it to the sales team.8

It shows why they fail to avoid the final nail in their B2B coffin and collapse.


But do not worry! When you implement the right strategies at the right time, there comes the sunshine.

  • 59% of the B2B marketers recommend using email for generating maximum revenue.9
  • Almost 70% of the marketers agree that videos are more effective when compared to other contents to generate quality leads.10
  • 93% of B2B industries agree that content marketing will create more lead than different strategies.11
  • 43% of the B2B marketers acquired customers only through Facebook.8
  • Almost 77% of the marketers focus more on LinkedIn when it comes to social media strategy.12
  • 83% of the B2B marketers say mobile apps play a crucial role in content marketing.13
  • Lead generation outsourcing is efficient by 43% when compared to in-house strategies.14

Do your marketing correct and destroy the darkness.


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