Posted On: Jul 08, 2020
Posted By: John Duff

Of-late, marketers have been wondering what would be the best email marketing plan guide. After executing a good number of trial and error methods, they now acknowledge that a comprehensive email marketing plan would be an accurate approach to achieve the business results.

As a marketer, if you are facing the dilemma of setting up an email marketing plan for your campaign, then we have some key takeaways in this blog to help you resolve your challenges.

It’s not that difficult, for that you need to first answer a common set of questions:

  • Who are the recipients?
  • The reason for sending emails?
  • What kind of emails you want to send?
  • What content you want to send?
  • What should be the frequency?
  • Are you following any specific email marketing strategy?

This is necessary as when you understand the real motive for developing and sending email, then you can achieve the goal at the right time.

You can proceed further with the below tactics to plan the email campaign:

1. Setting Email Marketing KPIs:

KPIs are the key performance indicators necessary to keep an eye on the performance of the email campaign.

There are four crucial KPIs that should be looked into such as deliverability rate, open rate, click through rate and the unsubscribe rate. As a marketer, you should check that the first three should be high, while the unsubscribe rate should be low. With the right implementation of this email marketing plan, you can ensure that your next email campaign gets you the desired success.

Importance of KPIs:

If you are getting a good deliverability then understand your basics are right and the emails are being sent to the right prospect. A delivery rate of 75% means the rest 25% of the recipients do not exist or could not be reached. Some of the reasons for emails not getting delivered are the sender might have a low score in sender reputation. So, have a plan for being on the higher side of the sender’s reputation score to reach a good number of recipients.

Your higher sender reputation would also boost the brand of your organization.

2. Setting the Automated Email Marketing:

Automated email marketing has become a common practice in many organizations. So, how do you start?

The best way is to start with the welcome emails.

The series of welcome emails congratulates the new subscriber for taking the subscription service, and later it might proceed to the other information such as what to expect from the upcoming emails from the brand. The positive note set up in the welcome email helps to create the right ambiance for future conversations.

Check the below welcome email example:

Just as you can see here the brand has stated that the customer would be getting regular updates on the special offers and fare sales. Here they have also mentioned of the extra services they would be receiving such as Wi-Fi, movies, etc.

The welcome emails can set the first positive impression. As many say, the first impression lasts for lifetime, you should crack it instantly.

3. Focusing on the Value that would be Useful in the Long-Run:

One needs to have a healthy growth of the email list, but with that a marketer also has to see whether the brand is able to provide life-time value to the customers. This would make your relationship with customer reliable and trustworthy in the long run.

So, how do you know that you are providing good value to customers?

When you could retain most of your customers for a long time, it is a sign that you are providing good value to these customers.

CLV, customer lifetime value helps to calculate and understand the relationship with the customers in the future.

How is CLV calculated?

Let’s take the example if the customer makes an average order of $80, and he buys a product 2 times in a year, then his value in a year is $160. If he continues with the purchase from your brand, then in years you can earn a good revenue from them. So, retain the customer with your continuous effort.

The below email template is one of the examples of retaining these customers, if they have not purchased for a long time:

These reminder emails sent to the customers, motivates them to purchase the product. The message “You +us, we miss that,” is a clear winner.

4. Personalized Emails:

Personalized emails hold a huge value in the marketing approach. There have been instances when the customer feels if the emails are not personalized, they would straightaway send those emails to the trash. So, it is necessary to check every crafted email before sending it to the recipient; you should never forget this rule.

Segment each list so that it will be easier for you to personalize and send it to the right recipient.

In the below example, you can have a glimpse of a perfectly personalized email:

As you can see in the example, Yesware has personalized the email for its recipient by mentioning the line” You guys are scaling very quickly.” This sentence is a compliment, personalized rightly for the recipient.

The sender has done research on the interest of the recipient, the proceedings in their business, etc. and then crafted this email before sending. The recipient would obviously be pleased when they know that the sender understands their requirement and business plan.


The right email marketing plan could guide your email campaign on the right track. So, you plunge straightway to develop a perfect email marketing plan and reap the best business results.

If you have a master plan at the beginning itself, then you would not face enormous challenges in the execution of any marketing process and approach.

The above blog has some useful tips to help you achieve your target with ease. Implement the same to witness amazing results for your organization, and if you have discovered some of it yourself then implement those to see the outcome.