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Buy Prepackaged & Customized Mailing List and Email List By SIC Code That Let You Reach Targeted Markets In The USA, UK, Canada, Europe & Australia!

Prospecting for customers is never an easy task. With hundreds of thousands of potential buyers in the market you may find it surprisingly hard to isolate the best market for your product and you could end up squandering critical resources on a misdirected and futile marketing campaign. Well, that where we'd like to intercede.


Thomson Data is a premier resource for business mailing lists, helping you expand your market throughout North America, Europe and other global trading hubs. Backed up by 45 million records and decades of exhaustive research, our experienced marketers can custom-build the perfect list for your product/service.

Thomson Data offers basic prepackaged and targeted mailing lists,

B2B mailing lists are designed to aid businesses sell to other businesses. Organized industry-wise, our lists provide you with direct contact information on executives and key organizational decision makers, including:

  • C-Level Executives
  • V-Level Executives
  • D-level Executives
  • Marketing Directors
  • Industry Professionals and Specialists

In addition, SIC and NAICS code (North American Industry Classification System), size of the company (number of employees and previous revenues), specialization and other information help us gauge the magnitude of your market and categorize the most promising customers and organizations.

Custom Built Lists

Thomson Data’s Custom Mailing Lists have, time and again, proved to be generators of high-response sales leads. Prior to your purchase, our dedicated team of market researchers analyzes your campaign and isolates your target audience. They then proceed to painstakingly build a mailing list that corresponds to their findings. Coupled with our extensive database reviewing system, this guarantees you optimal response rates from almost every industry sector imaginable.

To boost your sales and maximize returns, contact Thomson Data now!

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