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List Brokerage Services


Its very important to hit the correct names in the most correct way and to work with the exact list acquirement partner, in- order to accomplish direct marketing success. Thomson Data, works hard directly with clients to discover the right resources for every direct marketing campaign, which includes proprietary and third-party postal mail, multi-channel lists and opt-in email, apart from that it gathers a modified solution that boosts the return on your marketing resources.

By providing data that is effective, targeted and of high quality, we facilitate direct marketing professionals make every mailing, email and phone call count.

Thomson Data, a premier purveyor of mailing lists and marketing services, now offers list brokerage services to meet the needs of any direct mail campaign. Based on your desired choice you can select the list counts at reasonable rates.

Business to Business:

Thomson data provides its clients with access to the direct mail industrys richest business lists and databases. We work with our clients to test list segments and calculate response rates to recognize the perfect market for each campaign. Clients profit from Thomson Datas list brokerage services with hundreds of high-visibility B-to-B campaigns, our wide network of list managers and a level of service that is supreme in the industry.

Technology users list:

Thomson Data provides supreme coverage of software users across the world. We have technology lists of thousands of software users that dynamically use Oracle, SAP, JD Edwards and a group of related ERP and DBMS software platforms. We also have one of the biggest databases in the world with regard toSalesforce CRM Users. Our SAP Users Comprehensive Databases enclose best part of records, which means we cover the entire SAP user community.

Email Direct Marketing:

Thomson Data facilitates clients make effective use of targeted email lists, while working to guarantee complete observance with the CAN-SPAM Act and preserve high principled standards.

Multi-Channel Direct Marketing:

Thomson Data’s supreme admittance to industry lists and databases permits us to recognize and choose customer contact information for each channels your campaign exercises, which includes postal mail and opt- in email.

Data Cards:

Apart from working with top list owners in the business, Thomson Data also provides its own proprietary data cards, which are verified effective with high return rates for key profiles.


Frequently our clients take advantage of our greater consumer and inclusive data access to choose the best targets for their consumer offers. We will find every way possible to accomplish your perfect prospects, but your campaign should depend on extraordinary range criteria. We promise you to deliver the work on time, if you are under a tight deadline.

In-order to experience innovative, unique and exceptional List brokerage services, Contact Thomson Data now!

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