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Buy Prepackaged & Customized Canada Mailing List, Telemarketing List and Email List of Canadian Businesses that Let You Reach Targeted Markets In The Canada!

Thomson Data helps your business overcome most of the problems faced in cross-border marketing with our specialized Canadian business data network.

We collaborate with key data providers across every single territory and province to provide you with the latest permission-based consumer and business contact lists for Canada, updated every 90 days. Furthermore, our Canada databases give you access to millions of consumers and over 180, 000 businesses across Canada.

Finding The Perfect Canada Mailing List

All of your marketing efforts can be negated over something as simple as picking the wrong bunch of people to target. And with over 3000 mailing lists in Canada, it can be quite a task identifying one that best suits your requirements. Get in touch with our list professionals and they’d be happy to help you put together the ideal set of contacts based on your campaign needs.

We hold consumer and business information across every core industry in Canada and can put you in touch with 1.3 million Canadian executives, actively involved in critical decision-making and be formulating company policy. When you work with Thomson Data, our extensive marketing experience combined with a custom built list is guaranteed to give you are offering a quality head start into the Canadian market.

Giving YOU The Bulk Advantage!

Considering the massive amounts of information that we source on a frequent basis, we are in a position to negotiate attractive volume discounts from our compilers. And, with the most competitive prices on offer, we’re more than happy to pass the advantage on to you. All our data is collected and refined in line with our exclusive data compilation standards, making sure you receive the most responsive lists and maximize your ROI.

Available Canada Email Lists

  • Canada Business Mailing Lists
  • Canada B-2-B Mailing Lists
  • Canada Technology Users Mailing Lists
  • Canada Healthcare & Medical Mailing Lists
  • Canada C-Level Mailing Lists
  • Canada Professional Mailing List
  • Canada HR Mailing List
  • Canada Hospital Mailing List
  • Canada Dentists List
  • Canada Nurses Lists
  • Canada Physicians List
  • Canada Doctors list
  • Canada Lawyers List
  • Canada Government List
  • And More…

All Canada Mailing lists Provide complete marketing information including:

  • First Name, Last Name
  • Contact Title
  • Phone Number, Fax Number
  • Email, Postal Address, and Zip Code.
  • Company Name
  • Web Address
  • SIC Code & NAICS Code

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