Posted On: Nov 27, 2018
Posted By: John Duff
Women and tech

Despite the progress made by the women in various fields, there are certain professions where they still lag. You can find only a few percentages of the women in the technology segment wherein most of the lead roles are taken up by men. According to a report by the National Science Foundation, in the area of biological and life scientists, women have consumed nearly half of the workforce. However, the women employment rate in tech fields is still low. Also, their share in the mathematical as well as computer science fields has further slowed down when compared to previous years.

There might be various factors that account for this gender disparity in the tech industry. But, large majorities accept that both the men and women display leadership qualities equally. And in a few aspects, women win over the competitions. That is, the survey conducted by Pew Research Center states that most of the people agreed women have more leadership qualities whereas only a few percentages agree men have this quality in themselves.

Introduction Paragraph

In the same report, almost 40% of the people accept that both men and women have equal qualities to take up a lead role or run any software company. But most of the businesses are not ready for women leaders. Will it make a difference if they hired women for the higher post? Or employed a large number of women in the tech segment?

Let us see how this world will look like if there are the equal number of women and men in tech.

– Equal Respect

As a large number of women enters the technology industry and gain higher posts because of their leadership qualities, it will change the way how society treats women. That is, women earn similar respect as men in the outside world. Also, they will become more financially stable as well as independent. It also motivates every other woman to be on the stage like the women tech leaders.

– Female-Oriented Products

The tech industries can focus on designing and marketing better products to the women. That is, they can come up with many products that do not just have the pink package but the ones that genuinely help this gender. At the same time, they can bring tech-driven innovation to the female-oriented products which are already in the market.

– Ends Cyberbullying

Since women have the leadership quality similar to men, they can easily take up the critical roles in the tech industry. This change or upliftment of the women power in the business will surely boost their confidence and make them more valued. Also, it ends the cyberbullying and trolling of women which happens in most of the workplace.

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– Makes Them Decision-Oriented

If women are given the higher authority in the business, she gets the chance to make a critical decision. And also, be prepared to take risks or challenges like men in the tech industry. It will enhance her inner strength to tackle the issues that might pop up in the future.

– Better Problem-Solving

Hiring people of all gender equal means onboarding variety of methods as well as strategies of thinking in the business activities. It will lead to better problem solving, informational diversity and thereby increased innovation. That is, a female and a men engineer may have a different perspective or solution to any issue. And it is a good thing to deal.

– More Compassionate

Women can easily and quickly understand the pain points of staff members. They can deal with the problems more carefully than a man does. The research by Pew Research Center states that women are not just honest and ethical but also are capable of providing the guidelines to the young employees kindlier.

More Compassionate

– Increases Revenue

Gender diversity helps in increasing the company’s revenue that directly impacts the nation’s GDP. The working paper published in Peterson Institute for International Economics says that companies that went from zero female corporate leadership to a 30% female share saw 1% rise in their net margin. That is an increase of 15% in the profitability of a firm.

All this shows how gender diversity at the corporate level can improve skill diversity in top management. And also, how it lessens the gender discrimination in the company. Hence one needs to fill this gender gap before it hurts the effectiveness of the tech field.

Over to You

No matter how hard you look at this issue, the gender diversified workforce is always better for the tech industry. Despite the odds placed in front of the women, they have already taken charge and excelling in Tech field. They do not just have the same capability or qualification as a man; they have more than it and shine brightly in various technology segments such as cybersecurity, coding, engineering, and more. Hence, it’s time for the industries to recognize their value. Also, to identify the bottom-line benefits of hiring a higher number of qualified women in tech.