Posted On: Aug 02, 2022
Posted By: John Duff
Top Technology Companies Based On Industry

Technology is everywhere, whether in the education industry or the financial domain. You can fathom the importance and pervasive existence of top technology companies through data generation. Apparently, 90% of the world’s data was produced between 2019 and the current time.

The truly mind-boggling part is that the pace of data generation and technology usage is accelerating by the day. This raises the curiosity about “What companies are in the technology field, and what does the future hold for them?”

Here are the industry giants paving the way for an advanced business world to feed your fascination with tech companies!

1. Apple

Source: Statista

No one can ponder which companies are in the technology field without thinking about the global tech star, I.e., Apple. Founded by Steve Jobs in the year 1976, this incorporation is the most successful brand, with a worth of $365.82 billion currently.

The founding Steves duo created the blue boxes first to ensure easy long-distance calls for free. Only after attending the Homebrew Computer Club in 1975, they incorporated the build-it-yourself approach leading to the start of the tech revolution called Apple.

Originally engaged in computers, the tech giant later turned out to be a colossal success with its phone launch. One can estimate the popularity of the brand by the length of the queue outside their stores after every product launch.

2. Samsung


One can’t talk about Apple without mentioning its fiercest competitor in the tech companies’ domain, i.e., Samsung.

Based out of Seoul, South Korea, it is a multinational electronic brand that has slowly captured the markets in the world. What was once an electronics-based conglomerate or chaebol is now holding the 5th highest global value with $200.73 billion.

The company has witnessed a record twelvefold growth from its inception in 2000. With its continuous innovation and implementation of comprehensive marketing policies, the brand has slowly captured the global stage as one of the best top tech companies.

The brand is paving the way for innovation in the tech industry through its sustainable and cutting-edge endeavors like the ‘together for tomorrow’ initiative. That’s to say, the overall trajectory of 14.4 % CAGR until 2025 seems like a reasonable estimate for the pioneering global tech giant.

3. Meta Platforms

Source: Transform magazine

Based in California, Meta Platforms Inc is the parent company of the social media tech company, formerly known as Facebook. Founded in 2004 by Mark Zuckerberg with Dustin Moskovitz, Andrew McCollum, Chris Hughes, and Eduardo Saverin, it is one of the most popular media and entertainment technology companies in the world.

The acquisition of WhatsApp and Instagram has further strengthened the brand’s position across the social media domain.

Currently valued at $119.66 billion in revenue, the formerly recognized Facebook Inc Corporation has launched one of the most cutting-edge tech products in 2022. With the Meta launch and Facebook rebranding through the virtual reality-based metaverse, the media industry giant is creating waves in revolutionizing the digital world.

Such initiative has fast-tracked the growth of the tech industry through the inclusion of augmented and virtual reality. Not only will this be a boon to the content creators, but it will also aid people in unlocking new business opportunities most realistically.

4. Microsoft

Source: Seeking Alpha

Founded in 1975, Microsoft still stands tall as the leader of information technology companies in the world. With the current revenue at $198.27 billion, a 17.96% increase from 2021, the tech leader is the second most valuable company in the world after Apple.

The company has diversified its presence across all technological domains, from cyber security to console gaming. By 2022, the brand has already made 202 acquisitions and 132 investments with a spending of $180.63 billion. The most notable acquisitions of Microsoft are Linkedin, Skype, GitHub, ZeniMax, Activations Blizzard, and Nuance.

With the latest acquisition of Nuance in 2022, the company has initiated a digital transformation in the healthcare sector through AI and deep learning.

5. International Business Machine Corporation or IBM

Source: IBM

With operations in more than 171 countries, IBM has established itself as a global technology and innovation company. It is one of the largest B2B technology companies with a total of 170 products covering domains like supply chain, blockchain, and so on.

With an increase of 3.93% from 2020, the company created $57.35 billion in revenue and $12.8 billion in cash through operations. More than 70% of the company’s revenue comes from software and consulting for B2B companies creating a sustainable growth model for the clients.

For instance, the tech leader has helped modernize the network platform of Spain’s Telefónica, integrating the potential of 5G technology with hybrid cloud intelligence. Australian federal government leveraged the outreach of IBM to power the country’s COVID-19 vaccination program.

6. Salesforce

Source: Apex Hours

Enterprise architecture is like urban planning involving a combination of present and future goals to execute business strategies.

Salesforce is the torchbearer in the enterprise architecture technology companies with its out-of-the-box customer relationship management application. Founded in 1999 in San Francisco, CRM-based software enables companies to integrate automation with consumer services.

Mark Benioff started the software as a service (Saas) company with Parker Harris, Frank Dominguez, and Dave Moellenhoff. The CRM brand slowly paved the way toward success with its launch of products like IdeaExcahnge, Service Cloud, Trailhead, and so on.

With annual revenue of $26.5 billion, the company has gradually moved to the peak as the top tech company in CRM deployment. The primary reason for such a massive success lies in its unique adaptability to cope with business inefficiency while catering to the customer lifecycle, including data analytics.

7. Amazon

Source: CB Insights

Forming a part of the Big 4 Tech companies, Amazon holds a market capitalization of $1.43 trillion. This data is sufficient to show the widespread presence of the tech giant across various segments of the market.

Founded in the most iconic manner by Jeff Bezos, the online bookstore has slowly expanded its reach into various product categories. Due to its interesting progression, the brand has earned a reputation as a disruptor through technological innovations.

Based in Seattle, it is the world’s largest online retailer with business interests in cloud computing, digital streaming, eCommerce, and artificial intelligence.

8. Shopify

Source: Statista

With a projected growth of $7.4 trillion by 2025, eCommerce is a booming sector that needs no introduction. Currently, the estimate of the average online sales stands at a whopping $4.9 trillion. It goes without saying that tech companies with eCommerce as their niche are opening new portals for generating revenue.

One of the biggest eCommerce tech companies is Shopify, which offers a platform for online stores with point-of-sale systems. It includes a range of interactive tools like marketing technologies, shipping methods, customer engagement tools, and payment portals for user-friendly shopping.

Founded in 2006, the company carries more than 1,700,0000 businesses in more than 175 countries. With annual revenue of $ 4.612 billion, it allows all-sized businesses to start their entrepreneurial journey with high scalability.

The easy-to-use features and massive diversity have steadily enabled the eCommerce platform to grow its customer base. With a 52.33% boost from the previous year, the platform’s current consumers are approximately 457 million.

9. Blackboard

Source: Blackboard

The education sector is one of the world’s single largest industries with an expected growth trajectory of 7.3 trillion by 2025. The education technology companies are already in the race to capture the market with their advanced tools and technology to make education accessible to all. EdTech vendors can use this opportunity to procure a tailor-made education industry mailing list and promote their services as well as connect with market leaders.

Blackboard is one such incorporation aiming to impart quality education through the integration of technology. It enables teachers across the world to impart knowledge to students in any corner of the world.

Founded in 1997, this Washington-based ed-tech company is all set to disrupt the conventional educational method. It facilitates student-teacher engagement by digitizing the educational realm. This firm offers education mobile, communication, and commerce software to all the stakeholders, including clients like education providers and the government. Known for Blackboard Learn, it provides bundled package comprising seven software platforms.

Currently, the software is being used by more than 17,000 schools across 100 countries. On top of this, the world’s most renowned academic institutions also use Blackboard’s tools.

10. Nextdoor

Source: Nextdoor

While private conglomerates have captured the tech market for innovation and generating revenue, government technology companies are not behind either.

With the intent of making a difference and providing services to create a sustainable future, NextDoor is one of the most useful tools in the neighborhood. From exchanging recommendations to getting updates from public agencies, the consumers can receive the relevant information in a verified manner.

Founded in 2008, it is a tool for high utility across 11 countries in the world. Operating in collaboration with state-backed authorities and government officials, it offers a safe platform to know and spread information about the neighborhood. In California, law enforcement officials have even accepted the forum as a good means to connect with the residents.

The platform has been making strides financially as well. The current estimated revenue of NextDoor is forecasted at $173 million.


Source: SocialPilot

You have to be living under a rock if you are still unaware of one of the controversial media and entertainment technology companies, I.e., TikTok. Launched in 2016, the platform has received acclaim for its short video hosting features. It is owned by the company BiteDance, which is a Chinese conglomerate.

Other than offering a source of entertainment, the platform is an excellent ground for building a business. With the rollout of TikTok Shopping, consumers can find a new avenue for online purchases through social selling methodologies.

The establishment as a video hosting tech service has created a framework for the platform to garner data on consumer behavior. This can not only help the company enable data-driven decision-making for the hosted businesses but also diversify the revenue generation.

Key Takeaway 

Whether it’s Apple heading up the tech race or Amazon aiming for the top tech rank, technology continues to be the deciding factor for a business’s growth. Research and innovation in the technological domain like DeFi, virtual reality, etc., are also providing more avenues for companies to leverage the digital revolution.

The rapid advancement in the technological sector is a precursor of the development of the existing and newly-founded companies. That being, these top technology companies will always be a benchmark for novice organizations to live and deliver up to. These veterans are the best teachers to learn from to translate the consumers’ needs into a product in an efficient manner.