Posted On: Apr 22, 2016
Posted By: John Duff

Today, social media and internet marketing may have their names in the public eye, transforming the focus to digital marketing. Most of the times, it is not the best choice for every group of customers. Besides the ever changing landscape of digital marketing, the Direct Mail stands as a trustworthy strategy that uses time tried practices to create considerable results.

If you think the direct mail marketing has gone the way of the dinosaur, reconsider. As per the Harvard Business Review reports, the direct mail list has a 25% response rate compared to 23 percent of emails. According to a recent survey, customers aged 65 and above are the primary contenders for direct mail, since they have a tendency to stay at the same location for a long time and they appreciate perusing the mail.

Why do Direct Mailing List is important in this era of eCommerce?

Direct mail creates a one-to-one connection that is hard for any other marketing channels to match. It is a good marketing channel because of its low cost and high response ratio. The Direct Marketing Association (DMA) survey reveals that the average response rate of direct marketing is between 2 and 6 percent. When balanced with the right, creative and effective campaign, it can deliver more than a piece of paper does and direct mail can backfire a powerful return on investment.

Here are 4 amazing ways to make your direct mail marketing campaign a success:

#1. Be Targeted: Instead of a random blast of your sales messages to a crowd, search for a group of audience who are in need of your products or services.

#2. Make it personal: Send the customers personalized messages to catch their attention towards your products or services. Send them booklets, guides, brochures.

#3. Offer a great coupon or promotion: The quality direct mail is not only packed with accurate info, but also tempts the audience with an amazing offer. A freebie may include a discount price or a bonus gift or a free trial.

#4. Remember quality control: Once you send the mail to your consumers, never ever disappoint them with poorly written content. Make sure everything is 100% correct and proofread for grammar, and spelling. It should have a call to action for customers to connect and as a marketer it is your task to follow up with the potential prospects by keeping them in a loop.