Posted On: Apr 22, 2016
Posted By: John Duff

Now that Google Plus is finally starting to pick up some momentum, I figured I’d finally get to creative a short guide on how to go about creating a business presence on Plus. While the market in Plus isn’t really saturated, yet, there’s still plenty of indicators that point to a massively increasing business and marketing community.

Anyway, here I’ve put together a few tidbits to help you along create a strong business presence on Google Plus!

Get A Kick-Ass Tagline
Develop a killer tagline to represent your business. Remember to really let your creative juices get flowing and come up with something truly snazzy. Creating a tagline can be challenging work, but don’t forget that it’s an absolutely essential branding exercise. Be concise and make sure you capture the essence of your brand.

Put Up Some Quirky/Flattering Photos
Photos are an excellent way to draw people into your page. They serve as useful hook that directly influences the way people look at your company and thus you should only upload photos that show your company in the best light possible. Don’t forget to put up your logo, infrastructure and maybe a few mug shots of your employees.

Take It Seriously & Take It To Real Life
If you’re going to be investing the time and resources into promoting your brand on G+, remember to integrate those promotions among offline portals as well. Put your G+ URL up on your advertising initiatives, business cards, email signatures, etc. If you’re into retail, it’s a great idea to launch an internal campaign to ensure that both customers and employees are aware of your social media proclivities.

Get A Truck Load Of Great Content
Like any social media marketing venture, you’ll need to regularly post content. Unique content. Engaging, unique content. Plus, it’s critical that you avoid all forms of marketing and hard sell when on Google Plus. Why? Because there is already likely to be a fair amount of spam on Google plus and you honestly don’t want your circles to add you to their spam lists.

What does ‘engaging content’ really mean anyway? Well, on a basic level, it’s content that people won’t find boring. On a more advanced level, it’s content that people will want to be associated with. On the master level, engaging content is the stuff of legendary viral campaigns.

Be Human…
Again, like all SMM initiatives, it’s important to be funny and transparent. But most of all, you’ll find that you need to express a little humanity. Not a lot of it, mind you, but enough to make people feel like they’re interacting with a genuine person and not just a ‘company representative’.

…And Hangout
Once you’ve accumulated enough friends and fans, ensure that you hold a hangout. There’s nothing like  a hangout to help you boost up your customer service brownie points. Hangouts can be used for a variety of purposes, but the most efficient use them to address product related questions and issues, or even to launch new products!