Posted On: Apr 22, 2016
Posted By: John Duff

It is quite essential to reflect on not only the content and channel, but also the list of nurses that will be utilized to connect the audience, while contacting nurses with marketing messages. Moreover, the budget and resources allocated are wasted if the messages do not reach the projected targets for a marketing campaign or other outreach endeavor.

So, the question arises here is how does one ensure that the right group of nurses is reached?

Here are few steps that will guide you to create an effective nurses list:

1.      Get a Reliable List of Nurses to guarantee Audience Reach

It’s always advisable and absolutely essential to purchase a nurses list that targets the professionals who will mainly benefit, before the commencement of the campaign. The lists can be divided by the type of nurses- whether they are licensed practical nurses, registered nurses or certified nurses’ aides. Other alternatives include age, gender, specialty area, and registration state. By selecting the nurse contacts, you can convey the message to the intended audience and save money and time by reaching the incorrect recipients.

Firstly the definite types of nurses the message needs to reach are to be considered. A developed list can comprise nursing homes, nurses who work at hospitals, physician offices or those who are providers of in home health-care. Subsequently by deciding on additional selects further narrow the audience.

According to the Data Warehouse Institute, the list of nurses must be precise and up to date, as bad data can charge companies up to $600 billion annually. Nurses’ lists verified by telephone are sure to bring the best results for campaigns and will also decrease bounce- back emails.

2.     Choose the Best Channel to contact Nurses

Several researches conducted recently has demonstrated that nurses spend as much time online as doctors-in terms of email, professional websites visited and social media sites. Therefore the best methods to reach nurses at present are email and direct mail, which makes a nurse email list a great option for contacting this group swiftly. In U.S about 60% of all registered nurse works in hospitals reveals U.S. government’s research, so they can be contacted more at those locations.

3.     Personalized messages should be designed for the nurses list.

The level of professionalization is quite important in any marketing message. While reading the letters or emails, if the recipients do not find the message relevant to them, they will not   follow during the call to action and the chance will be shattered. The message must support the type of addressees the nurses list reaches.