Posted On: Nov 18, 2016
Posted By: John Duff
SEO for Bloggers

SEO or search engine optimization is one such tool that has made bloggers more strict towards not only the choice of words but also the way it is being displayed. Though SEO is constantly changing it is more essential to understand the basics so as to increase the search traffic. Bloggers can write awesome content but very few will read it, simply because they won’t find it. Therefore you have to help Google to find you and SEO helps you achieve just that.

1. Keyword Selection:

More than keyword the term “keyphrase” suits the domain. Its just that people who are search savvy and rarely search for one word, they search for phrases. So to determine what key phrases bloggers use in their post, conduct a PST (Personal Search Test). For a more introspective view, write your blog and think about how you would personally search for the topic that would lead to your blog. And voila that would serve as your key phrase.

2. Titles:

Use your keyword or keyphrase in your title. It may make your title less kitschy, but it will help the blog and content get found, and read. Title posts should be exact, concise and direct.

3. Meta Description:

What can you think of Meta Descriptions, just transform it as classified ads. Blogger would try to get people to click their site, so make it easy by enticing them. Keep the descriptions limited to 156 characters and see the wonders happening..

4. ALT tags & File Names:

Make sure to have keywords/keyphrases in the images alternative tags (ALT). This allows Google another opportunity to find out what the post is about, and tag it correctly in search.

These simple tips may sound cliché but the amount of success that they can bring to your blogs can ultimately decide the future course of marketing and the untimely implications of such practices.