Posted On: Apr 22, 2016
Posted By: John Duff

New Year is almost!! Still switch on your television and you will be busted with different contests running across multiple channels. Even the newspapers are not spared. Among them, Internet is the largest medium for conducting any online poll or contests. So what is the big fancy about competitions?

Contests all the way:

It’s the easiest and fastest way to capture maximum prospects attention and engage them also rewards them, to help converting leads into loyal customers. Easy!!

But why should B2B marketers stay behind to reap its benefits?

According to the findings of PageLever “Facebook contests can be a great way for any B2B company to boost:

  • Fan engagement
  • Generate new leads
  • Gather market feedback

Now if you ever wondered whether a Facebook contest would work for your B2B Company, here are few tips that you can follow:

1. Contests can be fun for clients too:

Grab this opportunity where you can connect with clients invariably not for sales purpose. How? You engage at same place where they are connected with their friends and families. Your contest proposal can pop up in any of their profile and can initiate a talk with your prospective client.

2. Contests can renew connections with customers:

Facebook contests give you an opportunity to spread your company message beyond your customers/clients and engage with their friends and customers. Give an offer like free coffee mugs or T-shirts with your company logo to become popular.

3. Share happiness, love and incentives:

What’s in store for me? This is a pertinent question among most of your Facebook connection. Lure them in by declaring extra bonus points for maximum share and just sit back and enjoy the attention.

4. Conduct a Super hit Contest:

Why is social media such a hit? It’s simple. Coz people like to share and learn. Similarly tell stories about your company or ask your customers to do so. People actually want to hear them.

5. Promote to be popular:

Add the link of the contest in your email newsletter, tweet it or publish in your website. But the bottom-line should be to propagate the message to serve better. Make it viral.

So have you conducted a Facebook contest before, what was the success or stumbling blocks? Share it with us!! Till then, keep blogging!!