Posted On: Apr 22, 2016
Posted By: John Duff

What if one fine morning you wake up and are uber excited to go to office without any sweaty palms of finding new sources to generate B2B sales lead. The best day of your life, right! Well what if I can give you some ever handy sources to finding your leads escaping the usual stucking and hanging in uncertainty.

Looking at the right place will not be as complicated in determining if the prospect can be a possible lead. But the places that you look for can surely predict whether or not the business prospect can be converted to sales leads.

Pandora ’s Box of Prospects – Right places to find Scrumptious B2B leads

1. Telemarketing

Telemarketing has the potential to be very effective because it gives you more ways to directly communicate with your prospect. However gathering the prospect’s contact details may get difficult especially in B2B sales leads.

2. Email

Emails can be effective but make sure that you have a list of verified, permission based contacts that can be converted into prospects. Now getting a right mailing list provider shall not be any more difficult for ThomsonData can provide you with quality, trusted email lists across sectors and industry recommended for excellent service.

3. Mail

May sound pre-historic but is worth a try. Anything that’s antique quickly catches the eye and in this case would have the same effect that they receive through post.

4. Word of Mouth

Referrals are still an efficient way of getting leads and the most effective trick is to proactively ask for probable leads, from current customers and even prospects. If you have a good rapport they wouldn’t mind recommending your company within their network too.

5. Exchanges

Couple of companies has partner companies to which they can share their leads with, come up with an agreement with the quality and quantity of leads you can exchange while the other company sends a referral of promotions your company offers. Exchanging of contact information would prevent lead stagnation.

6. Media

Invariably print and broadcast media is viewed by customers as the most reliable source of information. Generating leads through radio or television can be costly but if you are a cash cow you can give this method a try.

What make B2B lead generation tougher is that there would be companies competing for the same prospects every now and then, it is up to you to find new, generic sources.