Posted On: Apr 22, 2016
Posted By: John Duff

Online Reputation can cost you high time with a reasoning well enough to make or break deal. Let’s say if you have given a powerful presentation to a pulpy new client and are just about to ask how many subscriptions would they like to sign up for today, that a well-built guy from the decision making team highlights the Ripoff report your customer Orange Meachanix has provided for the installation difficulties and your incapability to ascertain your claim areas.

Boom!! You are crashed to the ground and you start brain storming to defiant the argument but to vain and the only thoughts that come around is “This is bizarre, we never thought Orange was anything but a happy customer. Welcome to what some of us would call the Dark Ages of web 2.0. The parts where users or customers get to critique their vendors and have their comments essentially live forever.

If your company has been in business long enough chances are that it has already been the topic of some user-generated content “out there” which in turn is defining your online reputation as much as maybe more than – the press releases your marketing folks churn out.  Tracking and dealing with this content has spawned yet another Web-oriented niche discipline…

Online Reputation Management – The Important Do’s

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You have to consistently monitor sites for that would give an overview of where to play safe and which areas to garden more. Employ free online tools such as Google Alerts, Google News, Yahoo Alerts,, and many more.


Reach out to those responsible for the most negative comments and place importance to understand and resolve it, fast and you would be surprised as to how effectively this approach can turn critics into fans. And don’t forget to be visible online!


Device time tested methods to push down negative reviews further on SERP pages by proves SEO techniques with emphasis on things like PR, blog and social media that can bump your ranking fairly quickly.

Online reputation management can get you through the toughest of future deals and earn you a reputation of fair player who believes in keeping all major customers happy. Is there anything more to ask for?